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Thoughts about and during an 8-mile run

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Race date: October 17, 2010, Columbus Marathon

This will be my first marathon. Running a marathon is not something I always dreamed of doing. It evolved out of cycling, riding a century, a friendly challenge to run a 5K (thanks BILLALEX70!) a year ago, running my first half marathon in March, loving it and running another one in May. The part of me that loves a challenge says, “If you enjoyed running 13.1 miles, why not run 26.2?” (insert evil laugh)

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed virtually all of my training runs, regardless of their length, with the exception of the one where I fell and injured my hands, which are still healing two weeks later. I enjoyed running 16, 18 and then 20 miles. I laughed at my nearly 13 mile fallback run last weekend! So why did this 8 mile midweek run loom so large in my head? We had previous midweek runs of 5, 6, and 7 miles, but it’s not like 8 miles is that much longer, really. For starters, my husband’s work schedule this week was not going to allow me to do my runs at “o-dark thirty,” to quote my neighbor. That means I leave the house between 5:00 and 5:30, am. I’m not a huge fan of getting up early, but I do love getting my run done and out of the way before the kids are even awake. I would have to wait until I could drop off my daughter at 9:00, when the sun is up.

As I’m running today I’m pondering all of this. My body feels tighter than usual and I feel like I’m working so much harder while running slower. Have I become a vampire runner?! The thoughts going through my head are something like this: even with my visor the sun is making me squint, keep drinking, I’m keenly aware of every “landmark” along my route instead of just running and listening for my Garmin to beep, keep drinking, why is there always a headwind in Ohio, how much water do I have left, don’t forget that you have another 6 miles tomorrow so you don’t want to blow it all on this one this week, there’s another 20 on Saturday… Get the idea?

I do know that I’m stressed about tomorrow. The boys have a late start so they don’t get on the bus until 10:35 and I’m keeping a couple of neighbor kids; it will be almost 11:00 before I can start my run. Oh, and did I mention that it’s hot here again? 90’s I’m thrilled with the sunshine, but the temps are killing me. At least it’s not been humid.

I’m really not sure what to do with all of those thoughts, but maybe putting them down here will help. There you go, a glimpse into my running mind! Run very far, run!! LOL
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    Oh Anne,

    We have all had those runs. You are tired. You are at the highest peak of your training. Think of all those hours you have spent running recently...what else are you suppose to think about?

    Be thankful that this is really the first run that you have had that felt more like a "chore" than a "fun run." What matters is that you still did it, even when you really didn't want to. That will take you far in your running journey.

    Besides, if you have become a vampire maybe I can talk you into doing the midnight marathon with me sometime emoticon
    3573 days ago
    Anne-It might just have been one of those runs! You know, the crappy ones. I do try to reign in my crazy thoughts when I am running but sometimes it is so hard. I so didn't want to go out on Monday and run. It was my day off and I just wanted to lay around in my bathrobe (yeah, like that ever gets to happen)! But I laced up the shoes, dragged Bobby with me, and off we went. The whole warm up and stretch I kept thinking I really am not feeling this. Then after about 1/2 mile, there it was, I just zoned out and it was an effortless run. Haven't had one of those in a while. What I am trying to say is...you just never know what kind of run you are going to have. I figure your next one will be great. As will your marathon. No worries girl. A little crazy thoughts while running won't hurt ya!
    Other Anne
    3573 days ago
    Bill is right the heat and sun make such a difference. I have also found the time goes faster on my group runs that my solo runs. The good news is it will be nice and cool come marathon race time.
    3573 days ago
    You kick ASPHALT Anne!

    The heat and direct sunlight has A LOT to do with things. I did a very rough 5 miles yesterday, but this past Friday night (Nightmoves) when I did 5 I felt great. Another case in point was last Wednesday. I was running a trail over in Westerville and 2/3rds was in the direct sun. When I'd hit the shade my HR would drop 10 points.

    I don't think you've become a vampire runner, but the draw to run when it's cooler is appealing. I've never gone that far (yet), but maybe it could be your body telling you to back off a bit.

    I have total faith that you'll totally kick booty next month!
    3573 days ago
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