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back pain journey

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

well I see spaRK IS AT IT. WHEN i WROTE LASt post there were none after my one from yesterday.

ordinarily I "wrench" back and after few days ok. I was on day 6 of doing ok when I tried to stand up and put on pants. got first leg in ok.

2nd foot caught on jeans when I went to put foot down, tripped myself and had to catch myself with arms on couch.
then standing there like a fool with pants on ground and back screaming.. so here I go again..

Went out like we planned , took short walk, sorted laundry then it hit!

Just like lightning and I went down in bed. for day and half was not so bad laid down, walked, sat up in rotations.

then there was THE true pain. went to bathroom, tried to stand up (of course had to pull pants up after standing in theses situations, right?)
and went right back down on toilet. Screamed for help - DH got there, tried again, leaning against tub and should not get up straight or bent even with cane.

down I went, on the floor, curled up like a baby waiting to be born sobbing. Oh yeah and my backside was hanging out cause the underwear will still not pulled up. (I can only laugh now because it is over)

DH can't help me because he just had that hip surgery 4 weeks ago. so I laid there and bawled for a few minutes then sucked it up while I sent him for the stool with steps on it. (the kind your grandma had - kids used to sit on it at dinner if there weren't enough chairs!)

so I am breathing and talking myself into how I get back to bed. One forearm on one step at a time until I get to the top one. That first reach all but did me in then I slapped myself mentally and said get on with it girl. or you will end up with gorgeous EMTs seeing your fat ass and belly naked hanging off a dumb step stool.

And, of course, the whole time, DH is getting frustrated and mad cause he can't help me - which doesn't help at all. He could just have easily been saying you can do this just take your time.

Instead he is saying "should we call the ambulance" and I am worried about the EMTs seeing my bare butt... GEEZ! needless to say I arm climbed my way to standing, got two canes and "ran" to the bed, about 1000 miles away, and rolled into it.

Proceeded to cry , no bawl is a better term, until I remembered the percocet. yeah! get that and in the am will feel better. wrong again.

Woke up Monday needing, of course, to go to the bathroom. oops, I can't move the whole left side of my body from my waist down. WHAT!?!??!!!

DH comes in, mad & frustrated he can't help. (told him now he knows how I feel when he is hurting with his back and leg) .

so I take a deep breath and tell him to find out if we have to get an ambulance or just a transport to the hospital. it is 6 am by the way - couldn't hold out for the doc.

so we got pajama pants on me - still not sure how that happened. All I could think about was how I hadn't showered since Friday morning. been laying sweating in bed.. oh well hopefully they have seen worse,

then I remember the laundry strewn everywhere and start worrying about that and how are the going to get cot in and on and on.

then we hear the sirens and it is too late they are coming. yes two emts and cute and they have to squeeze me onto the cot, outta my house and down narrow stairs. time to put that ramp in after all, I guess..

mind you I am now in underpants I have had on for two+ days, red penguin pajama pants which are a little big and I keep stepping on, and a yellow tshirt NO BRA! (DRAT!) also on for 2 days and I have to be close to two clean smelling young EMTs! MORTIFIED but they hold me up & get me to the cot. ( I am praying I had lost at least a couple pounds so I can say I only weigh 215 instead of 220!)

then I get to the cot, amI here? Can I just let go now? Yep and of course the tears come again then they push a button and I am two feet away from my ceiling? WHAT??? DH says ignore the dust dear it will still be here when you get home.. lol

(guess I should have blogged this) so I did...

then out through the sliding doors where my nose just misses the door header as they bump me over the threshold then come the dreaded stair. then I asked if the car was in the way ? WHAT?? who thinks this stupid stuff when you can't even move half your body??

They didn't drop me but the poor guy on the uphill side was struggling. I could feel the heat and tension in his arm muscles. thankfully he didn't breathe hard or I might have been forced to jump off the cot and save him.

so flat cot went back to 6' in the air and rolled to the ambulance. As they pushed me in all I could think about was now I know how it feels to be rolled into the hearse/ (my family owns a funeral home and I have seen many persons rolled on cots into the back of the hearse).

ambulance ride was full of trying not to scream because it hurt so bad. Although the driver was great about bumps at slow speed. tried to figure out why they took the long way to hospital cause I never go that way to work LOL

then we get to ER, lay in hall for a while till they find room, then room needs to be cleaned and a bed.

Finally they pull me into the bed, I answer 100 questions 100 times, 3 tries and two people to get an IV line in to give me major pain and muscle relaxers. IV was in hand so nurse "pushed" the drugs and I literally felt them move through my arm, to my neck down my body to my legs.. WEIRD..

finally they walk me, I made it, terrible pain and almost passed out but I DID IT! at 1;00 I finally got to go to the bathroom then rolled out the door to car and home.

oh yeah, my dh went downstairs to my office to tell them how I was doing about 10 am. my boss wasn't there and didn't get the message to NOT come up because I didn't want visitors. I HAD NO BRA ON, I HADN'T BATHED IN TWO DAYS! AND HERE HE COMES! pressed white shirt and tie right through the door!


luckily Ralph, dh came back and I was spared any more of that visit!

ok, so long story short. sent me home with percocet and valium and I spent 24 hours on back except trips to bathroom. up yesterday and preparing for shower and short trip to work today! gotta get up and move or I will be here forever. NOT going to happen.

have to wake up hubby now, I need a shower - always make you feel better, right?

hope this made you laugh. It did me..

ok DH is up so going to go try a shower hope no falls, may god keep my feet under me!

Bless you all, hope this made you laugh and appreciate your back, take good care of iT! iT CAN DO MEAN THINGS IF YOU DON'T!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Jann your just bad. Why would you want to make me laugh when you are so sick. What the heck is going on? I will see if I missed a blog. of course if you have been flat on your back, I don't think there is a blog.

    Hugsssssssssssssss to you my Dear.
    3531 days ago
    As someone who lives with constant back pain, I could not laugh at your predicament. I could laugh at your thought processes, though. I hope you are doing better each day.
    3531 days ago
    Jann - I was reading through and feeling so badly for you. The pain was so severe yet there comes something you write to make me laugh. I felt guilty about laughing when you're in so much pain and tried to ignore the humor and then again here it comes. You are so funny. What the heck do they say happened? When you talk about not being able to move one side that needs to be addressed. I wish I lived close to help you. I've been doing S/T for some time now and could show you my muscles in action. Saying prayers for you to feel better and DH full recovery from his hip surgery. Good to hear you're up and about now, hope it stays that way. I'm really sorry about all the pain Jann. I love you.
    3531 days ago
    Sorry to hear things were so rough for you. Hope things get better and your back its better.

    3532 days ago
    Jann - I am so sorry for all that pain you went through. I think you need to have some more rum in your life! Rum cures all don't you know! LOL

    I know what you mean about strange thoughts going through your head. When I went into labor with one of my kids, I was so upset that I didn't have time to get the bathroom clean before I went to the hospital. So here I am in labor kneeling over the tub scrubbing it! Because God only knows when i would be physically able to clean it again!

    Now you better be taking care of yourself and find out what the heck is going on with your back. Take care my friend.
    3532 days ago
    back pain is the worst! sorry you went through all this, and i hope you feel better soon. do they know what is wrong with your back? do you think you need physical therapy?
    3532 days ago
    I'm so sorry! I didn't read anything here about going to a doctor to address the source of this problem -- please tell me that you are going to do that!
    3532 days ago
    You poor thing. Your pain is not funny, but the whole story is and we have to be able to laugh at ourselves. Afterall, laughter is healing.

    Hope you are doing better. Take care and keep smiling! emoticon
    3532 days ago
    Sorry but it did make me laugh first of all I do feel for you and know it was very painful but few people would be worrying about everything else during this time and as an ex EMT it was great to hear your concern for them. I hope you are doing better and able to move more comfortably now and I love your sense of humor. emoticon
    3532 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    No it didn't make me laugh at all. I felt sad for your pain and am wishing you a speedy release from the pain you have. I find you to be emoticon that you can find humor in all of this. Be well new Spark buddy debby
    3532 days ago
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