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Size 12 non-stretchy Levi's

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few years ago when LanaLouise got me started on Sparkpeople.com we kept saying that our first goal was a pair of size 12 not stretchy Levi's. So back in September I was thrilled to get them up over my hips, after months of working out it was a big win.

Disclaimer: I really wouldn't wear that swimsuit top, I just was looking for something to cover my body and still show the jeans.

NOTICE: The GAP from where the buttons are in September!!

Although these are not the most attractive pictures, and not to be shared with anyone who is outside the circle of trust... my point is... slow and steady = PROGRESS!! For me being a 16/18 kind of gal most of my life. Seeing size 12 up over the hip...
AND BUTTONED Delighted me today.
So I took some pictures, not to gross you all out, but hey, you are all in the circle of trust. LOL.
Picture one... me in all my glory.. fat roll and all.. but hey, now I know what the trouble spot is.

Picture Two... attempt at hiding fat roll...

icture Three... ok, gotta get serious about hiding the fat roll.


So, that all being said, I SWORE I would never do this and if anyone who works with me passes this picture around work I'll see you NEVER EVER get a raise again.

I have my 1/2 goal "golden pants", size 12 NON stretchy Levi's. I bought them at Goodwill one day with my friend and said... I CAN DO THIS.

Today.. I put in one leg
Today.. I put in a SECOND LEG

BUT I GOT THEM UP OVER MY HIPS. And that was a huge win.
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