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New goal I'm working towards-Fit Book

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm starting a little program with my son who is 11 yrs old. I'm really excited about it because we get to make up all the rules AND it get's him used to goal setting! I'm very bad at sticking with goals so it's gonna be a great challege for me too! I found a little Junior Fit Book and he makes weekly and daily goals. The catagories are:

1. Get Moving
2. Food
3. School
4. House
Plus a different daily goal each day.

I bought myself a nice planner and wrote out my goals too. The best thing is, if we complete a task we get a little star sticker. Once we get so many stars at the end of 12 weeks we get rewarded! I think it's gonna be awesome! I'll keep you posted on how we do!

My son is a little older than this now but it was handy so I posted it. lol :)

Oh this is also available for adults. It's easy to find under Fit Book. Too bad I didn't find one for myself there. A regular planner will work though. I got his at the Good-Will for $2.50!!
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