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Taking this "new me" thing just a little too far.

Friday, May 14, 2010

First. let me say that I know completely that I am a creature of habit. Totally. My wardrobe, while a little smaller lately, is not very different in style than my old bigger one. I have bought the same brand an style of dress shoes for years, and wear mostly blues, greens, reds and browns but have nothing pink, salmon or teal. I am not resistant to change in any way but I rarely take the initiative. One of my coworkers wives said this morning that she noticed there was a new me. I hadn't noticed. She said I looked thinner and happier. Strange, I feel the same in every way. I went off an did not give it another thought.

Later I went kayaking. This is something I have not done since last summer but also something I have done for years. When I got my Jeep to the water I noticed that the kayak seemed lighter and that I could carry it better. Once in the water I noticed I could paddle faster stronger and longer and did not tire as quickly. I noticed my back did not hurt and I was more flexible getting in and out. OK, maybe this diet/exercise stuff is paying off more that I thought,there was a new me after all and just maybe I liked it.

Later after the kayak was put away and after a warm shower I decided I needed a haircut. Back to the creature of habit thing. I have worn my hair the same for as long as I can remember. There may be a little less of it, a higher forehead at the bottom of it, and some gray on the edges but the style is the same. Further I usually go to the same barber. Note I did not say stylist, beautician or anything but barber. I usually sit down, he drapes me with a sheet, trims it up a bit, shaves the back of my neck and then I am done. Simple, straightforward and normal. Well today I was too late so I went to one of those strip mall, chain-type hair places. First they shampooed my hair, something no one but he has done for years and even then it was in the hospital. Now I smelled like coconut/papaya. Terrific! I was then asked how I wanted it styled. What do I know about STYLE?? I said, "How about a part on the left right here and the sideburns here?" I pointed.

So now as I sit here smelling like a tropical island or a fruit salad and with a little different hair style. I am pondering whether this "new me" thing is going just a bit too far. Maybe I just need a pink shirt.

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    EEEEEEEEEEK! not pink! emoticon

    So is this the real Mr. 14? emoticon Sounds like you are doing GREAT! Keep it up! emoticon
    3779 days ago
    emoticon Start thinking "outside the box"! emoticon Maybe start with the teal T-shirt though. lol
    3783 days ago
    I loved this blog! Thanks for making me smile:)
    3783 days ago
    Not only do I not think you've taken your NEW YOU too far, I think you should keep going! Keep trying new things. Change up that old wardrobe. Try Kayak Polo! Have a ball! You may not like all of the different things and that's ok...but putting yourself out there, getting a feel for what the world has to offer is, in my humble opinion, the only way to really find out who we are. I don't know about you, but my weight stopped me from doing a lot of things I used to like and kept me from trying things I'd never done (for fear I'd break something, not fit or look like a total idiot). I don't want to live in fear of or wonder whether I might have enjoyed something...I want to go for it. I don't really feel different on the inside. I think I always wanted to try, I was just scared so I settled in to what was comfortable, easy. I'm still scared, I just don't want to settle anymore and for me, that might mean making some changes in some areas, keeping some things just how they are and/or creating a whole new side to me...Who knows? Let's all go for it! emoticon
    3783 days ago
    emoticon i know how you feel...blue black gray and white"s mostly for me in my wardrobe emoticon ...and my hair has always been long (maybe not this long though) I am in need of a cut myself--it's past my waist now---i need to make sure it's long enough because when it gets cut it gets donated and i never EVER have my hair shorter than armpit length. emoticon ..... ....Change can be good!...and sometimes it just takes a little getting used to at first....and aren't you happier now because you
    have the emoticon emoticon emoticon 'S emoticon . emoticon
    3783 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/14/2010 12:31:52 PM
  • HAPPY92003
    I think you are taking it just far enough...change is graet...fruit salad maybe not so much...but trying new things adds excitement and creativity to your journey (from one creature of habit to another ;-)

    3783 days ago
  • MILNE81
    Congrats on stepping out of a comfort zone and trying something new. Now go a cute pink work out top and be stylin when you work out!
    3783 days ago
    Well - it's all good. Heck, even *I* have a pink shirt! (I call it my breast cancer awareness shirt in case anyone asks). Sometimes change is just want is needed, even if it's small and smelling like a fruit salad. LOL


    3783 days ago
    This is an emoticon blog...it made me smile because I hate change. Like with you things are different for me too. I guess we'll just learn to like it emoticon
    3783 days ago
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