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The Run, The Fall and The Pride that comes in FINISHING STRONG!!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally, the blog about Saturday's eventful run......I am a bit slow on blogs these days...sorry!

First of all, my stats - 10 miles - 1:51 AP 11:07

Mile 1 - 10:50
Mile 2 - 10:53
Mile 3 - 10:48
Mile 4 - 10:58
Mile 5 - 11:22
Mile 6 - 11:24
Mile 7 -11:16
Mile 8 - 11:33
Mile 9 - 11:33
Mile 10 - 10:36

Last Saturday I went out for my scheduled run of 10 miles. At the last minute we decided to drive into Houston and run around Memorial park and I would continue on to Allen Parkway and Downtown. They are now finished with the Bayou trails and I was curious to see the end result as for so many years that is where I ran when we lived back in Houston. It was a late start to my run as the drive down took awhile (we live north of Houston in The Woodlands). I started my run about 10 am and the sun was out, no clouds but a nice breeze. I started around Memorial, a strong and stead pace, easy and right on target for my LSD run that was scheduled. After running half way around the park I continued down Memorial drive towards downtown.

For the first 4 miles I felt super strong, at ease and having a fantastic time. It was getting hot, but it did not bother me so much. I continued down the trails along the Bayou, it was lovely!!! They have repaved some of the trails which was nice as before they were pitted with holes and NOT fun to run on. Unfortunately all the trails where not finished and I found the course I was on to be VERY hard on my knees. I was running along the lower side of the Bayou at an angle, leaning towards my right which is my bad knee...NOT good! My ITB was hurting and it was very difficult to keep a good pace but I gave it my all. I continued going up and down from street level back down to the Bayou and the short but challenging hills where once again hard on my knees.

At one point I was going down hill, a very short hill but steep, the path was VERY uneven and I started to fall forward but at the last minute I caught myself, landing on my right knee....yes, that is the bad knee. This hurt my knee even more. But I continued on. Right before mile 8, I was heading up Memorial back to the park and I honestly do not know what happened. I was running on the sidewalk and I fell forward landing face forward towards my left side. I was in shock at first, then I slowly got up and had to make a decision. Do I keep running or call Micah to come and pick me up? Should I walk back? I did not know what to do but I felt as if I had to keep going. I was not seriously injured, just sore and banged up a bit. My hands where scuffed up and I was hurting along my left side, limping as I was running but I kept going. I wanted to just cry. Here I was only a few weeks away from my next race and I was so worried that this would set me back. I started thinking of every motivational thing I could to keep me going. I remembered my friend CC, who recently just finished another HM barefoot after her feet were sore and bleeding. I was remembering a video of a track star who fell in competition only to come back and WIN at the last minute. And so I continued on -- SLOW but I did it. I was out of water, hot, sore and hurt and I felt it for the last 2 miles.

Mile 10, I was trying my best to finish strong and as I turned a corner, there was my husband. I started to tear up just seeing him. I wanted to stop and hold him but I wanted to make him proud of me, so I started to run as fast as I could. As mile 10 hit, I stopped my watch, reached my hands to the sky and thanked God for giving me the strength to complete this run. I was so proud of myself for not throwing in the towel, I was proud that I continued and I did the best that I could.

I am not the first runner to fall and in the course of my lifetime of running I am bound to have other hard runs but I think what is important, is that we take away lessons from each run. I learned I am stronger than I give myself credit for and I can do anything if I set my mind to do it. I do not regret this run in any way. I am thankful that I am just sore and recovering as opposed to injured and out for this season. There will be other runs, victorious ones! There will be many PR's in my future. This was not a set back but a beautiful experience where I learned so much about who I am as a runner. Yes, I finally said it. I am a RUNNER! I have tears as I write this. I never really thought of myself as a runner. How could I? I am not fast. I am not a BQ ( Boston Qualifier) and I am not a sub 2 hour half marathoner.....well as of now I am not :)...this will be my year to break that one! So for me to say publicly, I consider myself once and for all a runner, is a big deal for me.

I am no longer the fat girl remembering back to my glory days when I was in high school, thin, running and doing triathlons. I am no longer the girl who longs for the past, I am no longer the girl who hates looking in the mirror and I am no longer the girl who thought I could never regain who I once was....I am better than ever now. I am stronger, smarter and more fit than ever before.....I am a runner, a wife and a Mother, my greatest role yet. Life is just beginning for me and it is beautiful.
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