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Am I ready to be a committed runner?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everyday I check my emails before I head off to campus. This morning I had an interesting message from my aunt. The same aunt I THOUGHT was telling my sister that I couldn't run a HM or Marathon. I was wrong. The email basically congratulated me on my weight loss (she heard how good I look from another aunt that saw me recently). She told me when she is planning to start her training for the marathon and invited me to join them. emoticon

I really want to say YES... but I am hesitate. I haven't even completed the C25K. This weekend is supposed to be my first 5K that I run completely. Could I be ready by June to run 26 miles when right now I can't even run a FULL THREE miles? Maybe a HM would be more my speed? Am I ready to make more of a commitment to running?

I don't want to try to do things too fast and burn myself out of running. emoticon Also, I think it would be a great experience for me, personally and professionally. My career goals is to graduate by June 2012 with a degree in Exercise Science. Once I graduate, I want to become a running coach. emoticon The best way to be a coach, in my opinion, is to experience it at some level. By training for a HM or Marathon, I would participate in even more 5Ks than I already do... and meet more people in that field area.

On a personal level, I know I want to eventually run a HM or Marathon or both. I really want to, one day, emoticon the marathon that is HUGE where I live. It is so huge that people that run it are selected through lottery. To run it, would be a great accomplishment. If I did the marathon with my aunt, I would have the support there with me. I wouldn't be all alone and would have a better feel of how an event like that works so when I am ready to do one in my area.

Oh! Also, a guy I know kinda put a dig in about being able to out emoticon me and I haven't quite gotten over it yet. Part of wants to prove to him that I can outrun HIM. The other part of me knows that is not going to drive me when I do the training.

Anyhow, lots to think about. I think I am going to think about it for a few days.. or at least today.. before I reply. And, of course this is all brought up when I decided not to work out in the morning due to my start of a cold.

What are your thoughts on this? emoticon
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    I've been struggling with similar questions lately. I finished C25K in mid-August and ran my first 5K 2 weeks ago. For the past 6 weeks, I have ran 3 - 3.5 miles every weekend - sometimes twice. I have 2 more 5Ks scheduled this month.

    So, my sister-in-law is training for a Half Marathon in 8.5 weeks. She was hinting at my joining her - telling me she knew I could do it. It'll also be her first.

    I struggled with the decision, and decided it is just too soon for me. Now, I'm looking for a 10K, but not having much luck.I'm going to start bumping up my mileage and wondering if it is feasible for me to be ready by January 31st or late February - 2 possible options. The other thing is that I want to do a sprint triathlon in April. So, I'm not sure how I'd juggle the training... train & finish the Half and then crack down on the sprint? I'm still working on figuring it all out!

    So, my last thought is that the reason I decided against the half so soon was that I wanted to play it safe, not push myself too hard, and hopefully not get hurt in the process. Is there the possibility of doing a Half while your aunt does the full marathon? Maybe that would work out and still give you the support, etc.
    3534 days ago
    I think you should start with the 5k run, then work to the 10k run, then the half, then the marathon. I have this fear that you might kill yourself too fast. :( Just me being a worry wart I guess.
    3534 days ago
    You need to do what feels best to you. It seems alot to me but if you can go from the couch to a 5 k in 9 weeks than it is possible to be ready for at least a half marathon by June. Follow your emoticon !
    3534 days ago
    You had a great training plan a while back. Nothing wrong with training as if you were going to run the 26 miles. Every thing you're doing is really just adding to your success.
    3534 days ago
    Follow ur heart.....
    3534 days ago
    A friend of mine trained for a 1/2 marathon, but did not run one. She said the training for it was enough of a goal for her. Kinda like I did w/ the C25K. My goal was to finish, not run a 5K. I am now doing the 8K training. I might race one day, but it's not my goal.

    I would say to join your aunt in some of the training, but I would think a 1/2 marathon might be a better direction? BEST YET.. why don't you ask your Aunt what she recommends?

    As for the guy, I just read an interesting tidbit in Running for Mortals (recommended on running teams) that guys will out run women in 5K, 10K 1/2 marathons, but full marathons and ultras, women usually are the record holders.

    Good luck with what you decide. Good call on not exercising if you are feeling under the weather. Feel better soon!
    3534 days ago
    Wow. That is a lot. Do you love it? That is my question. Do you love running? Because if you honestly love it, then join your aunt. If you aren't sure that you love it, then plan to run a half. Usually if there is a marathon, there is a half too.

    When you are running, do you feel happy? I mean, I can't run much longer than 5k at a time still. But, I am happy when I run... so I run my 5k, then walk for a few minutes, then run another 5. It makes me happy and I run a little bit further every time I go.

    I also read this quote recently in regards to running:
    Pain is inevitable, suffering is not.

    It will hurt... but if you are thinking, "I just can't do it"... then you will suffer. It gets me through the tough times of my run. I am making the choice to suffer when I think it is too hard. If I accept that it will hurt, but I have a positive attitude about the hurt, it makes it SOOOO much easier!

    I wish you the best in what ever you decide!!!
    3534 days ago
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