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Day 216: The Happy Zone of Routine

Monday, March 07, 2011

With this newest adventure in my quest for health, I was on a high for the first two weeks. Now, the honeymoon is over, and now I've entered the happy zone of routine. Following WW is still relatively easy, as I get 48 daily points and fruit/veggies are free. I did struggle a couple of nights when Husband was traveling, but I realized that's because I didn't plan and instead tried to just "wing it."

I've been packing my lunch two to three days a week. I keep fat free salad dressings in my fridge at work and when I buy lunch it is usually a salad. The most amazing thing to me is that I cook. I love just opening the fridge and throwing in this and that and making a great casserole or egg dish that is tasty and totally on program.

Husband is quite supportive, asking if what he wants to eat will bother me. I'm careful not to ask when he will work on his health. I know more than anyone that he can't do it until he is well motivated.

I'm amazed that when I started a Facebook group called Heading Toward Health, over 20 of my Facebook friends wanted to join it. That group is now over 2 weeks old and is a neat place where people reach out for help, brag and just generally discuss whatever their plans might be. It's not limited to weight loss. Some people want to control their diabetes better, get their thyroid levels back on track, whatever.

In general, I'm happy. Sure hope this feeling lasts for more than a day and a half. I really, really like it.

I choose health.

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    My husband had been half hearted about his health, doing the treadmill once a week, drinking a 6-pack of Pepsi a day, and he smokes too. I've been on Sparks a year now but really got serious about it in October. I've lost 25 pounds and walk pretty much every day. He got us Polar heart monitors for Christmas when he saw how well I was doing. Then he switched to diet Serra Mist when I told him he was drinking 1000 calories a day in soda. We now walk together when we can and kind compete on exercise, well he does I don't care. When I beat him on a health test with the heart monitor he got a bit bent and when our son said "Well dad you smoke mom doesn't" He ordered the patches for quit smoking from the Florida quit-line program. Then a friend of his died from a heart attack and I think he got scared. He hasn't quit smoking yet but he's got it in his head so I know he will just up and quit one day soon and stick with it because he's stubborn that way. It stinks to watch someone you love not taking care of their health but we know that they need to find their own way, all we can do is keep doing what were doing for ourselves and hope it Sparks someone else into action!

    3235 days ago
    Sounds great... I am getting ready (as soon as I log off computer here) to go pitch Hubby my plan: I want to go pretty much full-scale Paleo for Lent. (My version will be a lacto-ovoid version since my body no longer seems to tolerate even grass-fed beef.) I'm working up my next blog post in my head but will "explain all" since I am hybridizing Paleo w/my semi-vegetarian ideals...

    May have to check FB quickly before I log off ;-)
    3238 days ago
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