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10K race report

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today was a 10K race that I really wasn't motivated to attend. I've been mainly biking since my half-marathon two weeks ago, so only four runs in the two weeks. Plus, I'm knee-deep in paperwork at home and really would have rather spent the morning finishing that off rather than racing. The 10K race was a 30-minute drive away and it was a first event for this group, so I expected a number of things to go wrong. Anyhow, I convinced myself to go by acknowledging that if I didn't do a race today, I'd have to do a long run which would take a lot longer. Fine!

The race was suprisingly well done for a first go. Even though parts of the course had to be re-routed because of flooding on some parts of the trails, the distances were still pretty close to accurate, maybe a little over. The course was pretty and there was a great turnout, the road marshalls and volunteers were great. The food tent was well organized, the bands were good, there were great vendors, and even beer tents for most of the day. I gave away my beer ticket to a guy who asked if it was that obvious that he loves his beer LOL!

I found the race pretty tough. My body was lethargic and didn't want to move. The pace I had set was exhausting me, for whatever reason. At about 3K, I decided to slow my pace and just enjoy the race. I had to do a lot of positive self-talk, like "You're stronger than you feel" and "Running is 90% mental", over and over again. At the sign that pointed for the 5K runners to go left and the 10K runners to go right, I really wanted to go left. I continued on my course and eventually started feeling a little better. The last 3K were good and I even picked up my pace enough to pass some runners and not get passed.

I finished the race in 54:11, 16th female across the line, and 1st female in my age category. I'm not saying the competition was stiff because usually the medals are going to females running in about 45 minutes. But gold is gold, so I'll take it, and in the end, I was glad I showed up.

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