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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Is it really December 1st?? This year is just flying by. I still cannot believe that our little Michaela will be 8 months old on Saturday. She is doing really well. Her teeth are now in and she is rolling, spinning, attempting to crawl through not in a straight line( she tries but rolls over....its so cute!) and sitting up all the time. She is a VERY talkative baby but for some reason is holding out of saying Momma! She said Da Da back in September and since then has said Hi, Ba Ba, Ga Ga, Me Me, Ma, Duck( I am serious), A-gee, but NO MOMMA! I am still waiting for that glorious day! I say Momma to her and she smiles back and says Dada! My husband loves it!! She is after all his princess. He is so in love with her more than we ever imagined. I love seeing the two of them together. She lights up when he comes home. It is so special.

I am doing well. Being a Mom is amazing but it definitely keeps me busy! My time with her is becoming even more precious as she learns new things. It is a constant road of discovery. She is VERY, VERY inquisitive. Everyone is always saying to us how happy and alert she is, with this comes a constant quest to see and touch everything! I officially have every toy known to man in my house. LOL! It is hysterical all the stuff we have for her and yet she is mesmerized by a simple pack of "boogie wipes"( you moms know what I am talking about)!

As far as my weight loss it is finally started to speed up. I swear I think my body likes the extra padding! It feels as if some days my body just wants to hold on to it for dear life. I am still breastfeeding so I am hoping that when I finish the rest will fall off. So many women have told me you hold on to a bit more while breastfeeding. She LOVES to nurse so I am not sure when she will want to wean. But she loves getting her bottle from Daddy or Mr. Milkman as he calles himself. Her eating is going really well, she loves all kinds of foods from spinach to mango....all organic of course! We are working hard to set a good foundation for her.

My half marathon is Sunday and I am by no means racing this for a PR! I will be walking/run with no expectations of meeting a particular time. I mean, yes, I want to finish strong but I am not going crazy trying to run the whole thing fast or anything. My knee will not allow me to do this. I think if I can finish around 2:45 or so I will be happy. That is a good walking/running time for me. Maybe if I feel strong I can run more and come in faster but we will see. I have another half coming up in March and that will be my running for a PR race for sure!

My anniversary challenge is going well. I have now lost 3.8 lbs and have only 7.2 lbs to go! With the slow weight loss I have been seeing I do not know if I can loose that by December 21st but I will try my best!

Now for what you have been asking for, more photos of my girl! Here are some photos from the past 2 months.....

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