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Goals to get me back on track and of course a few new photos of our little Michaela!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mommy, Daddy and Michaela, 2 weeks old.

Good morning all!! I am one happy Momma today! Last night my angel did SO well. She slept from 7:00 - 11:00 then fed, then went back to sleep and slept all the way until 3:00 am. At this point she was WIDE awake and it took me until 4:30 am to get her back to sleep. She was not crying, just totally awake and looking around. At 4:30 am she finally drifted off to sleep and so did I. She slept until 7:30 am fed once again and then slept another few hours until 10:00 am!!! WOW!! I am so happy!! I was able to get some good rest and it feels fantastic. I am hoping for another good night, we will see!

Right now she is resting in her bouncing chair next to me while I take a moment to get back to blogging my goals and so on. I NEED to get back on track with my daily goals. I have to get in my vitamins, water and such as I have been so focused on doing everything for her that I have neglected my own needs.

I am going to try each day to post my calories, water and so on just as I did throughout my pregnancy and during my weight loss years. I went the doctor yesterday for my postpartum checkup and all is well. I am healing well but I still have some soreness especially when sitting down. He cleared me for weight training and light walking when I feel I am ready. I also can try to jog SLOWLY when I feel better too. I need to wait a few more days until the soreness improves but I am looking forward to hitting the trails again soon.

The BIGGEST thing I need to make sure I am doing each day is getting my water in. You guys know that I am a big fan of water and during pregnancy and well before then I would get in a good 128 oz a day, some times more. Now that I am breastfeeding, I need to make sure I continue this as it will help maintain my milk supply. In terms of my caloric intake I am aiming for 1500 - 1800 calories a day for now but when I start working out I will increase it to probably 1700- 2000 per day depending on how hard I am able to workout.

I am SOOOO happy with my weight loss so far. I was shocked how fast the weight came off. I know these last 5 - 6 pounds will come off before I know it, IF I do my part and get back on a routine.

So here are my goals for today -

1. Get in at least 128 oz of water
2. Log foods and stay within caloric range
3. Walk at least 30 mins tonight
4. Make sure I take all my vitamins and supplements

Now for the fun stuff!! Here are some photos of our Michaela with her grandma who is TOTALLY in love with her little princess girl!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    She is a doll! Look at all the HAIR!!! Lucky little girl emoticon

    3967 days ago
    She is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, precious etc! You will be back to working out in no time and hitting those trails running! Just picture perfect!
    3967 days ago
  • CRICKET217
    Great job on setting your goals to get back on track! This is something I wished I'd have done sooner, after the birth of my kiddos. WAY TO GO!!!
    3967 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5269407
    Congrats again! It is great that you are getting back on track so quickly. I am sure you will reach your goal and maintain in no time! :)
    3967 days ago
  • BECKA525
    She is adorable!! I had two with all that hair. Congrats, and good job getting back on track. It's a lot of work taking care of a baby so don't be too hard on yourself if things don't get done everyday. Enjoy her in all her stages they are only there for a little time.
    3967 days ago
    Congrats on getting everything written down and losing the weight. Glad everything went well at the doctor's visit. Michaela is so bright eyed for 2 weeks old. Amazing!!! I'm so glad that she's sleeping pretty well!
    3967 days ago
    Congratulations!! You're doing great! :D
    3967 days ago
    She is beautiful!! Love that hair!

    Easing back into exercise is the key! If you do too much too quickly, it may set you back and that gets frustrating!

    I found a really good website to help figure out how many calories I need while nursing. It's the only BMR calculator that I have found that accommodates for the extra calories you need for nursing, especially after you start working out. If you are not getting enough, your milk supply will go down and you won't lose any weight, especially fat! I found out the hard way! As long as I stick to the higher range, even though it seems like a ton of calories, I am losing 1-2 lbs a week. (I take the number it gives me for a sedentary lifestyle, and then after I exercise, I add in my calorie burn and subtract 500 to get my daily calorie goal.)


    You'll be back at it in no time!!

    3967 days ago
    Congratulations!! Your baby girl is so precious!
    3967 days ago
    She is beautiful Jen!!! Congratulations to you and your husband! This is the most precious time right now. Cherish every second! emoticon
    3967 days ago
    Love it all.
    3967 days ago
    She is beautiful, and SOOO alert for such a young age!
    3967 days ago
    First off, she's GORGEOUS and so are you. You both are looking amazingly healthy and happy and that's what matters most!

    Secondly, great job on losing all but 6 lbs of your weight gain so far!!! You are a true inspiration and I hope you're still here when I become pregnant (in the distant, but not too distant, future). I hope I'm able to be so dedicated to mine and the baby's health like you were.

    I can't wait to enjoy all the future updates on baby and mommy! You're a true inspriation in life as a whole. I can just feel, literally, the excitement and joy you are having being a mother!

    Here's to you and your now bigger family emoticon Oh and give my congratulations to your husband, tell him a fellow sparker of yours wants to give him so many congratulations and tell him how wonderful he is to you and his lovely baby girl!
    3967 days ago
  • SINGER73
    Your baby is beautiful. I love her hair.

    Good to get back on track but take it easy at first. Aim to get your water and vitamin. I kept my water bottled filled 24/7. I'm sure you will be one of the lucky ones where BF helps you to lose weight emoticon .
    3967 days ago
    She is SO adorable! Seriously the cutest face ever! Thanks for sharing these stories and pics with us! I love your goals and I know you can totally reach them!
    3967 days ago
    Beautiful Jen!!!
    3967 days ago
    Baby is gorgous, so much hair, lucky girl! Be gentle and kind with yourself Jen, you body has just been through a LOT! hugs!
    3967 days ago
  • HOGFAN79
    I just love reading your blogs and looking at your pics.
    3967 days ago
    Awesome, Jen! I'm so happy to hear that you are getting good rest and that you've lost the weight. I know a healthy baby is your primary concern, but after working so hard to first lose the weight and then keep things under control during your pregnancy...it's awesome that the hard work paid off!

    Enjoy that little snuggle bunny!
    3967 days ago
    You got the kinds of blogs that lift one's spirit up!
    3967 days ago
    great goals
    Awesome pictures!
    3967 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4155065
    Oh Jen! She is just so beautiful and so alert!! What a true blessing you and your family has received! You have done an amazing job and those last 5-6 lbs will fall right off! Between your breast feeding and your dedication you will have no problems! Congrats again on your gorgeous girl! emoticon emoticon
    3967 days ago
    Congratulations! She is adorable!
    3967 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5635700
    Your mom looks more like a sister! She is beautiful. And your baby is SOOOOO adorable! Love her hair!
    3967 days ago
    She is beautiful and you are amazing.
    3967 days ago
    Wow, your a HUGE INSPIRATION with your weight loss, it took me three years to get my baby weight off!!! Your on the right track, keep up the great work! Your baby is so beautiful and her grandma doesn't look like a grandma to me!!! :)
    3967 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2644837
    Back at it already!
    You are awesome!

    Glad to hear that you are feeling so good and got such a GREAT night! YAY!
    They will only get better!

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!!
    3967 days ago
    Glad you were able to sneak in some much needed rest! Way to come up with a plan to get back on track as you're physically able to! And don't forget to do those Kegals if the doc says it's okay and there's not too much pain. I'm told that DEFINITELY helps with recovery. Great pics!
    3967 days ago
    Your pics are beautiful!
    3967 days ago
    So adorable!!!
    3967 days ago
  • JEM0622
    I kept healthy portioned snacks within my reach and a 32 oz sipper filled before I sat in for a nursing session with my kids. Easiest way to get the H20 in.
    3967 days ago
    Your images are amazing! YOUR love for life is captured in these images - wonderful, blessed family! God Bless you Jen! ((HUGS)))
    3967 days ago
    She is beautiful! And you clearly have some amazing genes! Love the goals and way to get back on a track so soon. Such a healthy mommy!
    3967 days ago
    I'm just so happy for you Jen!!!
    Michaela is just stunning.
    I'm also so inspired & proud of you & your dedication to your goals, I think you're an amazing woman!
    ps. have you kept up with the 2010 miles in 2010 challenge? I'm so motivated by it & am almost nearing 800 miles to date logging in most forms of my cardio. Thank goodness for cycling :)
    3967 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6465553
    You're precious little girl is a doll! So beautiful! And wow your mom is gorgeous!! You're doing GREAT on losing those pounds. emoticon
    3967 days ago
  • MRSSASS2010
    Way to go, girl! You're already back on track. Ah-maze-ing! And hooray for SLEEP! Yeah!!!
    3967 days ago
  • CAALAN23
    Such a beautiful baby!

    Sounds like you have a stellar plan to get back to where you want to be!

    Love that spiky baby do with the bow!
    3967 days ago
    You have such a beautiful family!!! Sounds like you are definately on track to reaching your goals while being a FANTASTIC new mom!
    3967 days ago
  • BELG64
    So glad you had a good night! That does make all the difference!
    She is so adorable! I love the little bow in her hair!!!
    3967 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4572709
    What an utterly ADORABLE baby girl. And THAT is grandma???
    3967 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    SO glad to hear the wee one is doing fantastic with her feedings....if you keep her on a schedule, I think this benefits both mommy and baby and makes her feel secure in knowing she'll get fed..great job Jen..keep up the good work. I cant believe you only need to lose 5 pounds...that must be some kind of record or something!!! SO happy for you! : ) May we all have the same results you did ; ) xoxooxoxo
    3967 days ago
    YAY! I'm so glad she slept really well last night so you were able to rest, that's a great thing! I hope she sleeps good tonight also. Take it slow but you are on the right track. I think your goals are a great way to start. Slow and steady wins the race! Your baby girl is beautiful! I had to show my boyfriend her pics also. emoticon He said she was a beautiful baby!
    3967 days ago
    So glad to hear that things are going well with you & Michaela! I'm sure getting back into your routine will be easier than you think. And with the wonderful weather, you can soon take your little angel on your walks with you!

    Beautiful pictures, as usual!
    3967 days ago
    The pictures are so beautiful! Little Michaela is such a sweet little girl letting her mom get some rest. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations on losing so much of the weight already. I know that you'll lose those last 5-6 pounds in no time! Great job focusing on some you time :-)
    3967 days ago
    Um, Grandma is a supermodel.
    Not that I expected any different with all the good-looking people in this family. God bless!
    3967 days ago
    WOW, Jen, nearly ALL your photos are "professional quality" photos...ALL of them should be framed and placed in a gallery!!!

    Congrats on your princess and her progress. Congrats on the weight loss and getting back on track with your goals. How wonderful to have you as "inspiration"...

    Blessings for a quick recovery (the pain/soreness)...

    3967 days ago
    emoticon Love to read your blogs...it brings back wonderful memories of my children emoticon for sharing your journey with everyone emoticon
    3967 days ago
    The lady in these pictures is a GRANDMA!!!!!!! For real or was that a typo? Haha! The pictures are beautiful and way to go getting back on track as soon as possible. You should feel so proud that you are a healthy fit momma and will be able to run her little legs off when she is toddling around - it will be here before you know it that's for sure :)
    3967 days ago
    Sounds like you will be back to your pre-pregnancy weight in NO time! Nursing helps with that too :) Your little girl is so pretty! I love the little bow in her hair!
    3967 days ago
    She's so adorable! And sound totally like a very well-behaving child. :D I'm happy for you!
    3967 days ago
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