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Holy batman, long blog!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like you need to blog? To cleanse your soul and rid your mind? Today is one of those days for me. Nothing specific, nothing spectacular, but plenty to say.

My half marathon is officially less than two and a half weeks away. First stress inducing moment. Not that I'm unprepared, I just get really stressed traveling and planning things like that. Wondering if I packed everything, if we'll possibly need jackets in mid-August in Texas, hoping I turn off all the lights and the oven before I leave town...those things. This weekend we're without the baby (kid? toddler? whatever...) so I'm going to get my 10 or 11 miles in first thing Saturday morning. Probably starting before the sun is even up, though I suppose I should be practicing running in the intense heat that I'll face at the race. Ugh.

Speaking of running, I've been over compensating in my diet for "all" the running and "all" the weight-lifting I'm doing. I snack a few extra calories here, I eat a couple extra bites there, I'm eating WHITE PASTA! I haven't had white pasta in a year and here I am happily munching mac n' cheese TWO nights in a row because we don't have groceries. Ick. That explains the bloated, sick feeling I've had the past two days. I'm still running, don't get me wrong, but not as intensely as I was when I was training for my marathon. It's only a half marathon, 13.1 miles. I've done long runs longer than that..I'm not *truly* in training. Well, at least not for now. Official training starts next week for me. 15 weeks to 26.2. Wow.

As if that isn't enough, we're getting married 5 months from Sunday. Yet another freak out moment. So far, I have the church, my boots, and a photographer. We're halfway through our "big things" list and hope to complete it this weekend. I need to make a decision on my dress YESTERDAY basically so I absolutely HAVE to decide this weekend. Reception venue is still up in the air as well, but we're going tour our second choice on Saturday morning and then we're going to make a decision. After that, we really need to find a DJ and order invitations and we'll basically be done except for small details. Whew. Then my mom will be off my back, at least for a little bit. I realized today that the main reason she's trying to get my whole wedding planned so quickly is that my nephew will be born within the next couple months and I know she won't want to be planning my wedding instead of playing with her grandbaby. Guess I gotta take one for the team and get this stuff over with. Not that I'm not excited, I just don't like stressing about details like this.

Back to my real life though. I've been eating like crazy. I apparently have no concept anymore of what a serving is or what 2 ounces looks like. Back to basics. I'll be whipping out my measuring tools this weekend and starting fresh. I need to remind myself that not only will I be wearing a wedding dress in five months, I also want to look good in a bikini in five months! I don't want to spend my honeymoon strategically hiding fat rolls. Ick. I also need to plan out some meals for next week. Dinners have been doing okay if I think to take some chicken out of the freezer before work or throw something in the crock pot. Otherwise it's "icebox night" which means anything in the fridge is fair game. We've had our share of cereal nights in the past and that's just not fun. Don't get me wrong, I love me some cereal, but as a grown woman I shouldn't have to submit to eating cereal for dinner because we have no groceries. Pathetic. Lunches are harder because I work out during my lunch break so I eat at my desk afterward. I can bring something to heat up and eat up here, but in the middle of the summer, nothing sounds appealing. I've been bringing wraps filled with veggies and some turkey and hummus with a side of grapes or other fruit, but that's getting old now. I guess this weekend I'll scrounge for some new recipes. Hopefully something batch-cook worthy. I have a feeling I'll be making a Sam's run before the weekend is over. My go-to meal has always been brown rice, steamed broccoli, and either fish or chicken. Can't go wrong there and I really don't even mind eating it cold. Breakfasts...eh, they're hit or miss. I usually eat muffins or oatmeal along with some chocolate silk and a banana. Holds me quite nicely until my lunch time workout and then I eat lunch after that. This week at the grocery the apples were all nasty (I am so incredibly picky about my apples, it isn't even funny) so I haven't had an apple in a week. I'm dying over here!! Next week I think I'll figure some protein into my plan and try to cut out some carbs. Of course I need the carbs to run, but I'm relying on them to fill in my meal gaps instead of fruit or veggies. Gotta kick that habit in the butt!

Whew, if anyone is still with me at this point, bless your poor soul! I was definitely long-winded today because I had a lot going through my mind. I haven't been thinking well when running this week so I'm really off. Hopefully when things calm down a bit for the wedding my runs will be cathartic again. Right now they're just about getting through it, which is NOT a good way to run. I think planning all my meals will also help and will definitely get my moving again. Anyway, I'll wrap it up now. I know y'all are tired of me complaining by now. (:
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    Momma VM here,

    When you DO get a chance to cook something you like, double it and freeze half or cook part of the meal halfway and freeze- then you get a night later that you can use to zap dinner- use a bag salad and call it done. After your big day-WHOOP on that, google OAMC and TAMC for once a month cooking and twice a month cooking. With a growing boy and grown man in the house all the time, you can use this strategically to have extra time in the evenings for what you want to do- It really doesn't take too much extra time to double a recipe or buy extra when seasonal stuff is on sale and stockpile the freezer with a few casseroles and soups or grilled chicken and such. It is a LIFESAVER if someone gets sick!

    You will be a BEAUTIFUL bride and blessings on you all in the coming weeks! emoticon
    3498 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/30/2010 11:39:59 PM
    Don't worry! We all have days like that - and doesn't it at least feel good to get it out? Kudos for that! :)

    You have a great plan of attack for getting everything done, and the more you get done the more you'll be able to relax. You're doing great!

    Dude, I know what you mean about the food. I feel like since I started running regularly for my own training that I've somehow switched bodies with a 14 year old boy. I'm hungry much more frequently in higher degrees and things don't fill me up as much. The day after a run I'm staaarrrvvvvinnggggg. I ran this past Tuesday and on Wednesday I had a 6 inch sub from Subway and a bag of Baked Lay's for lunch and felt like I hadn't eaten anything. Gah! Usually that stuffs me. Hoping to talk to the nutrition experts with the running program and find out how to eat better to make up for all the extra lost calories. I also think this means I shouldn't aim for my SP "loss" calorie range anymore...not sure 1500 calories is adequate at this point. Hmmm.

    Hang in there. Try to enjoy your run tomorrow. I know what you mean about it not being cathartic sometimes...but maybe if you tell yourself beforehand that wedding and marathon thoughts are off limits your brain will humor you and give you something else to ponder. Like...ideas for how to break a Guinness World Record. :)
    3498 days ago
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    Cut yourself some slack, you have been super busy. It happens to the best of us. Heck, I don't cook dinner some days, and when I am not busy lol. I think I am gonna be cooking some crock pot meals this week also. I get bored with my lunches too quickly. So, next week, me and you both, need to have healthy and filling meals everyday! Cause I ate Wendy's yesterday, ewwww. I felt so bad last night. Enjoy the rush of everything before the wedding. My bff said that was one thing about planning everything herself, she didn't get to enjoy alot of it. She rushed herself right out of the fun. So take a minute to breathe, take another to plan out your meals and grocery list, and then take 20 minutes, to do nothing, just for you!!
    3499 days ago
    thank you for the comment on my blog! this advice that i am getting is so helpful! and i am so excited for your half! ahhh so much has happened since i have slacked on my sparkpeople blogging! in terms of eating - get some canned beans if you're strapped for time - spinach and some chick pea and kidney beans with some pepper and some sliced fruit to spice everything up is one of my faves. omg and i love your apple pickiness -- i am the same way! good luck love!!
    3499 days ago
    Sounds like a lot is on your mind but hopefully this weekend will help to clear stuff up. Good luck! And back to basics can always be helpful. Sometimes we forget the simplest things :)
    3499 days ago
    Your gonna do great at your half :-) I wish I could get up there for it but the hubs is working weekends right now.. So, no childcare.

    I hope to see you at our marathon in October :-)

    Im sure you'll pull everything together and be where you want to when your wedding comes around

    3499 days ago
    Don't worry, it's summer time, and that means busy! Plus, trying to plan a wedding on top of it!?! Bless YOUR soul! If I were you I'd probably just be hiding under my bed by now! You're working, taking care of that adorable little SS, training for a marathon, planning a wedding, and then trying to plan your meals out on top of it!??! Just make yourself a list and decide which things need to be taken care of first, and start marking them off! You can do it!! And don't worry about the Mac and Cheese, just comes to show you're still human!!! :) I'mma gonna go have me a bowl of cereal!! LOL!!
    3499 days ago
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