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Tuesday Morning Reflection!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well, I did it! I ran/walked a mini-marathon this past Saturday! 13.1 miles! I'm still sore, but I started it (boy was I shaking in my shoes), and I finished it! Almost took me 4 hours, but that's ok, I finished! My actual time was 3:48:??, and this just gives me a goal to shoot for next year!

I did the Geist mini marathon, and the scenery was great! I really enjoyed the comraderie with the other participantes. Everyone had a good word for you if they saw you struggling a bit. There were 6500 participants, and who knows how many spectators! It was wonderful! I will definitely do it again.

I know that my brother will not see this, but he was my number ONE fan! Not only did he drive down from Chicago, he actually ran the race with me! I love that man! My sister and two of her friends also drove down from Chicago to watch me! Don't I have some AWESOME Family support? I was totally geeked when I heard my lil sister's big mouth (she's 40 sumthin but still my baby girl) as i was running over the bridge to the finish line! I don't know what inspired me the most, her yelling and cheering or actually seeing the flags indicating the finish line!

All in all, I am still a bit sore if I sit for a spell, but I am so happy I did it!
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