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31 Days - A Wrap Up - and (maybe) an Eureka Moment? (If so, it's #4)

Monday, January 31, 2011

It has been 9 days since I've posted a blog from this series, thanks to being knocked for a loop by a bad cold and just running out of energy and enthusiam.. So I can't exactly say I've ended this month the way I was hoping to, in terms of results or baby step changes to the way I approach things.

There was some good advice in the Spark calendar over the past 9 days that hopefully anyone who felt the need has been looking at themselves and getting motivation for themselves. These are all great tips:

-make yourself a priority. Take as good care of yourself as you do everyone around you, or prioritize your "to do" list so you get to some things for you, too.

-less is more in terms of goals...don't overwhelm yourself with goals, focus on just a couple and then use your energy towards those couple of things.

-celebrate milestones..again, that's about being a good short term goal setter and then rewarding yourself for reaching those goals, not one of my strengths, but definitely something I know I need to work on

-get the right tools..something I've been thinking about a lot lately and hope to do. I need some 8 lb. weights to do some of my ST with, and I'd also like to add some resistance bands. I think going out and buying new toys gives us as much excitement as it does our kids, so that is high on my list!

-add variety. Definitely a good idea, and doubtless something that would benefit me greatly. If you like to use a piece of cardio equipment, perhaps using a different one or even taking a class or using a video would be fun for a change..

-create your reality. Not so sure about this one. Spark says, "[t]he mind doesn't know the difference between imagined events and reality. Picture success. Try goal-related affirmations each day and your behavior will reflect what you want to be." Honestly, I'm not sure what Spark is trying to tell us here. I seriously doubt it is true that my mind does not know that I've just imagined myself eating well and exercising. Yet, when you think of the tool of visualization, isn't that really what you are doing? Perhaps it's like much of what we are counselled to do, picture it in steps, using short range goals. In other words, picturing success should not mean a 100 lb weight loss, but a successful day in which you got your exercise in and kept your eating under control.

-get back on track. Don't beat yourself up over a slip up, over an occasional day off from exercise or indulgence in something less than healthy for you.. Just forget about it and move on. The best and most successful atheletes don't remember their last game, they just go out and compete the next time. A successful football kicker doesn't remember his last miss; a top baseball closer doesn't remember his last blown save. Each day is another opportunity to go out and compete. Maybe we should think of our journies like that: every day is another opportunity to succeed.

-everything is a choice. You choose to watch TV or walk, to try to eat away your problems or to try to solve them.. So maybe it's time to sit down and write up your list of choices and post it somewhere that it will remind you that you have choices. Can't help but think that if, on my way to the refrigerator, I saw a written reminder of the choices available to me, I might choose some non-food option.. Heck, it's worth a try!

So here we are at Day 31, a day on which Spark congratulates us for working hard all month to make our dreams a reality. There's sort of an interesting perspective floating around in my head right now about this process. It might be some kind of eureka thing, not sure yet.

Here's the question: Is the process a means to an end or, is the end realizing that this is a never ending process? In other words, that there is no "there" to get to, but every day is a just that, a day on the journey that doesn't really end, it just keeps evolving. For instance, once we make daily exercise a "habit," it doesn't end there..we can and should continue to make changes and adjustments so that the habit continues to work for us..increasing the time or intensity of the workout, doing different kinds of exercise, etc. Maybe part of the problem for many of us is that we think there is a "place" to get to, and we keep waiting to get there and feel frustrated that we never do. Maybe we need to adjust our expectations and realize that there is no "there." That what works today might not work tomorrow, and that we must be constantly willing to tweak, to experiment.. Not only would this be great for our outlook, and keep us from feeling like it's an uphill battle (I call it "digging a hole in beach sand," and anyone who has ever tried to do that knows that the harder and faster you dig, the more the sand just keeps rolling back into the hole), but it also keeps it fresh and keeps us from getting bored..


Have a Sparky Day!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're the best... eureka moment for sure! Glad you're feeling better!

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}
    3557 days ago
    Hope you're feeling much better, T. I think we're all feeling that low energy/enthusiasm, but... I read, and it's written in the stars, that that will come to it's end by the 3rd of February- right after the rodent makes his grand entrance. We've all felt the *slam* of the ____, and just like taking care of our vehicles must be looked after, if we expect 'em to take us far, we've got to 'do' that for these bodies, cuz' UNLIKE a vehicle, we don't get to trade up for another model once these wear out!!

    I think Spark's saying, VISUALIZE, and maybe (not right off for sure) we don't *see* or *can't* because it IS sooo bizarre to the real life facts staring us in the face, but... with repeated affirmations and maybe a few pictures of WHAT we'd like to aspire to, using those *baby steps* you've taught me, we will actually really & truly, become the picture- WHAT we continued to press on for.

    DANG, this month just *blinked* away!!

    I think this is a never ending process, T. I love how you've pointed out the continual need to make changes & adjustments, because, I know for me, if I am not evolving through fresh new ideas or *tweaks* for the old ones, I'll shrivel up. I can't go back to tomorrow, and I don't want to- not unless I can retain all the knowledge & life lessons I've already learned- or better yet, give me the mind of a genius, the body of an athlete, and the soul of a saint, and I'll be good ta' go!! Sooo... since there's a *three-strikes-you're-out* I'll settle for my humble day by day choices to seek out variety & make what adjustments I can.
    3560 days ago
    I too thought the analogy was good. I can just see those holes filling up on the beach over and over again.
    3560 days ago
    These are great reminders! Thank you Tina!! Here's to an awesome February!
    3560 days ago
    Great analogy my friend... there is nothing like digging on the beach...

    ... and it shows progress, but back slides are inevitable... gradual works best with those beach holes..

    great way to end the "series'
    3560 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6850288
    Thanks for the reminders!
    3560 days ago
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