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Watch out world... here I come!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Life is good.


Tonight I went out to supper with an acquaintance/friend. We ate healthy. Well, at first. emoticon Than, we had wine and split a piece of cheesecake.

It was wonderful to eat healthy with someone that wasn't like well it's just one night, you can have it, but understood I already had a series of those nights and they are in the past. In addition to that, it was nice to catch up about school, guys, and even talking about future goals.

At one point she told me that I am so refreshing to be around because I have such a positive outlook. I have been told this several times in the past couple weeks.

Once upon a time, I was told I was always negative. I guess over the past few years, I have been trying to project positive energy when I write blogs that I became a positive person. I love it that I am the person people come to for a positive outlook!

But, life really is good.

I feel classes are going well. Yeah, I have TONS of homework but I cannot really do it with a wine buzz.. emoticon I really enjoy my classes. The material and professors are great! In fact, one day this week I was really down and didn't want to be around people. I went to Kinesiology and the professor totally cheered me up with her energy!

I was down because of the breakup. I feel like that is going well, too. I feel like my anger a few days ago were part of my grieving process and like.. I am okay. Like I know we didn't break up of ME or HIM. Maybe that is the beauty of going into a relationship being confidence and knowing who you are. By doing so, you know what will work and you know sometimes two people just do not work together. It wasn't anything personal on either of our fronts. We both are not what each other looking for. I truly believe we can be friends. Our relationship has some special circumstances that made me believe that. You will have to take my word for it as they should not be posted impersonally. There's new guys in my life. They are all great guys... but right now.. I am content with me.. school... work.. life.

As for work, it is alright. I still feel like I am being watched. Oh well. I am trying to just to work, do my best, chat with members, and go home. Unfortunately, now I am getting pressure to park in the ramp by my co-workers so we can walk together. The thing is I don't feel safe parking in a ramp. What if I had no one to walk with one evening? I'd rather park on the street right next to the building.

You know talking to my friend.. I realized I have a solid career plan. What is better yet, I am super excited about getting the ball rolling. It's such a great feeling. Here is the quick run down.

Become a Zumba Instructor - maybe over Spring Break or summer break
Become a Certified Personal Trainer (PT) - this is a required course for my major and people keep asking if I am a Personal Trainer at work
Get certified in Russian Kettlebells
Teach Zumba or Kettlebells - Maybe on campus or at the YMCA
Start working as a PT on campus - you know, start building clientele
Graduate with degree
Start working as a PT at the YMCA - if possible
Start teaching Zumba or Kettlebell classes
Go back to college for Chemistry and Physics
Get my Master's in Physical Therapist with a focus on Sport Medicine - I want to specialize in running

All this would be in the next five years. I feel like things would just fall into place.

Watch out world - here I come!

Oh my goodness... two things I forgot! So many updates, so little time!

1) There is an ACSM Conference over my birthday. Not sure if I am going to go yet. But it would be nice to get away, if nothing else, for my birthday. We will see!

2) I brought myself flowers today. Yellow roses. For friendship. So many people say: Be your own best friend. So, I did! emoticon
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