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Then vs. Now

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've just started reading over my old posts. It's interesting. Here's a quick look:

Then: "I can do a full lap around the indoor track at jogging speed"

Now: I've pushed past a mile (13 laps) at jogging speed, nonstop.

Then: "I'm going to guess I'm around 196 lbs for now, but I really need a new scale, because sometimes it says I weigh like 150. Much as I'd like that to be the case, I have a little while to go for that. "

Now: I'm 148 at last weigh-in. 19% body fat, baby.

Then: "I'm actually closing in on a real size 14 (down 2 sizes from my original 18). I can squeeze into a 14, barely. My final goal is size 6 if that's still possible. "

Now: I actually fit a few size 6 clothes. Most are size 8, but everything counts.

Then: "I'm so tired of whole wheat bread. I wonder if the whole wheat white bread is healthy. "

Now: I actually managed to find good whole wheat bread, and those whole wheat english muffins are awesome. Still miss sourdough. Some things will never change.

Then: "This is how I know that I've lost 5% of my body fat."

Now: I've gone from 38% body fat to 19%.

Then: "Gotta love indoor tracks. Especially the view I have of the hotties from there."

Now: Ok this is still true.

Then: "I lost roughly 1 pound last week. Normally I lose between 2 and 3, but last week was rough for me."

Now: I'm lucky if I lose 1 pound a month sometimes, mostly because there's not much left to lose. Oddly enough, that's a good thing.

Then: "I want to do the beach body thing one of trainers from the gym runs on sunday, but I haven't tried it yet."

Now: I'm not only doing the beach body bootcamp every weekend, I'm taking his MMA class (also on the weekend). I'm driving myself to both, which is more of an achievement, and means I don't have to rely on other people to stick with it.

Then: "I should really just dump my "fat" clothes. All the clothes that I can't actually wear because they fall off, they all just take space in my closet. "

Now: Did it. I have room in my closet for the new hot clothes. In fact, once I have enough clothes at my current size, I'll have a second set of "not-as-fat" clothes to dump.

Then: "Physical strength has always been pretty easy for me. I've always been relatively strong, and getting stronger is not as difficult (unlike losing weight). I suppose it's always been a core part of my identity, the part of me I feel pride in, and part that fuels my inner badass. "

Now: This is still true, only now I'm working on the outer badass as well.

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