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The 'whoosh' effect...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just when I 'think' my body is done surprising me, it tosses me a fine whopper to let me know it's still paying attention! lol

We went camping for 2 days. I ate all the right stuff, in the right quantities. Got in plenty of walking the dog and hiking down to the lake, which is about 2 miles by the time we return. I did my strength training the morning that we left, but once again...no cardio. Think its been a good 3 weeks, or more, by now since I've done any. My strength training sessions last about 50 minutes, with not much resting in between lifting, so that produces a nice heart pump, and I do that 3 days a week.

Anyway, we get home, I step on the scale Thursday evening and it says 127 pounds. No change since the last 1/2 pound loss on Tuesday. No biggie. But it was a good sign that I weighed the 127, after having eaten all day, so that gave me a hint something BIG must be in the horizon.

And it was!!

This morning, Saturday, I do my normal getting ready for work, potting the dog, eating my PB. Not expecting but more than the same, I step on the scale. At first, it reads 127 pounds, so I thought that was it. But, as my digital always does before showing a loss, it gives me a pre-show of what weight it WANTS to stop at. It kept reading 124.5, each time I went to step off. Hmmmm, could it be?? Could my body REALLY be getting THAT small??

Then, just as I was about ready to just accept the 'teaser' as a figment of my imagination, up pops....124.5! Thinking it was a wishful fluke, I'm hesitant to step on to do a double check..but I do. Once again 124.5!! I wait another few minutes, walking around in a cloud, thinking it can NOT be right. Can it??

Three times a charm....124.5!! It was true! I lost a stinkin' 2.5 pounds!! emoticon

Now, mind you, NORMALLY, I would not be terribly pleased with seeing any loss OVER 2 pounds., as this could mean a there was some Lean Muscle loss involved, too. Not good. But, I do not feel this is the case. Not in the slightest. The BB site often talks about the "whoosh" effect. This just means, for some odd reason, our bodies can resist losing anything, until that one SUDDEN moment when the "whoosh" happens! It becomes the 'norm' when someone begins dipping into the lower fat numbers, especially. Rather than all these itty bitty scale losses, the body just waits for that moment to let loose a gusher. I've experienced it a few times before, already, but each time it happens, it's a shocker!

So, needless to say....I'm pretty darn stoked!! emoticonI went into this new weight loss goal challenge, not REALLY sure much would come of it..if anything. In fact, I wondered "What The Heck Were You Thinking?!?" After losing the 1/2 pound, earlier in the week, I thought to myself..."Wow! At this rate, it's gonna take me 6 months to reach goal!" ha

Guess not, though, as this now sits me at a 3 pound loss, thus far, this month. Who knows where my body will take me. My goal number has been risen up from 119lbs to 122lbs, so I'm just 2.5lbs away from reaching that target. So it's very well within sight! It MAY take me till August 1st to lose the remainder, as after experiencing a "whoosh", the body kinda goes back into limbo for awhile.

But, who knows!! emoticon

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    1307 days ago
    THanks for sharing. I'm 51, so you've been a huge encouragement to me about how a middle-ager can lose weight.
    3045 days ago
    Lol! You are incredible. Congratulations sweetie. That's a shocker whooper!

    You've got the most amazing fat burning machine I know of and here I am stuck at 149 lb's being unable to blame anyone but myself and my silly eating habits that appear to control me rather than I controlling them. Ahhh!

    I'll get there though Shelly babes! Yes, I'll get there. x

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3789 days ago
    Woo hoo!!!
    3789 days ago
  • MILLIE701
    This makes me hopeful emoticon

    I'll be waiting for the "whoosh"

    Nice blog!
    3789 days ago
    I had never heard this phenomonon called the whoosh effect, but I like it. I may borrow it.

    3789 days ago
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