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Turning Monday Around

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinner last night.

My partner and I both had tough Mondays. It's not a good combo when both of us have rough days...it means we likely wind up on the couch, not exercising, and have the temptation to eat The Panda Wok which resides across the street and down 2 houses from us. It's a dangerous temptation.

I got home first. It was kickboxing night. I thought "I'm going to go!" Off to class I went where I totally rocked it out. It felt great. Before leaving for class, I started the prep work on a new recipe we wanted to try that was also pretty healthy.

When I got home, my partner greeted me at the back door. I was happy and surprised to find her in her running clothes. She unloaded a 5 minute tirade about her day and said "I'm off to run", kissed me, and thanked me for starting dinner.

I finished prepping dinner, got it in the oven and thought "I want to do more for us". We decided the other day that all food would now be eaten only in the dining room, even snacks. It's supposed to help you focus on better eating habits. So I thought, let's start tonight! And, I thought to launch us into our habit, I'd set the table with the fancy china, light some candles, and put on some meditative mood music.

By the time my partner returned from her run, dinner was nearly ready. The house smelled fabulous. Her exultation when she walked in the door was thanks enough. We both showered and dressed for dinner (lol, in tshirts and boxers) and we decided to pop open a bottle of a new wine we bought. It was an incredibly romantic and delicious dinner. Both our moods had changed considerably and we felt like we were on a secret vacation getaway on this otherwise drab Monday. The rest of the night was magic.

I was proud of us both for exercising despite crappy days. I was proud of us both for releasing our woes into the universe and focusing on the other's happiness. I was proud of us for eating a healthy but tasty dinner! Rainy days and Mondays may have gotten Karen Carpenter down, but even she would have succumbed to the transformational magic that happened in our abode last night!

If you'd like the recipe, check out my food blog at:
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