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And the Darwin Award goes to....

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


In order to follow my thought processes yesterday, I am writing this up in a blog. Herewith:

I was originally scheduled to do three kick-butt workouts last night. A power class, a groove/dance class, and then a 3-mile run with a group (see previous blog "I run!"). However, the opportunity to view not one, but TWO, films that are marked "Must See" at the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) presented itself. I chose the films over the workout. My rationale was that since I was giving up all that exercise, I will skip dinner. I have had some success thanks to the great input from my people at the 2010 Un-Challenge in learning to live with hunger once in awhile. A couple of times lately I have been able to eat lightly and then just live with the hunger. Really FEEL what it's like to not be full. Use the time to think of less fortunate people who do this daily out of necessity, not choice.

So, during film #1 I successfully dealt with my hunger. Not a problem. Wonderful movie!!! I had hoped to get a nutritious snack in between films because I realized I really hadn't eaten much ALL DAY, let alone skipping dinner. However, the line for movie #2 was around the corner when I got out, so I just blew that off. Movie #2 began at 9:15 p.m. I ended up in the front row because of my location at the back of the line. About an hour in, I realized that I did not feel well. I was beyond hunger. I was sitting, but felt the need to lie down. OH NO! I'm on the front row! This crowd will stone me if I leave. No matter, I finally had to get up and walk up that long aisle out into the lobby where I fell onto a couch.
Someone brought me a banana. emoticon emoticon.
Someone brought me a glass of water emoticon emoticon.
After the cold sweat went away and the banana kicked in, I had just enough strength to get to my car and drive home to my emoticon.

I'll never know how the movie ended (most likely it will never be released in the US).
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  • _VALEO_
    Oh, someone had a banana in the theater, that's amazing! Sorry you couldn't see the end of the movie, but you finally get a healthy snack and could make it to your home.

    PS: I could deserve this award for not wearing the proper shoes and for breaking my ankle on my way to the pool.
    3863 days ago
    It's great someone brought you some healthy snacks. I try to keep good things with me, like raisins, banana, applesauce, cereal bar, etc. It's so easy for me to grab the wrong thing if I don't.
    3864 days ago
    Idiocy would be not learning from your experience...smarts is learning. And you're a very smart girl. I trust you to take good care of yourself and not feel like you have to deprive yourself of nourishment as a "punishment" or "exchange" for not exercising...

    For the want of a snack, the movie ending was lost...

    xoxo, and feed that great brain of yours, girl! -M
    3878 days ago
    Isn't so much of this about learning to listen to our OWN bodies, and not want some guru tells you? Oh, yes! You have just gotten some advice from your body, hooray!
    Hopefully- we get to where our bodies don't have to hit us over the head with 2 X 4's to get the message across.
    Breathe, listen... have fun!

    3878 days ago
    Isn't so much of this about learning to listen to our OWN bodies, and not want some guru tells you? Oh, yes! You have just gotten some advice from your body, hooray!
    Hopefully- we get to where our bodies don't have to hit us over the head with 2 X 4's to get the message across.
    Breathe, listen... have fun!

    3878 days ago
    Girl you ARE evolving! One banana richer, and one superb movie ending poorer.

    The question is which direction are you evolving? Tolerating hunger is interesting, missing the workouts PULS doing hunger sounds a bit like "devolution" to me...

    One shoulder: emoticon

    The other shoulder: emoticon
    3879 days ago
    I remember one of my long-lost crazy diets included 48 hrs of nothing but water, with no problems, as far as I could tell. So, I would not have expected you to get so sick so quickly. And I'm sure you didn't either. I think your experience can serve as a red flag for several of us.

    We definitely don't have to eat every time we're hungry. Most people don't. But it's a matter of degree. Most people just hold off until time for their next meal, I think when it's late at night and we've had all of our meals for the day, going to bed hungry and waiting for breakfast isn't something to fear.

    As usual, it's the extremes that cause trouble. I'm so happy the banana helped you.
    emoticon emoticon
    3879 days ago
    Oh, that's a shame. I did a 30-hour famine with my church youth group (30 hours with no food). But we were allowed to have unsweetened juices so that kept us from keeling over. I'm surprised someone had a banana in a movie theater! They're not known for their healthful choices! Glad everything turned out OK! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3879 days ago
    Oh my, being a little hungry is sometimes a good thing but skipping a meal when you haven't had much of anything to eat all day makes me worry about you!

    When things fall off the plan, be sure you are packing your own banana!

    (and as for the movie, I always assume the butler did it - no mater what "it" is or whether or not there is a butler in the cast or not!)

    Keep up with your wonderfulness but make sure to take care of yourself sweetpea.

    3879 days ago
    I'm hypoglycemic, and that's what happens to me, too, when I go more than 2 hrs without eating. You CAN lose consciousness, too, besides just not feeling well. But I find if I carry snacks, I just EAT THEM, even when NOT hungry!!

    What to do, what to do . . . So better planning is definitely the option I'd choose. And PLEASE, be careful, sunshine!! emoticon

    We don't want to lose you to bad food reactions!! emoticon
    3879 days ago
    Live and learn. The Darwin award never goes to people who learn from life and you're sure not from the shallow end of the gene pool!

    Keep something in your purse for emergencies--energy bars are a good emergency food.
    3879 days ago
    Oh gosh! I have learned the hard way to keep a snack in my bag... peanut butter crackers or a protein bar. Sorry you missed the film, though...
    3879 days ago
    Film festivals have some of the best movies. In my opinion, they beat out some of these Hollywood blockbusters without a doubt. It's good that you got a banana rather than a donut. A healthy treat is always better than one filled with too much sugar.
    3879 days ago
    Oh dear.

    I guess this reinforces the concept of planning and having emergency nutrition packed away.

    Your blood sugar sounded waaaaaay low. You better watch it girl!

    Glad there were some good samaritans around.

    3879 days ago
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