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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm so excited to be back on Spark!! Yippie! I've been off forever it seems. My grandma is doing so much better. She's in a rehab center and should start eating solid food by the end of the week! So she's out of ICU! Woo hoo! She's kinda out of it mentally so I hope that gets better with time...until then, she sure is making us laugh. :) She says some funny stuff!!

As for me I've been off my exercise kick for awhile but I'm ready to get back into it! Last night I did pushups, pullups, and stomach curls while I watched the biggest loser. I finally got my computer back up and running and applied to several classes for college last night:) Then I went to my TOPS meeting too. I had gained a pound but that's because I didn't even try to lose last week. My habits have slipped away from me but I'm am back at it and ready to see a big change this week. Tonight when I get off work I'll be going swimming or to Zumba depending on what time I get home. I have dvd's at the house too so I'll be doing SOMETHING no matter what. NO EXCUSES anymore! I've done really well with eating today too and haven't been pigging out. I'm really proud of myself for getting my life back on track:) I hope you are all doing the same and if not look for something that makes you happy and have fun while you're doing it. I won't eat gross food and I won't do boring workouts and yet I can still lose weight...just watch me! :) Love you all!! -Jennifer
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