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conquering the burrito

Friday, July 30, 2010

There's this amazing burrito place in west covina, CA. It's a tiny little shack a mile or two off the freeway (I wont say where or what it's called because it's ADDICTING). It has, by far, the best burritos I've ever eaten, easily. I don't know what makes them so amazing. Maybe it's the ratios of what they put in or the quality of meat itself or maybe the sauce...but I heard about this place a few months ago and every time I'm in the area and get the chance I've gone there.


Yesterday I ate pretty well all day. Oatmeal for breakfast. Plumb and trail mix for a snack. sandwich for lunch. chicken and veggies for dinner. It was a really bad day too (but I packed my lunch the night before so that decision wasn't an issue =) )...I was EXHAUSTED from life. I even FELT pale. I'm not use to this 7AM everyday work thing after going to sleep at 4 AM most days of Spring quarter... 40 hours/week plus working out and dancing almost every day and suddenly decreasing the amount of food I eat is taking a toll definitely. On Tuesdays and Thursday nights I usually take 3 dance classes in West Covina. Yesterday I was so tired that I decided ahead of time to only take 1 class from my favorite choreographer instead of 3 and just to home early and chill......AND MAYBE GET THAT AMAZING BURRITO ON THE WAY HOME. I was really excited. I think the thing that got me to actually go to class was prospect of that burrito. As I was driving there...I started thinking..why do I want the burrito. Will it make me happy? That answer was clear: YES. But then I thought.....for how long? Wow. I had never thought that much about it before. Usually it's a yes or no, do I really want it or not. That's when it hit me...temporary happiness...is what I would get from that burrito. I didn't want it THAT badly and I knew it would make me go over in calories so it would make me kind of sad too. So I decided not to get the epic burrito. Instead of getting on after class I just got straight on the freeway and went home. Well..I stopped by baskin robins. But I knew i wanted that one because I had been craving ice cream for a week. We had a lot at home that I haven't touched. i contemplated just eating that ice cream but it wasn't my favorite and I was afraid I'd still want more after a scoop. So I stopped off, got my favorite flavor from my favorite ice cream shop, and enjoyed every bite. And i'm still happy about it today haha. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been happy about my burrito. It's probably 1000 calories...but the ice cream was ~250! So I stayed under 1500 calories today ! My listed goal is 1400. It use to be 1550 or something but I would never hit it so I decided to play mind games with myself and make it 1400 so I'd at least hit 1550 =) part of the battle is just knowing yourself.


I had planned a week ago to get one on the 6th anyways because I have a work event a block away. But then i can plan for it better =) I'll try and eat extremely extremly well that whole week because I know it's coming.

And for one of the same reasons I got the ice cream...losing weight isn't about stopping life for a while and then starting it again when the weight's gone. I think that's where I messed up last time. I have to learn to work in the bad things that I LOVE (not just like, but love) into my diet to be healthy but not go insane.

Good times.
K back to work.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What strong will power you have!! Keep it up!!
    3873 days ago
    Working in the occasional treat is how I stay sane. When I really, really crave something, if I've been doing well all week, I just go for it. No guilt, no suffering. Obviously I try to keep it very occasional, like once a week or less.

    Good work! Getting over the "mindless eating" thing is tough, but now you know you can do it.
    3873 days ago
    oh man alcohol is the WORST. I'm just lucky I'm living at home this summer and my friends are all spread out...much less temptation to drink all night on weekends. goodluck !
    3873 days ago
    Good job, it is really hard to reason with ourselves when it comes to food (or booze in my case...) sometimes. :]
    3873 days ago
    emoticon no burrito!
    3873 days ago
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