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Whew....Saved by an Orange!!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

I was leaving my gym class, and I know I often hear my instructor say that "when you leave here you may get very hungry, so don't end up in the 'McDonald's' drive through." and I'm thinking, who in their right mind would go to "McDonald's" after a good work out? That defeats the purpose, right? Anyway..I'm leaving my gym class and before I know it, I get this hunger pain, out of nowhere. Feels like I haven't eaten for days. My stomach is singing it's own song, and had it's own beat, as well. OK. I've got to put something in it. I look up, and the first thing see is, with those lovely golden arches, "McDonald's"....I don't think twice, I hurriedly go into the drive through line pondering on what I should eat. By now, my stomach is growling like a bear.....Hummm a "big mac meal would hit the spot" "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" ...fries and a large drink. Oh I know, that will hit the spot! The line is long and it seems like its taking forever to get to the place where I need to order. So I'm fidgeting through my car. I know I have something in here to eat. Then I remembered that I had an orange in my lunch bag. I ripped that lunch open and there it was, an orange, so round and perfect. I snatched the pealing off that orange and devoured it and followed it up with water. Surprisingly, it hit the spot, I wasn't full, but I was satisfied enough to the point whereas when I got to the place to place my order, I told them "NEVERMIND" and I sat and waited in drive through while the others picked up their food feeling victorious and satisfied. Yes, an orange defeated the almighty "Big Mac"..
And from that point on, I carry fruit in my lunch bag at all times, for just a time as that! emoticon
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