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31 Days to Healthier Holidays - December 9

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Today, Spark would like us to take the automation out of our eating:

"Think before you bite. Before you try every irresistible food that crosses you path, think first. How will you feel after you eat them? Is the taste really worth it? Could you enjoy just a small amount instead?"

How many times have we eaten something and only afterwards thought or said, "it wasn't worth the calories?" I guess what Spark is trying to get us to do is to try to undertake this analysis before we've indulged. For a mindless eater, as I am, that's a tough one, even just taking a little bite can be tough, because sometimes the damage is done before I even realize what I've done.

So if somehow we could make ourselves aware enough to say "do I really want this?" The times I do manage to do that, I often respond no, and have no problem with saying no, but darn it, how in the world do you make that your process? Clearly, it's got to be creating a habitually good approach to a thought process before putting food in our mouths.

One thing that helps me is the tracking of food. If I'm in a place where I've been good about going to the food tracker as soon as I've put something in my mouth, then it is more in the forefront of my consciousness before I eat that I am going to record it. Now that all sounds great, but I'll admit freely that although I start almost every day tracking, I don't necessarily finish it with tracking. But all we can do is keep on trying, keep on experimenting with what method works best for us to put our minds in a place that we can use the power of them to harness our eating.. But there is an even more basic place for me to find success..

I know I keep going back to it, but for me it is the answer to most everything: exercise. The single biggest weapon I have on this journey is to exercise, it has that much of an impact on the way I spend the rest of the day. I feel better, I am more conscious of everything I do when I am exercising regularly, including and probably especially what I put in my mouth. I have no idea why,but sometimes you just have to stop asking why and accept that something is the way it is, especially something that positively has no downside. I honestly don't believe that even if there were an answer to the question and I were to discover it, it would make it any easier to do what I know I must..

Sometimes it is so frustrating to know that I have discovered the location of the key to success for me, that I actually love doing it, and that yet, I don't always do it. One of the great mysteries of my life so far..one I know that I must solve to succeed permanently.

So here's to getting back on that exercise train..it's the core of my journey to a healthy lifestyle. All aboard!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I need to ask myself that question more each day. And I'm joining you on getting the exercise thing going again. We can do this!!!
    3613 days ago
    T... aside from the exercise (my nemisis) I think the answer might be in what you do as soon as you realize 'what you've done'.

    It was hard at first, but early on I had some moments when I'd find food in my mouth or on my plate that I knew I just didn't want... it didn't suport what I wanted more. I started spitting it out & throwing it away (the whole plateful if need be) and giving myself permission to make a better choice right then and there. It didn't matter if I was in public, in a retaurant, visiting someone else, at home... I just did it... of course I needed to be creative and careful about how I did it (I've only once paid for two meals in a restaurant and only eaten one)... I didn't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings.

    The feeling of empowerment was amazing! 'Taking a stand' against my autopilot self seemed to break the 'hold' food in general had over me at certain times and in certain situations. It also was the first step to radically changing the relationship I had with food. This also led to me taking healthy food with me wherever I go... I always have a couple of apples in my 'purse' and when I'm on the run, there is healthy food in the car. I've stopped expecting/wanting food and nourishing my body to be 'convenient'. I'm worth more than that.

    I don't know if this will work for you, but like you said, you just have to keep trying different things. Now I'm going off to ponder how this bit of advice applies to exercise for me, LOL!

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}

    P.S. Thanks for the blog comment... I appreciate the caution, and don't worry... I don't see the label as one that applies to my character (or Erin's) as much as it applies to my behaviour. I can't change what I don't acknowledge. You see, I spend so much time trying to outrun indictments of my character (because I really must be the horrible person I was told I was for so very long... see that toxic shame?), I often don't pause long enough to just look at myself honestly without judgement and with simple acceptance, and deal with whatever is tripping me up. To have someone so genuine and gracious so honestly use such harsh labels without apology, or even really embarassment, sat me back on my @$$ and invited me to take stock without the cloud of shame. This is how my blog frees me in my 3D life... here I can say what I fear the most, and realize that it's not as scary and awful as it felt rattling around in the dark and bruised places within my mind and heart. If I'm frightened and sick at heart over what is essentially 'me' I am paralyzed and stuck. When I can think in terms of behaviours over which I have total control, I can change any of my circumstances. I am NOT simply a sum total of my behaviour, and simply knowing 'why' I do something doesn't readily change behaviour. An indictment of the behaviour I dislike is what usually empowers me to take the first step away from it toward something new and more fulfilling. Does this make sense?
    3613 days ago
    yay T...
    An I really wish I had thought a little more before eating that Reuben dip yesterday afternoon...

    Really fatty foods really do not agree with me, but they do taste so good.

    When I am "up" I am much more religious about tracking...

    It may help me with these more and more frequent stomach upsets, though... being able to notice the patterns...

    makes you wanna say hmmmmmm
    3613 days ago
    This is great Tina! I have days like that too, where I start out tracking every bite, but then let it slide when I've had something that I know I shouldn't probably have eaten. You can do this!!
    3613 days ago
    Excellent blog! Thanks. emoticon
    3613 days ago
  • BAKES3000
    Great advice! Thanks! Even if I fall off, and forget to track at the end of the day, I add it in the next day and run an analysis. It helps me remember where I start each day, and focus me in a positive direction.
    3613 days ago
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