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Our precious male cat has bladder problems - All suggestions appreciated

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi Everyone:

I was going to start a thread in both of the cat teams that I belong to, but I thought that this blog entry would reach a larger population. I'm praying that someone out there has some advice that will help my sweet lil' guy.

Our handsome guy, Yoster (Yoda) emoticon is approximately 12 (ish) years young.
He had a physical in November, 2010. His urine test showed some blood under the microscope, but we weren't seeing any in the box. Our vet told us that there wasn't anything to worry about.
A couple of years ago our old vet heard a slight heart murmur, this vet did not hear it.

Around Jan 12th, Yoda was urinating frequently, always producing some urine - some with blood and some without. After a few days, he was going more often, and producing less and less urine.
Sick with worry, we decided we didn't want to wait until his regular vet's office opened, so we brought him to the local emergency veterinary hospital very early one morning.

The vet did a urinalysis and a urine culture. She gave him some fluid under the skin, and we left early that morning with antibiotics, pain medication & something to help with bladder spasms (phenoxybenzamine).

After 48 hours, we found out that Yoster DID NOT have a urinary tract infection and he didn't have any crystals. She said that the pain meds and spasm medication may help to break the cycle, but, he may need a bladder ultrasound if his symptoms continue.

We were happy that he seemed to be better, but the blood in his urine showed up again, with frequency, so he had an ultrasound on 2/18.

His ultrasound showed: "a thickened bladder wall as well as blood and mucus clots, consistent with cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). It's uncertain what the underlying cause is for his cystitis, but medical management of his symptoms is recommended at this time."
His heart murmur was heard again, only this time it was stronger/louder - ?? Grade III or IV over VI . An echocardiogram to evaluate his heart disease is suggested. (of course, this is very concerning to me).

When I picked our little guy up in the afternoon on February 18th, we were given more pain medication as well as the spasm medication. I think that the Phenoxybenzamine does help him.

On March 1st, he started having a tiny bit of bleeding in his pee with frequency, so I called to get him some more spasm medication - they said they couldn't do that - that we'd need to bring him in for another exam. The receptionist said , "there could be something else going on".
I tried to explain that the vet suggested "medical management" at this time. She said that we could come in for a re-check (which is a reduced fee), and then we would most likely be able to get that medication for him.
It would be difficult at this time to incur another large bill right now.

If anyone here has had similar urinary problems with their beloved cat(s), I would love to hear any & all suggestions on things that have helped.

Thanks to all who have read this very long post.

Much peace & love,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry Yoster is having medical issues.
    It is frustrating when your pet is sick and every treatment seems to cost a fortune.
    I hope you will be able to get him back to healthy soon. Poor fellow.
    Just curious, does your vet have him on a prescription type food, is that maybe an option?
    I have a male cat that tends to get urinary infections and he is on a prescription food I get from the vet.

    Keep us posted how he is doing.

    By the way, I know vet bills as well as dentists, dr's. can get expensive. We ended up getting a card called Care Credit, which lets you pay for those types of bills with no interest as long as you pay back in the allotted time. Here is the link:

    3604 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2011 7:59:24 PM
  • SUNNYH99
    Hi Denise, I'm so sorry that Yoster is having painful urination and blood. We had this with a male cat many years ago. The vet did a surgery that opened his urethra more fully so he could void more easily. We also had to put him on a low ash, low magnesium cat food, but I no longer remember what it was, just that I had to buy the cans from the vet. He did fine the rest of his life. When he died at 13, it was from something else. I wish I remembered more about this, but alas, it was over 20 years ago.
    Keep us posted! Thinking good, healthy, happy thoughts for you all,
    emoticon Sunny
    3604 days ago
  • DENISE223
    Hi Everyone:

    Thank you so much for your comments - they are truly appreciated more than you know.

    I should mention that Yoster doesn't eat dry food at all - no kibble, no treats, etc.... With dry food, there is no water content - with wet food, they are receiving a good amount of water.
    Also, I change his water dish and cup at least 20 times per day with fresh, clean & cold water, which he loves.

    I love water too and drink lots of it -- there are times when I catch him drinking out of my water cup and I am thrilled when he does it emoticon If you aren't owned by a cat, you might be horrified at this - but, when he's had his fill, I get another cup of water for myself emoticon When a cat has bladder issues, they need to drink LOTS of water, so.......whenever he drinks, I am happy!

    I found a very informative article by veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Pierson, which I wanted to share.


    To PHEBESS -- I will definitely decrease that amount of fish canned cat food that he eats -- I've heard some veterinarians say that it's bad, and some that say it's okay...... I wish that THEY all could be on the same page!

    Much peace, love & happiness to all of you,

    Love, Denise

    3604 days ago
    Our cat gets urinary tract infections once or twice a year - we switched to a dry cat food that has balanced pH and is specially formulated to help minimize UTIs in cats. My parents' cat had similar problems, and the vet said always check the ash level of dry cat food, plus never ever give your cat any seafood or fish flavored foods - they seem to exacerbate the problem, according to that vet. So we never give our cat fish flavored catfood either. It seems to help minimize the problem. But when she gets a flare up, we have to go through an antibiotic regimen.

    I hope that helps your poor cat.
    3605 days ago

    So sorry to hear. I have also been down that road. Why don't you copy this blog and post a new thread on some of the cat teams.

    Here is a link I go to a lot. Not sure if they would have anything to help.


    span> emoticon
    Mary Anne
    3605 days ago
    So sorry to hear that Mr Yoster is sick Denise! Sorry, I can't help! But I will keep you all in my prayers. Hope he is better soon.
    Much love and hugs from Ellen
    3605 days ago
    My female cat has gone through the same type of cycle only she would also avoid the litter box as she associated it with pain. We did the same type of things that your vet is doing and just repeat when she gets a flair up. Good luck with your kitty!
    3606 days ago
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