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I am making progress.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I finally made it to Onederland this morning. I was so excited and I am going to stay here. Next weight goal is to weigh less than DH. Never in our married (or even engaged) lives have I weighed less than him, but now its just a mere 10 pounds away. (Yes, I know 10 is not mere - having fought about five pounds for the last five months). I think that there was a mental stumbling block with the numbers 1 and 2. Now that I've gotten over that, I can do it.

I decided that I was making progress even before hitting Onesville. Recently, while having my healthy snack of yogurt, S decided he needed some of it. I gave him a few bites. The good news is I didn't decide that because I had not received my full amount of yogurt that I had too go get some more or something else.

I also held my plank for a full minute Wednesday. emoticon

Now, off to do some yardwork. And tomorrow it is off to a spring training game. Go Tigers or Blue Jays. S's first game.
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