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This is gonna be OUR YEAR!!!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

We have done a lot this last yearbut now is not the time to be resting on our laurels-I did that yesterday- so let's set some short range and yearly goals.

1 I will work hard to organize my life.
2 I will listen more and talk less.
3 I will hug more often.
4 I will remember to say thank you- and mean it.
5 I will smile more.
6 I will donate more and de-clutter around here- I know in my heart it is not a shrine to my childhood and I really don't need to keep Pepe Le Pew salt and pepper shakers forever.
7 I will save more to give more- this is working out well- my couponing for charity wish jar overfloweth.
8 I will eat more veg- I have taken shortcuts this last week or so but starting tomorrow I am back! I will NOT gain back what I worked so hard to lose!
9 I will go places and do things- things will NOT fall apart if I am not there!
10 I will always try to see the good stuff in people. Yes , even Michael Vick (just read the book about those poor dogs and had to sit with mine and hug on him a while).

Hope your New Year is safe, happy and successful!

Blessings and joy!

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