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A long overdue update

Friday, July 02, 2010

Just thought I should post a blog since it's been almost a week since I've blogged. Oh how the time gets away from me! This week was kinda crazy at work and my evenings were booked up every stinkin night. Geez!

Tuesday night I attended a "webinar" for a running group I joined. We support the beef industry by wearing these singlets that advertise the Beef Group and then the farmers get a portion of the beef group's proceeds. Ironic since I don't eat beef (even though I should) but even more so since now my grandfather AND my father are in the small-farmer cattle industry now. Gotta support my men! (:

Last night DF had an appointment to have his tattoo removed some more. He's got a nasty one on his neck that I absolutely hate and he's been doing these treatments for a few months now to have them removed. Last night she numbed the area and really did a number on it. It's quite icky today but hopefully she got a lot of it out this time. We told her our goal was to have it gone by the wedding and she seemed to think it was possible, so we're definitely hopeful. I will be so glad when that thing is gone! Ick!

Tonight is house-cleaning time, unfortunately. We're headed to my parents' for the weekend for a big 4th party (assuming the Hurricane holds out) and then Monday my family comes so we gotta clean the house today. Booo! At least it isn't that bad since I just cleaned really well on Sunday. I just need to pick up some clean dishes in the kitchen and then vaccum again. So I guess that's really not that bad. I"m going to try to work in the garden tonight too since we've been having lots of rain this week. It's nice to not have to water the garden every morning haha!

ST at lunchtime has been going really well this week. I've had some soreness but nothing I can't push through. I think yesterday was the worst of it. I could hardly run in the morning I was so sore. It was like every muscle in my body was stiff and tight and didn't want to move correctly. I pushed through, but it definitely wasn't my best run. I had planned to have today at lunch as an "off" day from ST, but now I'm having second thoughts. I can't decide what to do. Boo! I was thinking cardio, but I have my long runs on Saturday mornings and don't want to be too tired/sore. Argh! I guess I'll bring my bag with me and decide during the morning what i want to do. I'm out of body parts to ST though I guess I could do upper body again since I've only done it once this week. Actually, I think that'll be the plan..upper body! Thanks for talking it out with my SparkPeople! (:

I signed up for another HM this year. It's one in historic Gruene, Texas (which is a town that I absolutely LOVE being in!!) and it's called the "Marathon for Adoption". It's a marathon and half marathon that supports children in foster care or in orphanages or otherwise wards of the state. This is something that's dear to my heart so when I heard about it, I knew I had to run it! I signed up yesterday and I'm really excited. And the best part? It's on a Saturday morning! I really don't like Sunday races because it messes up my schedule the week before the race AND the week after, but with a Saturday race, it'll be like just another long run. It lines up almost perfectly with my training schedule for my Marathon in November, so I'm really excited. I think it's going to be a gorgeous run if nothing else..

I forgot to weigh-in once again this morning, so I'm going to make a note to myself to do it tomorrow morning. I really need to remember to weigh-in on Fridays, but since my scale is in the other room by the time I get there in the mornings, I've already walked by the fridge and grabbed some water so my weigh-in wouldn't be that accurate. Boo. Tomorrow will be fine though. I'm not expecting much of anything but I still want to know.

And finally I thought I'd share some photos. I remembered to snap a few of DSS's room so I thought I'd share those, even though we still don't have his quilt yet. Did I mention he loved it? He couldn't believe it was really his own room. It's a complete 180 from his old room. He was still sleeping in a pack-n-play and his toys were all in little boxes all around the room but now it's organized and everything has a place and he has a huge new "big boy" bed so he's so pumped. I wish I would have taken some pictures of his face when he first saw it..he was in absolute awe of how cool his room was.

It will be even cuter with his quilt. I can't wait to get it!

I guess I should wrap it up. I gotta get a quick cardio workout in and then get ready for work. Blah! So ready for another weekend!!! Keep on Sparkin' friends!! (:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Adorable room- can't wait until you have the big boy in it full time! So glad he knows he is loved and wanted and give him a hug for me-

    Gruene is one of our favorite places to go too! We love the river and the Gristmill and Gruene Hall and the antique stores and B&Bs.

    When you get the colors picked for the wedding, please share! It reminds me of when we got married and all the fun we had picking out stuff- Who knew guys had opinions on china and flatware! The big guy also signed us up for the jumbo TP at Target and we did not have to buy any for over a year- I made him write those thank you notes and he wrote the same one to all his buddies- "We will think of you every time we use it"- It's part of their charm and why we love them.

    Blessings and Joy- hope the job is getting a bit less stressful!
    3515 days ago
    Wow! You have been busy!!! Cute room! Reminds me I need to take some of DS room too now that it's finished!
    3517 days ago
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! Sounds like you had a busy week. I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend, 3 day I'm assuming?
    3520 days ago
    Whew...you had a busy week. Sounds like you are on the go all the time. Loved the pictures.
    3520 days ago
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