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Mommy to be update..still waiting!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well as much as I would LOVE for this to be a blog regarding my birth story, my sweet little Michaela apparently does not want to come and see us just yet. She is holding out on us and being stubborn like her Momma!

Everything is going well, I feel good, tired at times but nothing major. The hardest part now is waiting. When you have been told that you are not going to make your due date and then nothing happens it can be hard. We were looking forward to having her last week and then nothing, maybe over the weekend, but nothing and now we are 9 days away from my due date and I am just about to go crazy! I want to hold my little angel so bad! She is pressing out of me so hard especially with her little feet, so cute! We managed to get some on video too! What a memory that will be.

Last night we had our breast feeding class which was rescheduled from the 10th of March. At least we were able to make this prior to her birth because it was SO helpful. The instructor was amazing and we learned so much. I am hoping for a good BFing experience but it is good to know all the things that can happen so we can be prepared.

Today my mission is to WALK like crazy, eat spicy food, and hope that the old wives tale of babies being born on the night of a full moon comes true! If not, well then I will just get to enjoy her little feet pressing out of me one more day! It is such a miracle to see!

I am so happy. Impatient, yes, but so happy to be going through this. I will miss each and every moment of this. I am going to write a final thoughts on pregnancy blog later today after my walks because I want to sit down and replay all the precious moments in my mind and look back on what was by far the most amazing journey of my life! But for now, I am off to walk and hopefully get in for another prenatal massage! Gotta love those!

The funny thing about all of this is I know that God has his hands on Michaela's life and she will be born in HIS timing, when it is right. I have peace knowing this but God also made me to be an impatient one! LOL! We are just so excited to welcome our little miracle into the world.

Ok, off to walk! Have a blessed day!!
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    Enjoy these final pregnancy days! I have loved hearing about all your pregnancy experiences and I can't wait to hear about her arrival and more!

    As far as breastfeeding goes if you have any questions I can give you some pointers since I BF both of my kiddos!
    3952 days ago
    Just a little suggestion, if b'feeding is painful at first, or if baby Michaela is having a hard time latching on, Medela makes these: http://www.toysrus.com/product/inde
    x.jsp?productId=2403234 they are a god send! I took a b'feeding class as well and they didn't mention anything like this in the class, my baby latched on just fine, but I had a lot of pain, these helped tremendously and allowed me to continue to b'feed as I had intended to!

    Best wishes Jen! emoticon emoticon
    3952 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/1/2010 7:28:22 AM
    Ahhhh... thoughts and prayers for you all :) She'll be here soon, she's just letting you enjoy the waiting, and she's enjoying the cozyness of you! Maybe an Easter baby?? We'll keep checking, you keep walking :) xoxo
    3953 days ago
    Gosh this is so cool how your excitement just pours on to others! I just met you through Spark and I already can't wait for you to have your little girl. My daughter is 13 and I miss those baby days.
    3953 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    JEEZ....*tears well up* dam these pregnancy hormones!! By the end of those BEAUTIFUL blog...I am just overwhelmed by the wonder of you and the wonder of what you are going through. I am blessed to have "met" you here on Spark..thank you for including me in your journey! I look forward to seeing your beautiful baby girl, it would be cool if she was born on a full moon..you never know..the water pull of the moon may make some movement xooxox *HUGS*
    3953 days ago
  • STEPH906
    She'll be here before you know it!
    3953 days ago
  • YB0511
    emoticon emoticon
    3953 days ago
    My mother said that artichokes make the babies come. She had them the day before she went into labor with my older brother and he was very late.
    3953 days ago
  • FIT-4-DAWN
    emoticon emoticon
    3954 days ago
    Just enjoy fully the last days of being pregnant. My son was 3 weeks past the due date! He really was too comfy and cozy.
    3954 days ago
    Hang in there! I am THE MOST IMPATIENT PERSON IN THE WORLD so I completely sympathize with you! Just hang on to your hat because any day now you will embark on the most amazing, exhausting, awesome, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating, joyous, exhausting, marvelous ride of your life! Oh yeah, did I mention exhausting? emoticon
    Rest up and try to get as much sleep as you can.
    3954 days ago
    The waiting is hard at the end! It's all so wonderful and exciting! I keep checking for the announcement! Any day now :)0
    3954 days ago
    She is where she needs to be right now - it is the safest and best place for her to be at this time. Do not rush her and cherish these last few days of your pregnancy. All the best, she s a lucky girl!
    3954 days ago
    Jen ~
    Your little angel simply enjoys that perfect warm home that she lives in....
    You are so prepared and informed - that is SO important! I am proud of you. Your life is about to change in HUGE ways. God created babies to teach parents so much.....so much more than we could ever learn with out them. LOL!! ENJOY!

    love ~ Laura
    3954 days ago
    You're doing amazing!!! Hang in there!
    3954 days ago
  • JWENZEL723
    i visited my sister when she was due and she cleaned the kitchen floor, we went on a long walk, she had TONS of pineapple, drank tea, and also took some castor oil. my precious nephew was born merely HOURS later!!! we really think the castor oil did it.
    3954 days ago
    My thought on first babies - don't ever listen to someone telling you that your baby will probably be early. It's just sets you up for disappointment! MOST first babies are not only NOT early, but are overdue. Your body is slower because it hasn't been thru that process yet. And, depending on the mom, consecutive babies may also not be early - or they might. Honestly, unless you are something crazy like 5 cm and 100% effaced, no one should have told you that you'd be early. Just plan on your due date (and still hold out a little hope for early, but don't plan on it). Even on baby #3 I need to keep telling myself that his due date is his due date and he might not even want to come then. I sure am holding out hope for early, but not planning on it because when you get yourself so emotionally worked up for an early baby, it makes you far more emotional when it DOESN'T happen. Just relax. You've got it right with thinking about your list of blessings thus far... focus on that...
    3954 days ago
    She isn't being stubborn, she isn't even late yet! LMBO I think every new mom expects to go early, just keep cooking that baby, she will come, no doubt there!
    3954 days ago
    That is wonderful that you are truly trying to enjoy every moment of this time period in life. Keeping notes and videos of this time frame will be wonderful to look back on. I hope the delivery goes smoothly for you! God bless!
    3954 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1808545
    All in good time, my dear, all in good time.

    But, I hope it's soon! LOL
    3954 days ago
    I agree with NATF, nipplestimulation apparently increases hormones that encourage labor. I enjoy watching the birth stories on tv. and i've seen a couple women who's midwives and doulas have the women walking and rubbing their nipples.

    3954 days ago
  • MIK113
    I love your blogs! Good luck with everything. I drank a bottle of castor oil to induce my birth, it's a controversial method, but it worked for me!
    3954 days ago
    She will be here soon. I can't wait to she pictures of her! HUGS! Hang in there Mom!
    3954 days ago
    I don't even know you but this blog made me tear up with excitement for you! Congratulations on your little girl! I hope she comes out soon!

    Gosh, I can't wait until it's my time to create a little one!
    3954 days ago
    :) Soon!!! I know I'm psyched to hear the full birth story, and I'm sending you happy thoughts for a smooth experience! I've definitely heard the full moon thing before, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
    3954 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2644837
    So no birth while I was running my race. :)
    I was thinking about you when I was running it though.
    I'm voting for Thursday...the first!
    3954 days ago
  • MANDAO97
    Reading your pregnancy blogs makes me feel full of job and a bit giddy for you. She will be here so soon and she is so lucky to have such wonderful parents who already love her so much! So cute that you can see her little feet through your stomach.
    3954 days ago
  • BELG64
    I still have to meet a mom waiting patiently for the birth of her child! HA! That will be the day! What you are going through is perfectly normal but I would , just like you, eat as much spicy stuff as I can take and go for a really long walk! Good luck!!!!!! Never heard the one about the full moon, let's see!
    3954 days ago
  • AKA639
    ::crosses fingers for the full moon:: Either way, SOO excited for you!
    3954 days ago
    It is in God's hands and it will be His perfect timing! One can still pray though. emoticon I will continue to pray that everything happens when it is suppose to and that it happens easily!
    3954 days ago
    Okay, I didn't read all of the responses so I don't know if it's been mentioned yet or not and of course, if not I would be the one to mention it. I've heard this before but 2 of my co-workers swore by it...sex and err...'nipple play.' They both said they thought it was an old wives tale but within 3 hours things had started movin. Sounds more fun than indigestion!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3954 days ago
    I can't wait for you emoticon
    3954 days ago
  • NAENAE1213
    I'm impatient too....but then, in some ways, I'm not totally ready for her to be here just yet....(uh, those sleepless nights all over again....). But yeah, it's getting a bit hard...all this waiting. At least for me, I KNOW that if she doesn't come any sooner, the absolute end for me is next Tuesday. One way or another, I'll be the mommy of 2 by this time next week!!

    Hang in there!!!
    3954 days ago
    Keep walking...and try to enjoy these times. You're so very close..whether it's a day or another week, it's a blink in her lifetime with you.HUGS!
    3954 days ago
    I have been wondering about the progress. Well, I hope all of your ideas work! Literally any minute now!!
    3954 days ago
    It's all about what Michaela wants and especially with the first one it's so unpredictable. You could be early, you could be late, you just never know;) Hang in there because she will be worth the wait!!! I remember missing being pregnant in the worst way, but he is so special and now he is turning 11!!! YIKES!!! Savor every moment, as I know you will!!!

    Keep us posted, can't wait for the pics of her:)

    3954 days ago
    Yep, they come out when they are good and ready! lol
    enjoy! all the BEST!!
    3954 days ago
    The full moon tonight has me a bit hopeful as well! Very excited for you!
    3954 days ago
    Hello Jen,

    As difficult as this may seem, savor your last moments Jen, because when she's here, she is HERE!! And that's the way it will be.

    I remember getting a mani-pedi as I didn't want my feet to look badly during the delivery, nor my gardner's hands to be too rough on her. I put a henna on my hair so my hair would be shiny. Fell asleep, woke up and then... woooosssshhhh... WATER BROKE!!

    I then wanted her to stay in there because there was no way I wanted my baby born with me looking like Don King.

    It all worked out. Labor was easy, she got born (I love that saying), and I went home the day she was born.

    It's like a production, all the anxiety, excited and then BAMMM, she will be here. You will nurse just fine and your family will begin its next chapter.

    Your next question will be, OK Mich... how long is too long to nurse you?

    May all the happiness and goodness in the Universe be with you all.

    Here she comes!!


    3954 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/30/2010 12:16:25 PM
    3954 days ago
    My last daughter wasn't born until 42 1/2 weeks. I was living in Okinawa at the time and for the most part, they don't care for inductions. She was a monster too. 10 lb 4 oz. On the upside though, I was dialated to a 6 before labor ever started. I went in for a check up and the doctor decided to just break my water and go from there. She was born 45 minutes later.
    3954 days ago
    That is so exciting Jen! She is 9 days past your due date huh? Well she just wants to make a grand entrance is all!
    Eat some spicy food.. and hmmm the full moon thing I have never heard before that is interesting. I cannot wait to hear your birthing story and cannot wait to meet you lil' girl too! Wishing you ALL the luck in your Delivery! Anyday now Momma..........
    3954 days ago
    Exciting! I remember being VERY impatient to see my girls too~ I will be praying that all continues to go well and goes well with the birth of your sweet little angel. God bless emoticon
    3954 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4155065
    Waiting for your gorgeous bundle is the hardest part sometimes! They come when they are ready, sometimes early, on time or late...but when she gets here it will be such a joyous moment! It's so hard to be patient during this time. I recommend that you rest as much as you can while you can. Of course I know how hard it is to rest when you are so excited and anticipating the arrival of your beautiful girl! Best wishes!! emoticon
    3954 days ago
    Waiting is hard!!! I know when I was told that I could have them anytime after 27 weeks and then at 37 weeks they would not get out!!! But one night they did come and it was perfect. They were perfect! You are right that she will be born with Gods perfect timing. I will be praying for your birth to go beautifully and that your beautiful girl arrives in absolute perfection. Bless you and your husband as well as your little bundle who you will meet soon.
    3954 days ago
  • JBMT08
    I am so happy to see that you are enjoying this blissful time! You know she will come out when she is good and ready. Right now, she just wants you to see her feet thru your belly!
    3954 days ago
  • SINGER73
    How exciting!!! Try not to think about the due date. Just know that your little one will come when she is fully cooked emoticon

    God is preparing you for all of the unexpected exciting things to come.
    3954 days ago
  • MRSSASS2010
    It's so close Jen. Focus on these last precious minutes. I would be out of my mind like you just wanting to hold her, but especially since you've had some a great pregnancy, cherish these last few moments.

    I can't wait to hear her birth story! I hope it happens soon for you (and for us..lol!) and see pictures of your little miracle!

    3954 days ago
  • JEM0622
    Waiting is the hardest, but you will hold that beautiful lady soon enough and will be over the moon happy. Enjoy the kicks, stretches, and rolls. Oh how I miss that! And the baby grill is closed here. emoticon Just think...a healthy baby with no NICU time. emoticon
    3954 days ago
    With my first I was 3 days over due. She came after we did some "speed" miniature golf with friends (where we ran around doing the course going as fast as we could), having spicy mexican food and it also being a full moon.

    So maybe there's hope for you and your little one soon. Good luck! It will go great!

    Casey Anne
    3954 days ago
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