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Too Many Responsibilities For Food To Carry!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog 4 for Week 4 on SP! I am asking all my SP buddies this week: What responsibilities have you unfairly given to food in your life?

I personally feel sorry for all the responsibilities I have given food over my lifetime. It is a miracle that food hasn’t had a breakdown, or at least run away and changed its name and social security number, : - ) because of all the pressure I have given it!

As a teenage runway model, I was always told by one person or another that I weighed 5-10 lbs too much no matter how much I weighed. Obviously I was thin enough to model but nevertheless I took their comments to heart and cried myself to sleep from hunger many nights. I gave food the responsibility of making me feel accepted and beautiful.

Not enough food available when I was a child or as a young adult on my own. I gave food the responsibility for making me feel secure.

Married a person who never thought I was perfect enough – I would eat one day and then not for the next three! The term anorexia was not in public use at the time but I think I was a member of that club. Looking at photos I can’t believe how thin my arms were. I gave food the responsibility of representing me as a perfect wife

By the time I was a mature adult – the place of food in my life was, needless to say, distorted. I used it when
I didn’t feel accepted, beautiful, secure, or perfect.
Gee that was a lot of responsibility for food when all food wanted to do was to nourish my body so I could be strong and healthy.

Obviously I needed to stop giving poor, abused food so many responsibilities so that we could start loving each other again.

Change is difficult. After all, why would I want to take on all these responsibilities on for myself when I had a lifetime of giving them to food? So I am slowly but surely changing one thing at a time so I don’t panic and return those responsibilities to food.

What I have discovered this past week is that we have all taken different paths to get to a place where we need SP. Once I reach my goal weight if anyone asks how I did it, I will of course recommend SP because it addresses all the area of healthy living, gives us tools, and support and is free, but I will quickly add

that becoming overweight is VERY personal and complex and everyone has to do an honest examination of one’s own life before any lasting changes can take place……it is so much more than calories in and calories out.

I believe SP addresses all these areas.

This past week, my one month anniversary:
Weight Loss: I lost 3.2 pounds for a total loss of 11.4 pounds, 37.6 until goal.

Fitness: Consistently following Beginners Walking Program (I started only after I completed a few weeks tracking nutrition on SP.) This week I am adding strength training 3 times a week. Was going to add it this week but since I couldn’t work it in I decided to wait until walking was a habit. Now it is and I am ready for strength training!

Wishing all you sweet SP people a week of discoveries and successes!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    An interesting evaluation. My displaced responsibility was rebellion. I had mother who made it clear in no uncertain terms that I had no real friends because I was too fat. Her words if you can believe it. I guess I chose to show her that I could have friends AND be overweight too. I was right, but at what expense? I have discovered a mantra that I repeat to myself quite frequently nowadays.

    I Know Better!

    Goes hand in hand with last week's blog about respecting yourself. Great blog Emeeie. I feel even better about my decision than ever before.
    3450 days ago
    Great blog post! And a big CONGRATULATIONS On the weight loss, not only for the week, but the overall loss. Keep adding new enjoyable things to your exercise regimen and you will continue to pick up speed! Keep it up!
    3451 days ago
    Wow!!! What a very inspiring blog post!! You are right...we are all here for different reasons and SP allows us to address them as individuals!!!! Congrats on your many accomplishments over the past month. I love reading your weekly blog posts!!! Cheers to many more months of sparking and success!!! Happy one month anniversary!!
    3452 days ago
  • SLEEK1
    Very good blog! Congratulations on your weight loss - you are a determined lady and it gets results. emoticon
    3453 days ago
    Great blog and congratulations on all that weight you lost ... WOW ... very impressive ...

    Keep up the good work !! I love it when we do things and they become second nature !!

    3453 days ago
    True that even if we are all here for the same reason, we all have different reasons we got there in the first place. And to be successfull in this you have to address all the problems that lead you there before you can actually lose weight in a lasting way.
    The fact that you know that is a very good sign.
    3453 days ago
    Great blog. My food is much less responsible than before, still working on full containment!
    emoticon on your awesome 1 month losses!
    3453 days ago
  • KAREN951
    What a smart, thoughtful post! I think you've got the right attitude and you're well on your way. I suspect we can all relate to that - for me, food has been given responsibility for comfort and stress management for far too long and now I realize it's time to find a better way!

    Keep up the good work!

    emoticon emoticon
    3453 days ago
    I can't speak for everyone else, but I can speak for myself, and I couldn't agree with you more. Once I came to terms with what food really should mean in my life, then (and only then) was I able to approach this quest for good health in a way thawt I will be successfull....this time. I am so happy for your accompishments. You will be successful...I just know it!
    3453 days ago

    It sounds like you are taking a very thoughtful and effective approach to lifelong health, both mental and physical.

    Kudos to you!

    3453 days ago
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