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One Scary Day

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday was supposed to be a nice fun day. My sisters and I took my mother out to breakfast. I made a healthy, even if it was a more expensive, choice for mine. Afterward we did a little bit of shopping for one of my second oldest brother's birthday. He will be 50 early next month (and is the one whose wife died last year). While I was driving to the store, my phone rang - I pulled over into a parking space and answered. Brother #3 called and said youngest brother wasn't feeling well and that I should get my mother home. Youngest brother had been at Brother #3's home helping with a major home improvement project. Youngest brother lives in a mobile home behind my mother's house (and is wife was 80 miles away at the beach). My mom was temporarily in one of my other sister's cars so I got to the store and told them what was going. Brother 3 had let youngest brother drive home. So, we cut short the shopping trip and I took my mother home. When we got there, youngest brother was not there. We could tell he had been there though. I tried calling him (on my cell phone), no answer. Then my mother called from her home phone. He answered, said what he was doing, and sounded fine. Within ten minutes, the phone rang and it was my youngest brother again. He said he was just in an accident - that he was okay, but his truck was messed up. I told him we would be right there, told my mom to put her shoes on, and we left. At this point, I was nervous a little, but not too bad. Honestly, I was expecting a fender bender, but as we came around a corner and over a rise, I could see a fire truck in the road - my heart started racing a bit more. As I got closer, I saw the damage to his truck and debris from his truck everywhere. The EMS were checking his vitals. I stopped my vehicle, looked both ways (I definitely didn't want to make it more of an accident) and ran across the road. What happened? After hearing what the witnesses said, five hours in the ER, and the other driver, this is what was pieced together. He was driving home, going down a hill, and blacked out (apparently as a side effect from his anti-anxiety meds - his dr never told him it was a possible side effect and he didn't read all the literature that came with it - he's never been able to read well), his foot was on the gas peddle when he blacked out, he ran into the back of someone (they are all right after being checked out at a hospital), the person in the vehicle in front of that one saw him in the rear view mirror and was able to get out of the way. He then barreled through not one, not two, but three utility poles (as well as several road signs). At that point, he came back from his black out and had no idea why his truck was stopped until he got out and saw his headlight in the road. Then he saw the front of his truck. It was very very very bad. A person in a house across the street called 911 and got them there quick (within 4 minutes - wow). He didn't realize until after we arrived that another vehicle had even been involved. He was released from the ER - and told to contact his primary care physician. The investigating officer told him that his license would probably be pulled for medical reasons and his doctor would have to provide documentation that he was okay to get it back. He also estimated the damage (not counting youngest brother's vehicle) to be $30,000.

Anyway, there is so much to be thankful for about this accident. No one was seriously injured. We were able to be there quickly for him. But it is still so scary, because it could have been way different. He's also concerned about how he will earn his living - he has his own lawn care business and his now totaled truck is how he moves his equipment. Plus, he isn't supposed to drive for the moment, plus deductibles. He also shares the last name of distant cousins that have deep pockets. It is possible that the other driver may decide that he was more hurt than he thought. Youngest brother is worried about that, but I told him not to be. He is basically judgment proof having very little assets and lots of liabilities.

Moral of this story - Have good insurance and READ the literature that comes with your prescriptions.
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    So scary - I am glad he was not hurt. Thank God he has such a wonderful family!!
    3607 days ago
    Wow, could have been so much worse. A tough thing to deal with still, but there is a bright side. Things can be replaced, people can't.
    3608 days ago
    I am so glad your brother is o.k. and that no one was seriously injured. Ultimately, a relief, but the whole situation still sounded scary and stressful for all. I am glad you were all able to be there for each other. That makes a huge difference. Hang in there!!
    3609 days ago
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    WOW So glad there weren't serious injuries!
    3609 days ago
    3609 days ago
    You are right...this could have been much worse, but it still has some very bad current events such as the job and driving, etc. Glad you were able to be there quickly! Hugs!
    3609 days ago
    Oh, Q!! You poor dear!! What a horrible thing to happen- to drive up to a loved one's vehicle DISASSEMBLED all over the place!! I can't believe his doc didn't WARN him of that side effect, &, since he doesn't read well, that may be something his doctor should be made aware of.

    THREE utility poles AND several road signs, and he lives to tell the tale?!! There truly IS sooo much to be thankful for!! I hate to think of the alternatives that could've happened. Thank the lucky stars that he doesn't have to deal with any deaths that may have occurred!!

    I am sooo sorry he is now having to sort out how he will make his living. Maybe one of the family will be able to get him from job to job until things can be resolved, and hopefully, the other driver will not pursue a way to riches through a 'connection' made with his name.

    Sending your 2nd oldest brother a birthday wish for a *bright n' happy* 50th!! emoticon
    3609 days ago
    Scarry is right! I'm glad your brother is alright, physically. Financially may be a different story after this.

    One thing we were told, in my community of senior citizens, is never let an ill feeling person drive and don't drive them yourself. If anything happens, as in the case of your brother, you have more than personal injury and/or personal liabilities to worry about, who wants that?! And if you drive them and something happens, you are going to freak, and the driver does not need to be distracted by another person getting more and more ill, or passing out, or worse while they are trying to get them to the hospital. That's what EMT's do, they have one driver, and one to help the ill person.

    Anyway, I'm glad your borther is okay. Things are replacable, people are not. Family is the most important.
    Take care. Getting back to normal thoughts fo ryour brother.
    3609 days ago
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