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It's been 7 years!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I was watching Biggest Loser last night and one of the contestants, Arthur, was becoming overwhelmed by the fact that, despite having already lost 150 lbs prior to joining the cast, he still had 300 lbs to go. He kept saying "I have to lose my father" (who weighs 300 lbs, not that he had to die first in order for the son to succeed!!!). How utterly defeating it must be to him to realize just how much fat he has to get rid of!

I remember sitting in my doctor's office 7 years ago today and thinking that I had to lose 50lbs. It was overwhelming and I could not imagine what it was going to take to lose that much weight. Expecially since I had lost lots of weight before through struggle and deprivation and pain and, everytime I did, I found it again with more piled on top like some demented cherry on a big, fat sundae!

Plus, I thought 50 was going to be enough. I didn't consider that, at 171, I'd be thinner but still have a BMI of 28.5 - still seriously overweight. But I couldn't wrap my head around 50 let alone 85 lbs!

In the end, I gave up on looking at the number altogether. In fact, I didn't weigh myself for over 2 years when I first started! I resolved to get up every morning to make better food choices; to figure out why I ate what, when and how I did; to fix the unhappy little girl who lived inside my soul; to get off the couch and move. I'd go to sleep every night then get up the next day and start again.

And the weight started to go - sometimes so slowly as to be imperceptible, sometimes quickly, sometimes some came back but, over time, it left. Forever.

Today I celebrate 7 years since that fateful day when I decided to take the first step towards becoming the amazing woman I am today.

If I could hold Arthur's hand I would tell him that it doesn't matter how long it will take to lose 300 lbs. Time is going to pass anyway. Today is the only day that he has to make a change for good and tomorrow, he'll start again. Get up, live well, sleep - repeat.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for sharing, you have inspired many.

    emoticon on your seven years.
    3732 days ago
  • SHERRY528
    I needed to see this today. I lost 165 lbs. between 2006-2007.
    Even having lost that much, I STILL WEIGHED 293 lbs---BUT THAT WAS A MIRACLE---I'd been in the 400's all my adult life. BUT-I STILL WEIGHED ALMOST 300 EVEN HAVING LOST 165!!!
    I struggle with depression and just "hit a wall"---and started GAINING---and haven't stopped. I've regained all but 40 lbs of what I'd lost. AND I'M STILL TRYING THO!!!...BELIEVING IF I DID IT BEFORE, I "CAN" DO IT AGAIN AND WILL....It's REALLY HARD.
    I pray when I do it again, I'LL NEVER LET GO AGAIN.
    THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER That the time will STILL PASS---TO DO OUR BEST EACH DAY---I LOVED what you said---"Get up, live well, sleep, REPEAT"...
    3733 days ago
  • KITT52
    I lost 209 pounds just over a year..you give me hope that I will one day feel wonderful about my weight loss..
    i still feel like a fat girl ..hoping some day my brain will change, and I can see the real me....
    3733 days ago
    Perspective is really a valuable thing. There is always someone who has it worse then we do. I have about 120 pounds to lose and at times it is unbelievably daunting, but if I keep the attitude of "just doing better than I was" it seems that the weight comes off. Thanks for the reminder.

    3747 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    Great inspiration!
    3747 days ago
    Really like this blog and completely agree with you. Patience, perseverance, resilience. Congrats on that 7 year anniversary!

    I lost 80 pounds in 2001-2002 and (for the most part, except for the 20 pound blip in 2009, since vanquished) have kept it off. But: it requires constant vigilance and never seems to get any easier! (On the othe rhand, the alternative -- getting fat again -- isn't appealing either!!).
    3747 days ago
    Great blog! Very inspiring!
    3748 days ago
    I needed this today! Great Blog L. I hope your week goes really well. Thinking of you! emoticon
    3748 days ago
    What a great blog - thank you for the inspiration!! (and a giggle - love the 'demented cherry' analogy :) )
    3748 days ago
  • CMB2048
    Congratulations. I watched Biggest Loser last night too. I felt for Arthur, although I've never been close to being that fat. It must indeed seem overwhelming. I have to lose 50 lbs and I can't believe I let myself get here. I remember saying I have to lose 20 lbs. Now it's 50. Unfortunately, though, I think for his health Arthur does need some drastic intervention. I'm taking it slowly because while 50 pounds is a lot, it isn't life threatening for me right now. But for Arthur, he's going to die if he doesn't get that weight off soon. I admire his courage for even stepping on that scale last night. To you.....you are a great motivation for me. Congrats on your 7 year anniversary!
    3748 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!! Thank you for putting things in perspective!
    3748 days ago
  • SUFRY3
    Thank you for your motivating words! I think we all have to remember to take one day at a time.

    emoticon on your 7 years.
    3748 days ago
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