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Mid-week update

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So the transition to full-time mommy-hood has been rather hectic and exhausting and crazy, but so fun and rewarding at the same time. We've had DF's son for a full six days now and I'm still not used to some of the new aspects of having him around. I think I mentioned it earlier in the week, but I finally convinced DF that we *needed* a jogging stroller so Sunday we went out and searched around and finally found one. I am in LOVE with it! We looked at lots of models but none of them came close to the all the things I like on this one. It has big red reflectors on the tires, it's annoyingly bright orange, it has a hand break, it has a wrist strap....and that's just the beginning! It was the best purchase we've made lately. And it definitely was nowhere near the top of the line so it was reasonably priced; we justified spending that money because I'm now being sponsored to run races so my marathon in November will be paid for by my sponsor team which means I get that money back, which covers the cost of the stroller. Win-win! To top it all off, DSS loves running with me in the mornings. It's hard because it's so early and he wakes up when I take him out of bed, but he really has fun. He lays with his hands behind his head the whole time and points out anything cool he sees. Yesterday it was a "fluffy puppy" and birds everywhere. Yesterday we tested out the run to his new daycare which will work out really well. He's currently in daycare on the other side of town, but his new daycare is only about 2 miles from the house, so I'll jog him there in the mornings and then run home (with an empty stroller...will that be weird?) and get ready for work. It's a really easy run, bike lanes almost the whole way, and never goes on main streets except when I cross one big road to get to the daycare, but at 7am, I don't anticipate too much traffic. Plus it will only be a couple of days a week max that I run with him there, so it won't be too bad. Running with him really burns some major calories...it's great!! I'm thinking when I run without him my times are going to improve greatly. (:

Lunchtime workouts are still going well. I'm starting to see some results now I think but they're making me feel better if nothing else. I get at least a good 30 minutes of strength training in and a few minutes of stretching as well. My mid-section is still squishy which really bothers me, but I'm trying not to focus on it. That's the one area that I'm less than pleased with but I work the hardest on. So frustrating to not see results!! I guess I just need to work even harder...ugh. Good thing I'm not wearing a cropped top wedding dress..(:

Speaking of wedding, we're finally making some progress on it....I think. We have the church reserved which is about our only definite plan, but this morning I have an appointment at a local hotel to see their ballroom. If it's a go, we plan to have the reception there, have a block of room for out of town guests, and then host a brunch there the next morning before people take off. It works out well because people won't have to travel to get to their room after the reception and we'll feed them the next morning, but I've never been to a reception at a hotel. Is that tacky? The room we're considering is a huge ballroom with multiple "levels" in it for eating, dancing, etc, and we're getting it for half the price it normally is. The price also includes all the food and drink, linens, plates, glasses, centerpieces, etc. The minimum is actually really reasonable and if they've agreed that if we don't meet the minimum with our reception (since we're not having drinks other than water and soda) that we can use our brunch the next morning to "use" up some of the money. It really would be a good deal so I'm hoping a hotel reception isn't tacky. I asked my mom and she said "Well, I'll have to see it." That is SO not helpful! Anyone have any thoughts on that? I should also mention that we're getting married on New Years Day so many places aren't available since they're hosting big NYE parties that apparently will take the entire next day to recover from so our options are limited. We still have a few appointments on Sunday to see our other choices, but still.... Wedding planning sure is stressful. We haven't done anything really for it and now everyone is expecting us to make most of our final decisions within the next few weeks. Eeeek!! One step at a time, I guess..

I'm really trying to focus on my running right now. I have a half marathon in August in Dallas, which is scarily called the Hottest Half, so I'm not going to try to PR or anything crazy since I know it will be so hot, but I'm going to really focus on running it well as opposed to just finishing. Then immediately after that I will start up on marathon training; I'll be a couple weeks ahead of where I need to be, but I'm hoping that means I can really focus on speedwork. In October I also signed up for another HM in Gruene called the Marathon for Adoption. It's a cause near and dear to my heart, so that one will really be special for me. And Gruene is SUCH a fun place so we're going to try to plan some really fun stuff while we're there. I think we have DSS on both of my HM race weekends so we're going to try to make a little family vacation out of it while we're there. We even have him the weekend of my marathon so he's going to be tired of races at that point, haha. He has fun with his daddy though if they don't get too bored waiting on me to finish. (:

Well, that's a big old update right there. Gotta get a quick workout in before I wake up DSS for school. He goes to his grandparents' starting tomorrow and I'm going to really miss him so I want to spend as much time as possible with him. I hope all my friends are doing great. I'm still keeping up with blogs, but just not commenting as much as I usually do. I'm around, it's just a lot less frequently than it used to be. Keep up tha hard work and keep me in the loop!!
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  • AGIGS22
    glad the workouts are paying off! good luck with the continued wedding planning and your running. you will do amazing in your marathon! have a wonderful week :)
    3510 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2833646
    I'm putting the date on my calendar!

    If you can't get the hotel, what about at the Church hall? It should be open that day, unless there's a football game watching going on at it, and it's right there so the people don't have to drive anywhere.

    I'm still available for help!
    3513 days ago
    Jogging to the daycare sounds like a great idea! And yes wedding planning is definitely stressful but it sounds like things are going well for you and that you have things well under control!
    3514 days ago
    I'm no where near the runner you are, but I defiantly think strollers add a little "ummmf" to your workout. Who would have "thunk" it?! Congrats on the Church!!!
    3514 days ago
    The hottest half sounds like a challenging race.

    Congrats on the church!

    Mid sections are as much about strength as they are diet and body fat composition. Since that is where most people are genetically predispositioned to hold fat. It means it is the last place to look tight.
    3515 days ago
    That's so awesome you were able to find a jogging stroller that you like and was affordable. Sounds like a great way to spend time with DSS while getting your fitness on.

    How did you come to be sponsored? My boyfriend just got a sponsor last night. I'm not really sure how that happened though, he said it's complicated, so I'm hoping I remember to ask about it Friday or whenever I see him next.

    I've heard of and/or been to wedding receptions held at hotels...also bowling alleys that have banquet halls. I don't think they are tacky at all. It's convient for those out of town guests and possibly yourself and the groom. No traveling needed unless someone chooses to.

    Glad you're having a good week so far. I hope the rest of the week continues to be a good one for you!
    3515 days ago
    Great job on the running! It is a lot harder to run with the jogging stroller, but my time does improve when I run by myself:) Have you thought about asking the daycare if you could just leave the jogging stroller there for your run back home if you don't want to run with an empty jogging stroller? I've been to several wedding receptions at hotels and I don't think it's tacky at all. In fact all of them were very beautiful and classy. I think the brunch idea the next morning is wonderful as well. Just take one decision at a time, I know how stressful it can be but I promise it'll all come together - and in the end the only thing that matters is you are marrying the love of your life! My flowers didn't even arrive the day of the wedding, I ended up "borrowing" some flowers from a funeral the day before that were left for the church service. It all worked out and no one was the wiser! Oh, and I am still adjusting to life as a full time mommy and my son is 19 months old! :)
    3515 days ago
    Your plans sound GREAT! No brunch, or the wedding breakfast is a fine old tradition and what a super way to make your special day even more memorable to the guests! It allows unusual foods, an early wedding also gives you the rest of the day to do things together, honeymoon, make planes, whatever.

    I LOVE that you are take the baby to daycare by running. Just think, with this kind of training now, in a few years he will be running with you! An active child is happier, healthier and if you are reading to him too, he will be smarter. Don't forget the "run" to the library!
    3515 days ago
    Morning sunshine! Sounds like you are up and at it this morning! Have fun with your run today...I hope to be out at lunch for 3-5 miles.
    3515 days ago
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