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5 days til Surf City Marathon!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yep yep yep, who's getting excited?!

Woke up this morning to the hip a little sore. I know that I didnt sleep well last night and literally did a LOT of tossing and turning, so the sore hip doesnt suprise me.

Work today was same ol same ol. Nothing exciting.

I'm a bit upset tonight. Emotional for sure. My mother and I arent getting along, and it hurts me how UNsupportive she is with me in regards to the marathon. Its one of the biggest things and something I've worked incredibly hard for. What does she say? Well after every long run she said I was "dumb for doing that to my body" or "that couldnt have been good for you" then when I thought my knee would take me OUT of the marathon and I was crying upset about it she said "good" and SMILED. And then yesterday she said "Why are you going to run on sunday? thats just stupid".
I wouldnt WANT her there on race day, I know her negativity would ruin the day for me but she has NEVER been to any of my races, or supportive. This marathon is such a big deal to me, I guess thats why her lack of positivity (not sure thats even a word) and support is getting to me.

In other news, not sure I have much. I hate this time of year (valentines day UGH) and i think thats starting to get to me as well.

Time to change focus...think MARATHON!

I got my 'surf city marathon' FINAL INSTRUCTIONS email, its going to be CRAAAZZZY with all the people. So exciting. Still planning on going to the expo friday and definitely bringin the money! I bet there's gonna be cool stuff there.

ONLY 5 days til GO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Exciting!!!! I'm so excited for you and nervous for you at the same time. I know you're going to do great. If you want Ricky and I there, just say the word and we'll be there. I know that your Aunt is going to be there and that you're planning on hanging out at her house after, so thought it would be ok for us to skip this one but if you want us there, we'll be there. As for your mom ... her issues. Keep your positive self talk up and keep her negative talk OUT of your mind. As for Valentine's Day ... I know it's hard but really it's not all it's cracked up to be. It's just a commercial holiday for card stores, flower shops and restaurants to make money. We would not be going away for Vday weekend if I hadn't already made plans for us for our anniversary, which prevents hubby from planning anything for our anniversary so this is more of an early anniversary (hence, the winery where we got married) than it is for Vday. But, I'm not trivializing your feelings ... I know it's hard. Like you said, for now just stay focused on the marathon. I wish I could go to the expo with you on Friday. Fun!! I love the expos, just not the running part. :-) Sure you have time for lunch on Friday?
    3349 days ago
    I can relate a bit about your mom because I've gotten similar reactions from mine. Although, I know she loves me tremendously her comments don't always come off as supportive. She doesn't understand how much running means to me and how I don't want to just let it go because of our hereditary "bad knees". She has never come to one of my runs - but usually blames it on church (even though they go Saturday nights most of the time now.) But, I just try to focus on who is there to support me - mainly my dad and my bf's family.

    Okay enough of that hooey - here are some positives to keep thinking about:

    The weather is going to be perrrfect! emoticon

    You'll be running at the beach. emoticon

    We'll all be thinking of you and cheering you on. emoticon

    You've put in the work and after you cross that line (and get that medal), it is something no one can ever take away emoticon
    3349 days ago
    It's especially hard to focus on fitness when you live with a Downer (that's what I call them). I hear more than my share of negative comments at home. I know it's hard, but you have to ignore it or it WILL drive you nuts and effect your motivation and success.

    You're lucky; you have your aunt and uncle in your corner! How cool is that? Focus on what inspires you, not want brings you down.
    3349 days ago
    I'm sorry she's not on board with you on this. I know it's hard when the ones you love don't seem to really get how important something is to you. I love my mom but at 82 - she still doesn't "get" me. So I understand the feeling.

    Press on ahead and focus on those who are in your corner.

    I know that the sport is different but I want to recommend the movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played" It's about golf, it's a true story and it's all about a young man who goes on to be one of the greatest golfers of all time and the struggles with his father not supporting him. I tell you it's the most uplifting and heart warming movie I think I've ever seen.
    3350 days ago
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