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I can't always listen to my body

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes, my body lies to me. It tells me I really need to sleep that extra 15 minutes. It says "I'm shaking, make it stop". It tells me I have a headache, I'm too sore, too tired, have too much tension in my neck.

It tells me all these things just to make me stop. It likes to be lazy sometimes. That's when my mind steps in and tells my body to suck it up. No one ever said working my ass off would be painless, or that I'd never be tired or achy or lazy.

Obviously it's a balancing act, deciding when your body is right and when it's lying to your face. Wait, is that even physically possible? Whatever.

The things it tells me that I listen to are "there is a sharp pain in my left shoulder, take it easy", and "I'm getting lightheaded, overheated (no not just sweaty... feverish almost), short of breath (not just breathing hard)", and "I can barely stand".

Those things are pretty clear signs that I need rest, or I need to back off. The other things are iffy. A headache might go away during my workout, or it might get to the point where I feel sick. I don't know until I'm working out. Being a little tired might be nothing, or it might be me barely able to drive home without collapsing into exhaustion.

Sometimes you just don't know until you try. Tonight was one of those nights. I went into my session with a headache and neck pain. Yet about halfway through, I forgot I even had them. I felt fine.

Maybe I'm just bored of the cardio I'm doing. The sessions, the beach workout, and the MMA class I may start are all interesting. They push me in new ways. Cardio is just cardio. Except when I'm pushing myself to jog an extra lap, or I'm sprinting around the track, the cardio I'm doing is just... dull. I do it, but I think it's part of why I had the headache this week. It's my body telling me it needs something new.

I still can't jog every day though, especially since the shin splint has started flaring up. Maybe I should try the treadmill. It's easier on the body than the track, and at least my whole body moves. I actually prefer jogging to the crossramp machine I normally use for cardio. It loosens me up more, especially my neck and shoulders.

Maybe I just need more sleep.
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    LOL it does seem to work. I spent all those years focusing on developing my brain, might as well put its strength to good use, right?
    3957 days ago
    Or maybe your body is lying to you again, lol. I love that concept. It is definitely a great mental image to help you get your second wind when working out.

    Thanks! emoticon
    3957 days ago
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