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Don't stop unless you Puke or Die!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Isn't it Jillian Michael's who says that?

Last night, after a CRAPPY day I was dreading doing week 3 of C25k AGAIN. I am struggling to get past week three but whatever, at least I'm doing it.

Well last night the air in CT was like soup! It was 90something degrees at 5 PM, humid and mieserable. But I walked outside, hit the pavement and ran. I realized a few minutes into it that this was going to be really hard. Add to all that the fact that you'd be hard pressed to find flat ground in my neighborhood, you can't avoid the hills and somehow I'm always running UP them (well, that's how it feels).

When a hit my second 3 minute run cycle and felt awful. I literally started puking in the cul de sac. A neighbor on his tractor was watching from afar with a look of disgust...right dude, I meant to puke in the street! Whatever.

Now the old me probably would have used my cell phone to call my husband to pick me up. But I wanted to finish because I always feel GREAT after this workouts. So I figured I'm not dead....keep running!

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