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Goals for 2011: Striving to become my very best! Warning....The longest blog is history is before yo

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The long blog....As you are reading this either sit back and relax or scan through this blog as it is a long one because there is much to say.

2010 was a year of incredible memories for my family. In April I gave birth to the most precious little girl and it forever changed who I was. The road of parenthood has been the biggest blessing to both my husband and me. Is it challenging being a new parent? Without a doubt but the reward is far greater than any struggle. She is the light of my life and I grow to love her more each and every day. With this new journey came a BIG change for my body. As most of you know I watched my weight VERY carefully during my pregnancy only to gain 24lbs. I thought the weight would fall off and most of it did but I found my body's response to post pregnancy hormones to be quite a challenge. Fortunately I never had any post pardom issues but my weight seemed to increase shortly after giving birth as I was breastfeeding more. As opposed to loosing I gained. I breast fed for 8 1/2 months and loved every minute of it. It was hard to stop but Michaela decided it was time and pushed away. During this time my body suddenly responded in ways I could not have imagined. I started watching my diet more and lowering my calories since I was not breastfeeding and the weight fell off.....SERIOUSLY! Since December 5th I have lost 8.6 lbs! I have been VERY careful to watch my calories though and I have changed my diet significantly. I was eating healthy before but somehow along the way I lost the art of measuring my foods, something I held dear a couple of years ago as I lost my 70 lbs. It was the BIGGEST thing that helped me loose my weight - controlling my portions. I guess after loosing so much weight and feeling fit again I thought I could "eyeball" everything and life would be ok. For some that is fine but for me at this time in my life I needed to stick with what I KNOW works. And so I did and now I am back to my old self and feel better than ever! Its good to be back!!!

If someone would have asked me what my blog would be about for the new year I would say the same old thing....I want to loose this many pounds, I want to run this many miles and so on. Yes, I have those goals which I will discuss later but I want this year to be about more. I am a Mom now and with that comes a sense of responsibility to show my little girl BY EXAMPLE how to be a healthy fit individual. I do not want her to grow up in a house where Mommy is always looking at celebrity or other peoples bodies saying, "Oh if I could only have her legs" or " Look how skinny she is, I want her body!" I want instead for her to see me as a strong, fit, healthy woman who has imperfections and works hard through exercise and nutrition to become the BEST I CAN BE! Not someone else! This is so important to me.

I see so many people here on spark and other blog sites who post profile pics of celebs and note how they would like to have their body. WHY? I understand how seeing other people can be motivating but we should be celebrating our own body for a change! Celebrate where you are in this moment. Celebrate the fact that you have health and have 2 arms, 2 legs, a heart, a brain and a chance to do something with this life that God has given you. Sitting around looking at people around you will get you nowhere. Instead use that energy to make the most of YOUR life and all the blessings that surround it. This is the message I want to set forth as my little girl grows up. Mommy is not perfect, nor should I be. I am human and flawed and to me it is a beautiful thing.

I have been looking so closely at my nutrition and the foods I am consuming. I have always had a healthy diet since loosing my weight back in 2008 but there is so much more I can do. I am really interested in adding as many raw foods to my diet as I can along with expanding my cooking to include new cuisines. I just bought a mother load of cookbooks! Everything from Indian ( which is one of my favorite things to cook) to Turkish and Middle eastern. I am really interested in adding more Mediterranean dishes as well. I am excited about taking traditional Thai dishes and making them healthy to share with Michaela someday. This is her heritage and I want to show her how to keep the tradition alive from her Dad's side of the family while making healthy choices. This excites me more than anything. I am setting a foundation for how I will teach my little girl about food and nutrition. It all starts in the home and for me it starts now!

I have grown so much this past year. I have learned to see beyond the scale and the measuring tape and look to what is really inside. How healthy are we really? Is it the number starring back at us each morning on the scale? I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a person slightly overweight and thought I wonder how healthy they are. I know we have all done the same thing. Judging others by their appearance when in reality we have NO idea their story. I have done the same thing when I see a thin person. I think to myself they must be a runner and have qualified for Boston considering how thin they look! How do we know? My point is that we must look deeper. We must think about the fuel we are feeding our bodies in terms of what it is giving our bodies. I am getting ready to have a treadmill test this year along with a VERY detailed doctors visit to look at my overall health. I want to be FIT. Not thin, not lean, not bulging with muscles, not trying to break a 6 min mile, just FIT.

I want to live this beautiful life for as long as I can. I want to be happy, I want to stop saying someday and live for each moment I am given. I want to stop complaining when I do not like something about myself and be thankful I am alive. I was in the mall one time not to long ago and I was trying on different things and some did not fit. So naturally I got depressed. I felt so sorry for my poor little old self that my hips where bigger after having Michaela. I looked up and there was a woman walking towards me who had been severely burned. Her face was very disfigured and I could barely keep the tears from streaming down my face as I saw her. I felt sick at how I was acting before. How dare I get so sad that I could not wear a smaller size pair of jeans. It reminded me of that man I saw in Russia when I was feeling down about loosing weight. Remember the blog about the man with no legs who would sit outside of my place in Russia as I headed out for my runs. Seeing this woman gave me the same feeling I had then. I needed to step back and get a grip and realize just how good I have it! Big deal that I gained a few pounds, big deal that I had to go up a size or two. WHO CARES! We have to STOP treating this life as something that will go on and on forever because it does not. Today, January 1st, 2011 WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! What did you do today? Did you worry about all the goals you have set thinking there is no way you can reach them or did you get out there and try you best to make it happen? How many new years will we go through before we realize that this could be our last and we better START LIVING! Anything can happen at any time and I do not know about you but I want to dream bigger than before, I want to strive for more than I could ever imagine and I want to be the shinning example I know God wants me to be. I want to thank Him for this precious life He has given me by giving it my all.

I know this was long but I wanted to share the deepest places of my heart. I am hoping that ONE person will read this and it will cause them to rethink their own life and maybe just maybe make a change for the better.

Now onto my goals for this year! They are quite simple really but I am breaking them down into 2 parts and will be focusing on weight loss only for the first half of the year. Once I reach that point I can see if I want to loose more or stay where I am.

Fitness Goals for 2011....

1. Last years goal is returning but this time I will reach it!! To Run,walk,swim,bike,climb and step 2,011 miles in 2011!! So far 3/2011 miles

2. Loose 12 lbs by April 4th, which will be my daughters first birthday!! I am calling this challenge 12 lbs by 12 months old!!!

3. Run 5 half marathons...

Texas Half - Jan
Big D Half - April
Dallas Hottest Half - August
Houston Half - October
Dallas White Rock Half Marathon - December

Phase 1 of my 12 pounds by 12 months old challenge : Loose 6 lbs by Valentines day!

Here are the mini goals for this challenge starting with the month of January :

1. Run/walk/bike - 100 miles

2. Finish training for my half marathon January 29th.

3. Make ST a priority - aim for 3 days a week either at gym or Cathe/P90X dvds at home.

4. My gold standard "Push,crunch,squat" goal...
Pushups - 500 reps
Crunches - 1,000 reps
Squats - 2,000 reps

Nutritional Goals for 2011....

1. Raise HDL and Lower LDL through solid nutrition and fitness.
2. AIm for at least 2 days a week of Raw meals.
3. Increase the amount of fish I eat and try new varieties.
4. Keep consistant with measuring my foods
5. Limit breads including EZ products, keep it a treat or for days with high calorie burns.
6. Read more on incorporating new spices and flavors

Mind and Spirit Goals for 2011....

1. Find as many people as I can each day to encourage!
2. Read the Bible more with my husband
3. Continue to blog both on spark and my other blogs to help others and enrich my own life
4. Become a better Christian
5. Strive to be the best wife I can be, consistently lifting my husband up in every way.
6. Give my all to my little girl, setting examples for her every chance I can get.

I will as always be posting a daily blog with my results from each day! I cannot wait to start the next phase of this journey with you all!!

Thanks again for all your support these past years! Though my weight loss, training for all my triathlons, pregnancy and becoming a Mom, you all have been there for me....THANK YOU!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ok, this is my first time reading your blogs and I chose this one first. So glad I did. You are an amazing person who already has a healthy mind and spirit to go along with your new healthy body. So if your wish was hopint "ONE person will read this and it will cause them to rethink their own life and maybe just maybe make a change for the better." Stamp it DONE. You have truly inspired me. I am looking forward to following your lead. Please stay connected for me, and others who are just starting this journey and need advise on how to make this happen for us as well. Thank you so much.

    3664 days ago
    You are a true blessing to all Jen! I know you will be the person God sees because you are in so many ways already! You give me inspiration not only on my fitness journey but to strive to be a better Christian too! So thank you!
    3667 days ago
    I love this blog! You are an amazing woman. You inspire me to be the best person I can be. Thank you so much for being such am avid user of spark. I enjoy reading all of your blogs and looking at your pictures. You are AMAZING and you will achieve all of your goals this year. Thank you for this blog!
    3667 days ago
    I love this, regardless of length. It is definitely hard to fall back into "eyeball" mode and lose sight of actual measurements. Tried and true methods never fail and good for you to recognize that.

    Also, recognizing that we are all fortunate in some ways is something that many of us fail to do on a daily basis. I wish you the best of luck!
    3667 days ago
    WOW Jen! What an inspiring entry! I started crying just reading it. I spent the holidays with my grandmother who is slowly slipping away and you hit the nail on the head when talked about being grateful for who we are now and taking care of what God gave us. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I wish you the best of luck on your journey :) You're in my prayers!
    3667 days ago
    Amazing blog Jen. I love your approach and thought process on teaching your little one a healthy lifestyle now. That's something I want to do when I have children. And I agree with you about the celebrity pictures and how even on Spark, people set unhealthy goals for themselves. I love my curves and I don't want to be skinny. I want to be healthy and fit. Thank you for letting us in to hear your thoughts. Happy New Year!
    3668 days ago
    Wow, this is a very touching blog. I am so glad that you are wanting to set such a wonderful example to your daughter. I have only boys, but I see little girls are growing up with such unrealistic expectations and do not see the true beauty inside themselves. You are so right about appreciating the blessings that we have today. Thank you for setting such a great example here on spark, I love how you are focusing on the health and not just superficial goals.

    Happy New Year!!!
    3668 days ago
  • LUVW8S
    Great Blog. Great Goals.
    3668 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1209462
    Happy New Year and I wish you all the success with your 2011 goals. They sound like wonderful goals, for both you and your lovely family!
    3668 days ago
    Very inspiring blog. (And very encouraging, so you've met your goal of that today!)

    Thank you for writing this and reminding me to stay focused on my goals.
    3669 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7658463
    3669 days ago
    Your post are always filled with good information, new ideas and great motivation.

    I am waiting for the pictures of Michaela's first Christmas.
    3669 days ago
    WOW Very inspiring. Love what you want to do for yourself and your daughter. Happy New Year.
    3669 days ago
    Beautiful blog. You really made me think. I have 2 little girls now. One is 5 and starting to act more like me. I don't want her to grow up wanting someone else's body. I know she overhears my negative self-talk and you made me realize more than ever that this is NOT okay! So because of your blog, that will be my New Year's Resolution. I have to stop being so negative about my body! It may not be perfect but it gave me 2 beautiful children that I love more than anything in the world! Being healthy and fit for them should be my priority, not being "skinny" for myself. Thank you for posting this. You are such a beautiful and inspiring person :)
    3669 days ago
    I think about that all the time as well -- how to set a good example for my daughter so that she grows up to be active and healthy and has an appreciation for her body that will be based on the amazing things it can do not how closely it resembles something in the media!
    3669 days ago
    What a great blog to start the new year! It has been such a pleasure to read about your journey from weight loss to baby and now on to true understanding and gratitude. I had a tremendous burn at the age of 11. Mostly, people can't tell, but i got to tell you that after that you don't see the world in the same way. Hey, I'm alive and I look human, thats pretty darn great.
    3669 days ago
    Thanks for making us all stop and think. Your blog was very inspirational, Happy New Year! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3669 days ago
  • no profile photo RITAROSE
    You are a very thankful person with some great goals! May God bless you in 2011 with focus and determination to reach those achievements! Hugs, Ritarose
    3669 days ago
    Happy New Year Jen! I know you will reach all your goals. You are amazing!!!
    3669 days ago
    I just want to say i wholeheartedly agree with you about being the best version of our ownselfs as we can be.

    I think comparing ourselfs to others is very negative.

    I commend you for seeing, understanding, aknowledging and fully embracing to give youre daughter a positive, nurturing environment where she can flurish.

    I truly beleive that our mothers have a great influence on a daughters life. And any small comment can have an effect on our daughters when made by the mothers and fathers. It will be enough for them to hear it out in the world wich bares some influence but it does all start in the home and the positive influences at home can overcome the negative influences from the bombardment of the outsideworld example school, friends and media.

    Stay strong in youre beleifes.

    I wish you and youre family nothing but the best.
    3669 days ago
    What a beautiful blog Jen. It really touched me and it is so true, we need to start living each day and we also need to learn to love ourselves. We are who we are! You are such an amazing mother, your daughter is so lucky! I have no doubt you will achieve all of your goals!

    3669 days ago
  • CORINA81
    I love this!!!! it really made me think. Happy New Year!!
    3669 days ago
    Thoughtful and inspiring post. I, we all, need to look so closely to our lives, our choices, our actions.
    3669 days ago
    I have always truly enjoyed reading your blogs, this one no different. I agree wholeheartly about posting pics of others, not all body types are created equal we are all individuals enough said. Love the ideas of your 2011 goals, you can definately meet them all & more !
    3669 days ago
    What a beautiful blog... Thanks for sharing those important reminders that we are not promised tomorrow and to be a good steward of the time we have here on earth... I came to read this blog because you left the nicest comment on my page.. and now you've encouraged me twice today! (hitting the subscribe button as we speak!)


    3669 days ago
    Sounds like a plan! Good going.
    3669 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4166978
    With this blog you have spoke to & touched my heart. You have reminded me what is truly important in life. I need to be thankful that I am still alive & get to spend every day with my husband & son.

    I need to continue to worry about what I think about myself & not what others think of me.

    Thank you so much for your message. You have reached me today. I look forward to watching you continue on your journey.

    Here's to hoping 2011 is everything you dream of & more!

    3669 days ago
  • 360NOMORE
    Great blog post, I really like the 2011 miles in 2011, I think I may steal taht! Thanks for the post.
    3669 days ago
    "I see so many people here on spark and other blog sites who post profile pics of celebs and note how they would like to have their body. WHY? I understand how seeing other people can be motivating but we should be celebrating our own body for a change!" AMEN SISTER!! I mean I would love to have Gabby Reece's body since she's tall like me but I will never look like her given what I did to my body so I have to just shoot for the best I can. I think using celeb's pics can give you unrealistic expecations.

    Good for you for thinking of your daughter and how she should perceive herself through you. If only more mama's thought this way! May 2011 be everything you want and more!
    3669 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are such an inspiration. Being a mom puts a whole different spin on things. Makes us truly appreciate what is important. Have a happy new year.

    3669 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3357505
    Wonderful blog! Made me think of a quote "I felt sorry for myself because I didn't have shoes, until I met a man who didn't have feet", or something along that thought. Great blog, kids to really put things into perspective. And one day, we all have to forget comparing ourselves to the pictures we see on TV and in the media, I really don't know where the youth of today might end up in their thinking when there is such focus on unrealistic beauty! Finding our own beauty, in our best health is what is of utmost importance!
    3669 days ago
    Good blog; good luck.


    3670 days ago
    this blog brought tears to my eyes. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for all you do
    3670 days ago
    Jen, your blog was so good! It has alot of thinking and feeling. I agree with so much you said! its about being satisfied with what our bodies have turned into. I know after losing 100 pounds - my body is not perfect for a 53 year man - but I am healthy, Happy and feeling so good! I ran 5 half Marathons last year and before last year I had never run one. Its about being happy and being fulfilled. thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


    3670 days ago
    It may be long, but it was well worth the read. Thank you for sharing YOU with us. You are an inspiration to me and many others. God has blessed you and I truly believe He will continue to do so. Enjoy this New Year and may you be able to reach your goals!
    3670 days ago
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