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People who motivate me for the Bahama Mama Challenge

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1. Kim Lyons-She is my all time favorite famous role model. She is so sweet and informative. She is always looking and teaching us ways to make things more healthy. She also always shows videos on youtube for how to work muscles in different ways. She makes things more interesting and you'll never get bored with her creative workout challenges. She has a body and lifestyle I know I will have myself one day. I love how she and her hubby live a healthy lifestyle even with a baby and her healthy lifestyle has supported her. Wouldn't it be nice to be in shape, and get paid for it? lol Now don't get me wrong she is highly educated and is a great spokesperson so she does work for her money but she makes it look so simple. I aspire to be like her; beautiful, healthy, happy, and motivating.

2. My hubby-he works out everyday no matter what. If he is sick he'll take off but other than that he works out daily. If we get home at 3am from a long night out, he still won't go to bed without working out. Now his way of working out wouldn't work for everyone (he's naturally thin) and all he does is bench press, bicep curls, overhead presses, sit ups, and shoulder shrugs but he does it daily. He will run here or there but it's not often that he does cardio (that's why I say it won't work for everyone-although he thinks it will lol). He also does squats here and there but for the most part he just works upper body. He definitely doesn't eat healthy all the time BUT he doesn't overeat, he eats REALLY slow, he puts his fork down after every bite, he always has food left on his plate, he takes his time to eat, he doesn't obsess about food or really even get that excited about it, and he only eats when he's hungry. He does like healthy food but he likes a lot of fatty foods too but, I still admire him for living a healthy lifestyle for the most part. I admire that he makes no excuses and uses food mostly for fuel instead of pleasure.

3. Anyone who has lost a lot of weight-it's too hard to name them all because I have lots of friends on here who have accomplished this. I find it so inspiring to see people lose 100lbs or more or even 50lbs. We all know how hard it is to lose 10lbs let alone more! These people struggle just to walk and yet they are stronger mentally than most of us who can do anything physically. To me that is just amazing because they changed in their minds first and then applied it to their life and we all know it that it starts with the mind.

4. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels-I know this is two people but they inspire me in the same way. They both changed their lives and now making a living helping other people. I admire that. I love how they talk to the contestants on the biggest loser. They really figure out the core problems people have and help them through it. I love learning from them by reading their books and working out with their dvd's. They talk to you through tv, videos, and books and really motivate me to keep going and to not give up.

5. My mom and cousin Lisa-They both eat like birds lol. They both eat only when they are hungry and turn down sweets and junk food during holidays. They don't make food their focus, but instead their health. Any of my friends or family that make working out and eating healthy part of their lifestyle motivates me because I want to be just like them:)

6. And last but not least ( I know this is more than 5 lol) Fitness models & bodybuilders-(especially ones that started out overweight and got fit) This would be my ultimate dream come true. I don't know if I would want to be in a competition but I want to look like they do and be as strong as them. I love how they radiate with confidence and they know they can accomplish anything they put their minds too. They are strong mentally and physically. Nothing holds them back. I want to feel the same way. If anything holds me back I sure don't want it to be myself! I want to be able to push through anything and make my dreams come true and I plan on making that dream a reality! :)
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