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Tweaking my food intake

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today is my weekly weigh-in. Chest-waist ratio increased while lean body mass and body fat % both decreased. Will up the total calories by 200/day and keep the macronutrient ratios.

I am finding it difficult to up the protein intake while keeping the fat calories down. Thank God for canned tuna, eggwhites and high fiber whole wheat bread. It is challenge though living with people who like fats and oils in their diet. Ugh.

I make my two eggwhite omelets with two teaspoonfuls of canola oil: one for sauteing the vegetables, and the second to cook the omelet. Yum!
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    Ok so you got the macro calculator as well as the weight tracker?

    Basically the graphs between Excel and Google spreadsheets are not even remotely compatible - totally different things. If you want an Excel version of the weight tracker then shoot me a private message with your email address and I can ship it out to you. It's not as polished as the Google version, but it's still perfectly functional.

    3771 days ago
    Thanks, John, for the URL to your weight tracker. I notice that when I saved it to my desktop as an xls file I lost the nice graph in your google docs. Any suggestion?
    3772 days ago
    I uploaded my macro calculator, so you can just run your own numbers one-to-one with my setup. Or maybe find holes in my setup...


    3772 days ago
    @Bill, add more good fats if you have problems. I highly suggest flaxseed meal, for example.

    I've changed up my breakfast now again, I eat a three-egg-sub omelet (no fat!) cooked in the canola spray, and I changed from 15g wheat bran in my hot cereal to 10g wheat bran and 6g flaxseed meal. This makes breakfast lower fat and higher protein, and makes it easier to hit my targets for the day. I may start to have a protein shake either with breakfast or as a morning snack, in a further attempt to front-load my day, especially with protein. It was just a recent suggestion from a friend to me, and it might be a good idea.
    3772 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/4/2010 8:55:10 PM
    Duplicate comment blah
    3772 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/5/2010 11:26:04 AM
    LOL, funny, Bill...It is a challenge to stay on track with family being, uhmm, off track hahaha
    3783 days ago
    I have problem making my fat quota and I'm ticking up on carbs. It's tough to keep that protein high, I agree. I'm working this weekend to correct things myself.

    Ya, and my junk food family doesn't help. They all think I'm off my rocker.

    ... err ... more so off my rocker than usual, that is.
    3783 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 11:06:20 AM
    Thanks, John. I am keeping within my fat calorie limits so far. I have set limits per meal to help me keep tabs on it.
    3783 days ago
    Hehe, oil withdrawal, nice. I don't know what that teaspoon works out to but since you aren't using a whole egg you don't have other oils in that meal and each meal should have at least some, my amount of oil might be a bit less than desirable for you. Don't just immediately ditch what you are doing but consider the entire meal.

    Pam cooking spray, actually, is just canola oil with propellants and since the spray is stronger than the mister, it is actually easier to get less than with the mister. The problem is that it's not really measurable. Much of what comes out of the can is propellants so weighing the can won't work. And the oil is too little to get away with weighing the pan. Therefore, at the moment I stick with the mister.

    3785 days ago
    Thanks, Jochebed1!

    LOL, now you are making ashamed of the two teaspoonfuls hehe. Wait till I tell my housemates about cooking oil SPRAY. They'll probably go into withdrawal seizures hahaha.

    Just recently learned about goto foods. Have to figure out those for my lunch and dinner.
    3786 days ago
    two TEASPOONFULS??? Wow. I make a one-egg and two-eggbeaters omelet every morning and use an oil sprayer for the pan. I use in the range of 1-1.5 grams canola oil (I use a 500 gram scale to weigh the mister before and after spraying the pan). Oil mister good!

    Anyway, yeah I have the same problem. Socking enough protein in and keeping fat low enough to meet my macro targets is a constant challenge. Getting carbs is not a problem, though, and I'm also tracking fiber which has come in nicely without much effort. So far, my goto foods are no-fat fruity (Chobani) greek yogurt, chicken breast, eggbeaters. I get a big fiber boost from a daily dose of wheat bran, and I've been surprised and delighted by the additions of some whole-grain carbs on occasion too.
    3786 days ago
    yes....very tough to do but keep going. sounds like you are doing great!
    3787 days ago
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