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Sunday, September 19, 2010

This morning, i got a text from the girl that just got married (I was her maid of honor) and she has been bugging me to get together so she wanted me to meet her and her family at the swap meet. So I told her I would. Before I left I had my coffee, my diet approved go lean crisp ( soo good) a peach and a plum. I also packed in my purse a protein bar, and an apple cut up. When I got to the swap meet they were at the food court. They had quesadillas, taquitos and two HUGE churros. No joke, i've never in my life seen ones this big before. They kept offering me all this food and i very easily resisted. I wasnt at all hungry and honestly that stuff just looked gross! Then we walked around looking at all the stuff, and i'm sorry but these people are just DRAINING. They curse, and fight, and yell and are just LOUD. You all know what kind of people I am talking about, they are the ones you are usually staring at LOL. They also have a double stroller (they have a baby and an almost 2 yr old) and they just plowed through people. It was definitely different.
Then we were getting ready to leave and they get ice cream and once again asked me if i wanted some. nope, no thanks! I'm good. Had my apple and my protein bar. Then, they wanted me to go to her moms house to hang out. Okay...
Went there and the baby is cutting teeth so she is screaming well my friend is being so ROUGH with her because shes getting frustrated but man alive! It wasnt good. Especially since i used to be a nanny, yikes! So i took the baby and got her to calm down. After she fell asleep, they ate leftovers that her dad had left for them. Fried eggs smothered in a white sauce, cheese and bacon. They asked if i wanted it, nope no thank you just water!! I left for home shortly after. And now am doing laundry and watchin football. My cowboys lost today but my chargers won!
Thinking about my day with this friend has me thinking about the change ive made. I've stuck to this new diet and I'm very proud of myself. I havent had a binge, i havent even had things like homemade potato salad (so yum) or chocolate at my aunts house. I didnt even get my favorite pumpkin spice latte at starbucks! Why? because I am determined. I want to feel good, and look good. Yes, many of my reasons are vain but who cares! I'll still be good on the inside :) As for the friendships..I'm a different person now with relationships too..I take pride in who i am and who i spend my time with and hanging out with them is TOUGH! When I was overweight I kind of hung out with whoever and didnt care who was looking and for what reason. I also knew most of the friends (now majority ex-friends) liked the fact that i was the "fat friend" and gladly fed me that junk food. Now? Just ask thirdxacharm, i told her my philosophy on friends the other night! I wont have ugly friends. I expect the best from people that I let into my life. Because the thing about me is, if you are in my life, thats a big deal for me, I dont let a lot of people truly IN. And if you are in, you are in forever and I would do anything and everything for you. Soo anyway, that was my day and thanks for letting me vent out my feelings. I'm not sure what to do about this friend. I dont think the friendship will ever be substance anymore, we just are WAY too different. Hope you all had a good sunday!
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    I have had friends like that too. Couples that fight and scream right in front of you calling each other every name in the book - ummm... no thanks... I can spend my time elsewhere in a more positive environment, which is exactly what you are choosing to do - and not letting anyone bully you into eating, doing, or being somewhere with someone you don't want to be.

    Good. For. You.
    3483 days ago
    Thank goodness Ricky and I don't have a teething baby! :-)

    I'm the friend that brings the nutritional value to happy hour!!!

    I know what you mean ... I told you my frustrations with my friend on our Vegas trip. It was very eye opening of who I don't want to be and how I don't want to eat. And, I take that you don't have "ugly friends" as a compliment!

    Good for you for doing what YOU need to do and eating the way that YOU need to eat to feel good. It's easy to give into temptation and make excuses but you took the road less traveled and I'm proud of you!
    3484 days ago
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