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The devil is in the chocolate chips

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I had a good weigh- in at my Weight Watchers meeting today--lost 2 pounds. I then went to lunch with my regular lunch pals from the meeting, who are good friends of mine. Had a good lunch packed with filling foods, so I was really satisfied. I even carried a SOYJOY bar for emergencies in my sewing craft bag as I had my afternoon's project ready to keep me busy while I waited for my car to be inspected and serviced. My dealership serves coffee, so I felt satisfied and very SAFE. Here's where the action started!!! I go to sign in at the service desk, and one of the girls there is taking fresh baked COOKIES from a cookie mfc.'s baker oven. When I tell you the aroma was like an aphrodisiac, I kid you not! I commented on the cookies, complimented the baker-girl, and got out of the room as fast as I could. So I chose a seat in the waiting room and proceeded to forget about the cookies, even when I saw people munching away. I was more intent on the needlepoint that I was working on a plastic canvas book cover I'm making. So the afternoon goes well, and when my car is ready, I go back to the desk to empty my checking account in payment, but so happy to just pay and leave after 3 hours. Before I could close my pocketbook, one of the nice girls behind the desk offers me a nice fresh baked cookie!!! The devil was after me like crazy!! (It's true: The devil is in the chocolate chips; LOL) I politely said, "no thanks," and was rewarded with admiration for my will power. That was so nice to hear, but to me it's more like won't power. She explained that in the morning they have muffins, which I already figured, since the people behind the desk had spent so much time working out their muffin order and calling it in. I guess they saved all the temptations to talk about in front of me, since they must get their real work done sometime! That was my day, and I have victory because I stayed within my WW points allowance, ate some really good meals and enjoyed some nice snacks, none of which were cookies! It's also true that there really is a Cookie Monster, and he hides in plain sight! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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