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W1D6 - no jolt

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thats correct..I cant have my daily jolt. No more caffeine. I'm not supposed to have it at all with my new way of eating. Thats tough for me. I'm the caffeine addict that would drink a POT of coffee every morning by myself (no other coffee drinkers in my house) and while I was in school, I also added a lo carb monster. Now all of that is loooooong gone. Today I had one mug full of HALF caffeinated/half decaf coffee. And, let me just say, it didnt do a thing to wake me up. I had to be up for work by 4:15 today..i didnt get up until 4:45! Yikes. Nothing got me going. I am not a rush around in the morning type either. I love my morning time. I am slow, the house is quiet, I just take my time, doing my thing, watching the news, eating breakfast, coffee etc. Not today! Then I had to sit in traffic on a looong drive! That definitely didnt help wake me up. I've been laggin all day today.
I hope soon that my natural peppy self will shine through the new 'decaf version' of myself but maybe that was my secret. Maybe the caffeine was what made me loud and peppy! Say it isnt so. Otherwise im gonna have to be getting up at 3:00 am to exercise so i can have endorphins. Lord help me.
My eating has been SPOT on for days now! I am so proud of myself. My sister even made BROWNIES and I am not tempted by them (yet lol). I've been tracking, staying in my calorie range and tonight..i even was able to enjoy only a 1/4 c of cheese with my steak taco (low carb corn tortilla). SO yum! I've upped my freggies, havent had ANY soda and NO fast food whatsoever! I just hope the scale reflects all this hard work. Because trust me, its been hard. I'm still learning what i can and cannot have, what will and wont spike my blood sugars. Its hard for me.
Oh! my work gave me a funky schedule this week. BLEGH. No friday off. Instead they have me working in the office on FRIDAY and my day off is THURSDAY. And wednesday is a ridiculously long day of 60..thats right SIXTY patients. Absolutely insane. I hate that. Not happy about this weeks weird schedule, but what i can i do? nothing. Grrr. Alright, thats all I have for you today. Sorry this blog has been kind of complainyish (like that?)
Let me leave you with this..my scrubs are feeling a little loose so..my competition better be SHAKING IN THEIR SHOES!!!
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    you can kick the habit. tomorrow will be one month that I've had a soda, and I don't even think about it any more, Water has become my friend :)

    Sorry you were stuck in traffic I so hate that. and your schedule change is it only for this week???
    3475 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1633912
    Jolt reminds me of something a wrestler drinks. You are not a wrestler, my friend!!! No way is your personality due to caffine...just give it some time. Try OJ right away in the morning, it always wakes me up and reminds me that my day has begun. So very proud of you for NO FAST FOOD! I know that is a stuggle for you, what with all the driving you do for work. Hit up your crazy wednesday and relax on thursday!
    3476 days ago
    You have really kicked it up a notch! I am impressed by your diet changes - esp the no caffeine thing, I know what you mean when you say it feels like that is where all your energy comes from. I feel the same way and even cutting down a little for me has been tough (from like 5+ cups to 4 - nothing that impressive yet).

    The scale better be scared, you are going to kick its butt!
    3476 days ago
    Just wanted you to know I'll be out of town for several weeks & will return about Oct. 23.
    3476 days ago
    Are you talking to me????!!!! :-)
    3476 days ago
    Ohhh... man that does NOT sound like fun!

    Is the steak taco something you made or something you got somewhere because if you got it somewhere - do tell!!
    3476 days ago
    Wow you are just doing amazing things. You really make me feel bad about my vacation blow out!! I think the decaf thing will take hold in a feew more days. I reduced myself to one caffeine drink a day a few weeks ago and it took a few days before I didn't feel draggy in the morning. You will get there. Just keep doing what you are doing.
    3476 days ago
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