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My Grandson told me a story!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I didn't know my 3 year old grandson, Gus, very well when I moved in with his family two weeks ago and he was a little standoffish at first. It didn't help that I would ask him to pick up after himself when his mother doesn't. When I realised this was causing contention I began to keep quiet and things got better.

Sunday, Gus' father, Vinnie was supposed to take the family to NC, Raleigh Museum of Natural Science to meet up with my second son, Dave and his wife who were down from NJ for a wedding. I was tired from the Azalea Festival Parade on Saturday here in Wilmington so I didn't go. Raleigh is 2 hours away, bad knee, lots of walking.

When the kids got home, Gus came right to my room and told me all about his trip, bees, t-rex, his wrestling with Uncle Dave, etc. Then he bugged his mom til she showed me the photos on the cameras. It was so sweet how I didn't have to drag every word out and he was so excited, "Gramma, Gramma!"

I've lived alone for several years but this family thing is pretty great!
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