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HCG/B12 weight loss

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

ok, here is my tale.

My sister decided 6 weeks ago to lose weight via this method. I had read about it via Kevin Trudeau's book "the Weight loss Cure" in January and said this is not for me. Since my sister started, and sucessfully lost 30+ pounds in 4 weeks, I have talked to others and my doctor.

THe local person utillizing the HGC method is a Doctor, OB/Gyn, who works in women's health homeopathically.

The diet consists of eating 500-800 calories a day, and yes they say you can lose this much just by eating so little, and getting B12 and HCG injections daily. Her staff consists of at least two peopel who have done this loss system and have maintained for at least two years.

My sister says she is not hungry but misses "her" foods. She went from regular eating to this diet, from a 6 pack of coke a day to nothing ( great courage she has!). Not sure she really knew how hard it would be until week 3 or 4 though. A local friend indicates she has lost 24 pounds in 3 weeks and is not hungry and feels great.

so, what did my doctor say? please note I am not stating his statment exactly and if you choose to pursue this method, talk to YOUR DOCTOR - he knows you and your health issues better than anyone.

1 - he had never heard of the HCG weight loss
2 - he knows the local doctor who is doing this and indicates she is very reputable
3 - he said, based on going to this doctor & what I told him about the method, there is nothing in the method to hurt you. He believes it is a greater risk to remain obese than to lose the weight in this manner. He would recommend gastric bypass to the correct patients as well and has done so from the start of this procedure and seen great results. he does not recommend diet pills or "speed" pills.

So - I am going to go see what the facility says and how the program works. I know this may sound like an easy way out but I know from talking to my sister, it is NOT easy. it takes a lot of work not to eat every day. SHe said one should just go on it for 30- 40 days because she hates the food she has to eat. Luckily, I eat most of it already. chicken, fish, beef only once a week - basically you do a drink at breakfast & dinner with a meal at lunch.

I am thinking, all I have to do is give up a muffin for breakfast and dinner and take a few shots - I already am active - althouhg that might have to be cut back as well. After 5-10 years of trying everything else - why not a doctor supervised program?

In the mean time, I am reaching out to sparkers to see what your opinions are, know anyone doing this?, results from anyone? would you do it if your doctor said it sounded like a good plan for you?

I am still on the fence and looking for answers, opinions and advice. thanks for reading and responding.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Really good comments here.

    I agree the risk of permanent organ damage is not worth the chance of losing weight this way. And, that most likely a person will then gain the weight back after they go back to regular eating, especially making the damage to their body a waste.

    Besides the risk of damage to the heart, and thus the risk of death from arrythmia, there is also the risk of kidney damage, risk of needing your gallbladder removed, risk of nerve damage to your extremeties and to your organs. Also, there is the very real risk of it creating permanent changes in your brain that can bring on 'permanent' issues with depression, bipolar etc. Then to treat those conditions you could end up long term on medications that can make you pack on a lot of weight, and also damage your heart, liver, kidneys etc.

    I don't think this way of weight loss is the way to go. The only real chance for permanent weight loss is to do it the right way, and learn new patterns of eating and exercising - a new lifestyle. Even with gastric bypass, people regain their weight if they don't learn to change their way of eating on a long-term basis.

    3584 days ago
    To me, it´s a diet. And if you like to try a diet - do it. All diets I have tried has ended ith more kilos on than off. But when I am very bored by being a "slow-to-nothing"-loser - I desperatel think of going on a diet....this sounds dramatic and effect-giving enough to satisfy my inner drama queen...
    3584 days ago
    Jann, I also know another sparker who has done this and seemed to enjoy the results, but did admit to less energy and tiredness and boredom with the food choices. She could not do the exercise she had been previously doing.

    I say, just keep researching, and do some research on your own too, not just what the doctors who propose it give you. I had thought about it once or twice but the cost alone was a deterrent for me.

    I am sure you will make the right decision for you!
    3586 days ago
    Good luck with your decision....cuz the choice is yours.

    I prefer to chew my food, rather than drink it. And I have enough "side affects" from other problems in my life.

    I vote NO-Way....
    3592 days ago
  • 250STRONG
    I know 3 people who have done HCG.

    1- Lost 50 pounds, has put back on 75. (Male)
    2- Lost 20 pounds before going on cruise, is now doing Weight Watchers. (Female. Reported feeling PMSy the entire time.)
    3- Lasted 3 weeks before quitting due to side effects of the hcg - mood swings, breakthrough bleeding, breast tenderness, headaches.

    You know the HCG is pregnancy hormone, right? So if you've been pregnant before that might give you an indication of how you might feel.
    3593 days ago
    humm I dont know if I should say this.. BUT KEVIN TRUDEAU???..
    All I can say.. is .. You have to clean up your diet.. and LIVE IT... no quick fixes will help.. OLD HABITS WILL CREEP BACK..
    use goals .. ex one month I will workout .. eat well .. etc..

    3593 days ago
    Jann, I have done some research on this, all sounding great. My concern is the side affects (long lasting side affects) that are listed or known. As your doctor is not familiar with this but says it is harmless, I question that. Check into this more, do research on it. There are drops too. I was curious about this for myself, but I've opted out. I took a med that the doctor told me was perfectly safe, well guess what, I had the rare side affect, I can't take. I took an antibiotic, was told side affect is nill to slim and I had it bad...so I am now very paranoid taking things. I have been desperate enough and tempted to try it anyways, but after researching, I just can't try it. If you do go for it, please keep me posted how it goes.
    3594 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3528530
    Hey, Kat, I'll be really interested in how this pans out for you. I've seen the advertisements for the oral HCG, not sure how I feel about it, from a medical standpoint. I do know that the biggest reason you need to be under a doc's supervision for this is because of the risk of heart damage from such a strict reduction of calories. Seems to me that they require you to have ECG's done for three months prior to beginning this and that you have to have normal ones in order to do it. And definitely no exercising while on such few calories. The danger is that longterm, on such a restricted calorie count, your body will eventually begin to burn muscle as fuel....and your heart is a muscle, so it suffers the consequences of that. That is why people with longterm anorexia sometimes drop over from heart attacks, (Karen Carpenter) because restricting calories for a long period of time can damage your heart muscle beyond repair. It kind of disturbs me that they are advertising the oral form of this hormone to the general public, as anyone can buy it and try this without ever consulting with their doctor prior to doing so. I'm actually still trying to figure out exactly what this particular hormone is supposed to be doing during this diet......I've read some on it, but have to admit that everything I've read has been a bit sketchy as to the particulars of why they choose to use this substance.....and unless I can find an article that spells it out to me, I remain more than a bit leery, I guess. A lot of what I've read has been either very vague or downright contradictory, so I find myself mistrusting it without adequate explanation from a medical professional. But let us know what you finally decide and what they tell you at the place you will be going for this if you do decide to do it. There actually are some spark teams here on this site geared for people who are doing this diet, so you might want to cruise some of them and get some firsthand input from people who are actually doing it. Best of luck to you and tell us what you learn!
    3594 days ago
    Jann, please really look into this before making any commitment. One plus of course is being able to talk with and ask questions of your sister who is following the hCG diet regimen; and another is running all this by your doctor and getting his okay.
    I think this hormone strategy for weight loss has been around for eons; apparently many celebrities & models follow this. So definitely results in weight loss, but at what cost? If not any health repercussions, do you learn to be healthy and fit for the long term? At the same time, maybe it is the motivator you might need-to see the clothes be way too loose, to see the numbers on the scale go down lower and lower every single day. Then it might be easier and less frustrating to get into the lifelong habit of eating healthy and exercising regularly.
    Wish we had all the answers; wish we could all just take that magic pill too and wake up strong and healthy and thin too! Till then, please consider all your options and make the right choice for you. Much much success whatever your decision. We're all here to support whatever your path!

    3594 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6223170
    I've heard of that from another sparker. I don't really know much about it, though. It sounds like you're doing your research and that's the key, right?

    3594 days ago
  • DAS92687
    Sounds pretty extreme, and like you've gotten a lot of advice here. I don't think it sounds like a good long-term approach, but with a doctor's approval and oversight, it may be worth trying for a jumpstart, (IMHO)
    3594 days ago
    as most have said here, i will support you in whatever you choose. however, i am very wary of this method. what if you just dropped your cals down to what this method says and see? i think you will find that the injections don't do anything that restricting your diet that much won't do.

    i personally will never try this. any doctor that says restricting your calories below 12o0 is crazy to me. the biggest loser doctor even says that no one on the ranch goes below 1200 (yeah, they are working out all day burning up to 4000 cals a day). he says it's simply not healthy. the point of my weight loss journey is to do it right. man, would i love to lose 30lbs in one month (since that is what i have left to lose)! but i am afraid i will go back to my old habits after i lose the weight. at least by doing my weight loss this way (lots of exercise and healthy eating habits), i am training myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle the rest of my life. i need this to be hard, so i don't gain the weight back. if you do this, please just be careful.
    3594 days ago
    My only question about a diet like this is what happens when you have to go back to regular eating? Also, I know people who did the liquid diet and ended up with major medical issues afterwards. I have real questions about the lose it quick diets because those are the ones that usually don't stick. It is like Jenny craig..what happens when you start eating regular food again.

    Whatever you decide to do good luck and keep us posted with other things you find out about this diet.
    3594 days ago
    Jann - I don't want to sway you in any direction but (lol) in my opinion for a short term why not. I take insulin shots everyday and it's not that bad. People get their stomach stapled and this is much less severe. I'm eating between 1100 and 1200 calories a day. I know when I was in the doctors office (she specialized in weight loss as well) someone came in and said she had a standing order for B12 shot. Wonder if that's the same program? I'll be a Ginny pig in another month having enrolled in a trial study for diabetes in conjunction with weight loss. One shot a week which tells my brain I'm full. Byatta and they'll change my insulin as well. Keep us posted on how your sister is doing. On the downside I know many that went on the Opti fast, and other liquid diets just to gain it back. Hard to say but I'll support you and might just follow you after this study is over. lol Love you.
    3594 days ago
    What happens at the end of the program? How does this program KEEP weight off?
    emoticon emoticon
    3594 days ago
    A friend of mine started the HCG diet about a month ago and has lost 40lbs so far. From what she says calorie intake is minimal and you are not able to exercise as you don't consume enough calories to support exercise besides light walking.
    Although I have seen her results I am leary of any doctor that sells weight loss via a needle with female hormones. I would rather exercise my ass off and eat healthy foods any day. My problem with it being that it is unrealistic in it's extreme approach to calorie restriction, and what happens after you have basically starved yourself for months and gain access to eating real foods again? Does all the weight come back? Another lady I met in TOPS had that struggle.
    I hope you get all the information you need and perhaps you could do some research of your own, as I'm sure they will only give you the positives about doing it.
    I understand how frustrating weight loss can be though...find what works for you and keep us posted about what you find out through the clinic.
    If you decide to give it a try, I wish you absolute success.
    3594 days ago
    Jann, sweetie, You know I'll support you and be here for you no matter what you choose to do but my opinion is this: after actively trying to lose weight for 2 years and 10 months, I, personally, would NOT do this. Now, that being said, I am basing that on the fact that I have a little one at home who needs to see healthy eating, etc and i just don't feel that's the way to go. If I was single, no kids looking up to me, I may try it but for now I say HELL NO. It may work for you and if you talk to your doctor and they say it's safe, go for it. If this is the method you choose, I'll support you in your journey
    3594 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/2/2010 1:39:35 PM
    Good luck and let us know how it goes. I am willing to try anythign at this point as well. I am still struggling but still working on my eating.


    I have only read never heard of anyone doing this.
    3594 days ago
    I thought about this as well, friend tried it and lost 25 lbs in a month. First, giving myself a shot daily is so NOT gonna happen lol. That aside, you are severely restricting calories, enough so that normal brain function is not supported. There is absolutely no scientific evidence this works, the injections are not approved by the FDA. In fact for 35 years the FDA has required all advertising of HCG to have a disclosure stating "there is no evidence it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction" including other things. HCG is a hormone extracted from the urine of pregnant women. Its on the list of banned substances in Major League Baseball-its become very popular with steroid users. And the side effects too-headaches, depression, blood clots, swelling of hands and legs, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness....... A weight loss clinic in my city advertised this in the 70's and were literally run out of town after all the hoopla came out about what it was and the side effects. We have 2 doctors who offer in the area now and I personally don't see how they can in good faith offer this to desperate people. Oh and I think I read recently that there is an oral version available now. Either way, I don't want to inject or swallow anything that comes from urine. Just my 2 cents but please do your research. emoticon
    3594 days ago
    I have a friend that is trying this with the HCG drops you can order online - not through her doctor. She is going to do this for 30 days to see what happens. She hasn't had any issues with the diet and said she doesn't feel hungry. She is always on the move but doesn't specifically exercise. She lost 12 lbs the first week and is up to around 25 (3 wks). Some days are better than others and she's using this as a jump start. I know there are a lot of other things besides what you eat that impact how well this does for you (avoiding massages or specific oils) and several other things that I can't remember. Just get all the info up front. Hope it goes well for you if you decide to do it!
    3594 days ago
  • GALSAL59
    Wow, I hope the visit to gain more knowledge pays off!
    3594 days ago
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