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Casting The Leading Man

Friday, September 24, 2010

So I saw this: www.sparkpeople.com/mypa

Which reminded me that I have this: maisondumei.blogspot.com

So I'll just go ahead and pick a few random guys from The List (and some who still aren't) just for fun. (Not that I'm counting the ones who will be old enough once that screenplay about my life finally comes to light... and there are more than a few.)

- Gerard Butler. For those of you who get it, no explanation is necessary. And for those of you who don't, no explanation will be sufficient. But if you must ask for one, may I direct you to...

- Jonny Lee Miller, Craig Ferguson, and (one of the many non-List entries as of this writing) David Tennant. I'd throw Connery in there, too, but my Mom already called dibs on him.

- Nathan Fillion. There's a new episode of Castle on my iPod. That's the kind of eye candy that I desperately need this week.

- Jeremy Renner. I just saw a picture of him next to Jon Hamm, and he... is not as tall as Jon Hamm. Not that it's going to stop me from ripping all that Kevlar off him.

- Julian Sands. Yes, I've loved him since Room with a View, but: sitting through an episode of Law & Order when I found out that he was showing up? Rewinding Oceans 13 several million times to make sure that it was him playing Al Pacino's software guru? THAT, my friends, is how much I adore him. Plus he has only gotten much hotter with age, so all those "sex on a stick" comparisons still hold.

- Edward Norton. I thought my crush died in college... until I saw him in person at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. He was downstairs, I was upstairs, and it took the strength of a million horses to stop me from running down the escalator to chase after him. Hubba hubba.

- Another non-list entry: Dhani Jones. If you haven't seen his show for the Travel Channel, I definitely recommend it. Especially the episodes where he has to take his shirt off, which is practically every single one of them. (Extra points if he strips further down to his undies.) Also, just in case: Dhani rhymes with "Da Hottie." You're welcome.

- For those of you wondering what Idris Elba is doing on this list: Again, no explanation is necessary. That said, I once watched an episode of Inspector Lynley because I found out that he *and* James McAvoy were both in it, and - hello, fine drink of water with a British accent! (Not so fast, McAvoy.)

- Hugh Laurie. Preferably the younger, non-wig-wearing version of Hugh Laurie, who used to play guitar ("Too Long Johnny") and piano ("Misery") while dating Emma Thompson and palling around with Stephen Fry. The one, in fact, who [unpopular opinion alert] SHOULD have been The Doctor at one point or another [/alert]. And if I can't have that, I'll at least comfort myself with the first two seasons of House.

- James Marsden. The only reason why I sat through 21 Dresses without killing anyone.

- And, in case any of you are looking for Filipino hotness, I recommend looking up the name "Derek Ramsay" on Google. Hot when shirtless, much hotter with clothes on, and definitely hot when he actually talks. Trust me on this one.
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    I like some of your choices...and being part filipino, I *had* to look up Derek Ramsay. Oooo la la! What else can I say??? lol
    3365 days ago
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