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Pregnancy Update...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

16 days until my due date, and ??? days until I deliver! Who knows! If I am going off of my doctors guess, we could have 1 day or we could have 6 or 7 days. Michaela could choose to be stubborn (like her Momma) and stay in there until Easter. I have been showing signs that make me think something will happen soon but I have learned that you really never know.

The other night was hard. I was in so much pain. My husband bless his heart managed to make me laugh and smile through it all but it was a very difficult night. I started having pressure really low, and when I say pressure, I seriously cannot describe how bad it was. Then the pain moved and was in my back along with my lower abdomen. These were NOT contractions but rather a deep, deep, intense pressure that would not go away. I soaked in a warm bath which helped my back and squatted and leaned on the bed which seemed to help as well but it was not a fun night. All of this happened at 4 am, I was totally asleep and it woke me up. The same thing happend the night before with a BIG contractions waking me up.

Fast forward to Sunday. I was having more contractions which were strong and frequent but not regular. The closest was 11 mins apart and 2 that were about 21 mins apart and the rest were all over the place. So I guess my body was getting ready but still not the real thing. This is hard for me as I always tend to get my hopes up. I told my parents and husband the other day I feel like my uterus is crying wolf! Teasing me into thinking this is it and then nothing! It can be hard emotionally. My mother did not have any contractions prior to me being born. She was out working in the garden and BAM, her water broke and then the pain started. I guess my body is different and likes to practice more for the real thing I guess.

I am doing well though, breathing and relaxing through each contraction which has helped. I find a focal point, breath and relax my face and it seems to be helping. Now if I can only remember to do this when the real thing happens! LOL!

All in all I am doing well. Yesterday I was out shopping for most of the day and got to much done then I came home and crashed! By 9 pm my husband was putting me to bed and I slept all way way until almost 9 this morning! WOW! I did have to get up several times in the night as I was restless for some reason. So was my husband. Guess it is more of the baby bootcamp getting us ready for the big day. I was just so tired last night and felt truly terrible but somehow have managed to keep a smile and be grateful for each phase of this amazing journey as hard as the days can be.

I am resting today then this afternoon I have another prenatal massage! I just love getting those and who knows, it maybe my last one before I give birth!! Our 38 weeks appointment is on Thursday and I am so curious to see how I am progressing!

Thanks for the comments and goodies! You guys are the best!

I am off to enjoy a very lazy pregnant lady day! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey Momma! Good thing your DH is helping you along the way. I know that mine will be the same. I am so excited for you girl! Man to feel that pain, that would have me calling the hospital and going in...

    Did you call the Hospital? or did you just know because the contractions were too far apart that it was false labor? I cannot imagine the pain you felt, not sure I want to feel that. LOL.. I am 20 wks now and still haven't felt any kicks??? When did you start to feel kicks???

    You know I have heard that a massage can bring on Labor sometimes, that and Spicy food.........so have you had any Thai lately???? I have... LOL...

    Congrats for making it sooooooo far! Here is to a Wonderful, Blessed Rest of your Pregnancy and Labor and Birth! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3947 days ago
    I sometimes wake up with intense pressure down there too. For me it's usually having to go to the bathroom. I know that sounds strange, but I can walk normal and everything AFTER I go to the bathroom. Except I don't feel like I have to go to the bathroom! It just feels like something heavy crushing my pelvic bones. Are you totally confused now? Me too! But the pain and pressure is gone once I go so that does help. I do feel like I am walking with a coconut between my legs these days. lol. Just be thankful you don't have older ones asking you personal questions! Today my son made a comment about the baby coming out of someone's rear... ummm... I told him that doesn't happen and now he's confused and I really don't want to talk about it! But he's gotta learn sometime... ugh... just one more thing for me to take care of! lol. Yeah, we'll probably be discussing that at the same time that he finds out that babies don't drink from their mom's stomachs....
    3952 days ago
  • FITAT50
    Any day, so excited for you!!
    3952 days ago
    Your body is getting ready for the big day! So exciting! Enjoy the relaxing day.
    3952 days ago
  • LYSH05
    yeah!!! how exciting!!!
    3952 days ago
    It is almost time for you to have this little Michaela to come into the world! I love that name and had wanted to call my daughter Michaela (She came into the world on April 9th) but my ex-husband wanted Jessica so Jessica she became!

    I am so excited for you and your husband! Take care and I will be think and praying for you and your little Michaela!
    3952 days ago
    Sorry to hear about all the pain and torture...but it will soon be over and you will have a beautiful baby that will make all that pain worth it. i am soooo excited for you...hugs.
    3953 days ago
    Rest up because once that baby comes there wont be much time for it!! I say we start a due date game for you...I predict March 31st!! emoticon
    3953 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2644837
    You are getting lots of practice for labor!
    And you will do GREAT when the real time comes!

    I remember the excitement of all the anticipation of when and where. So exciting!
    Just get lots of rest, when you can, now.

    So excited for you!!!
    And, that would be AWESOME if you are in labor and delivery as I am going through "labor & delivery" of my first half. LOL!
    3953 days ago
    Rest up and chill out as much as you can before the big event. Enjoy the massage.
    3953 days ago
    Crying wolf is right! LOL!!! I remember those steady contractions with each of my births.....I really do understand.... emoticon your body is warming up for labor.....so unpredictable. The bottom line is that you are prepared, and now it is up to God's timing.

    Your baby will be on time! Enjoy these last quiet relaxing days....keep reserving that energy as you will need it after birth. You are doing so well! I am so Happy for you!

    love ~ Laura
    3953 days ago
    Getting my first prenatal massage on Friday! woo hoo! It's interesting to me that you can start having this kind of pressure, etc. beforehand. It think I've watched too much TV and think that there is no pain until the water breaks!
    3953 days ago
    You deserve this lazy day! Enjoy them b/c they will be far and few btwn when she comes! You are doing so well on knowing what is going on with your body! I am so proud of you. Labor will be an awesome experience for you. Continue to be positive, her time is coming....very soon! Blessings to you.
    3953 days ago
    YEAH!!! Your body is getting ready for the real thing,Jen!!! I'm so so sooooo excited for you! I know, b/c of your love for hard workouts,that you WILL coast thru labor and delivery. Yes, it's going to be tough-but soo very worth it. One contx at a time, just like one set of reps weightlifting. There's almost always a small break between to catch your breath and then get refocused!!! EEEEEKKKK!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! HUGS!!!!! Enjoy that massage!
    3953 days ago
    Thanks for the update- all sounds "normal" to me btw. Of course, I'm sorry you were in pain- glad Micah was right there.
    3953 days ago
    Sounds like you are getting really close!! If you are like me, you might just roll over in bed and your water break at 5 in the morning. I'm excited for you!! Your little darling will be here before you know it!!
    3953 days ago
    Good luck with your beautiful little girl, she will be here before you know it, And then time will really fly! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3953 days ago
    So, when do we get to start placing our bets for the delivery date? I bet your baby girl will be here before Easter, but I am not ready to guess an exact date yet. Anyhow, it's amazing how the human body works and it looks like your body is starting to get ready for the miracle of birth!! We are all so excited for you! emoticon
    3953 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/23/2010 12:59:06 PM
  • NAENAE1213
    Definitely enjoy these last lazy days! YOu deserve them!!
    Those pre-contractins are just cruel, aren't they?! BUT, I always figured that they just HAD to be doing something in there. Good luck and if we don't see you around for a bit, we'll know why!

    Lot's of hugs and blessings your way!!
    3953 days ago
    Sorry to hear you've been uncomfortable, but this is such an exciting time!! Best wishes with that soon to be baby. There is nothing better in life than children!
    3953 days ago
    yay i bet you are so excited. not much longer and you'll see your beautiful little girl!
    3953 days ago
    It sounds like it's just about that time!! Hang in there, I'm sure it won't be much longer. Enjoy your lazy time, while you can! emoticon
    3953 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1808545
    I had contractions everyday around 6:00pm for almost two weeks! I was then in labor for 32 hours before she was finally born by emergency c-section. And you know what? It was ALL worth it!

    Hang in there! There is the most precious gift waiting for you!!

    3953 days ago
    I've been wondering how you were doing! Sounds like it's any day now!o exciting! Enjoy these lazy days because you won't have them much longer but it will all be worth it!! emoticon
    3953 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3953 days ago
    Enjoy these last few moments the best you can. I know that they're uncomfortable (and sometimes painful!), but they really are precious. We believe our family is complete, and it makes me a little sad to know I'll never have that feeling again! Enjoy it...your princess will be here before you know it!
    3953 days ago
    It will pass quickly although it seems like it is dragging right now. That's just because you are anxious and excited! Rest now! emoticon
    3953 days ago
    I love reading your updates. I wouldn't be surprised if your baby arrived a few days early because of the pressure in your pelvis (thats the little one.) Rest as much as you can because as soon as she is here you won't get to rest much anymore. What my parents did that worked really well was create shifts so my Mom would stay up until midnight with us (I have an older brother with some minor disabilities) and then my Dad would get up at midnight and take over until 5 am. They say that worked really well.

    Much emoticon for your baby!
    3953 days ago
  • TAZZYM150
    Well maybe just maybe you will have her on Saturday. Which would be great because the best little girls are born on March 27th if you don't believe me ask my mom she had me March 27th 45 years ago. So hang in there till Saturday.
    3953 days ago
    Those last few weeks are the hardest, hang in there girl!

    3953 days ago
    Sorry to hear about having pain. :( It's all so worth it when you hold your child for the first time! I hope that things will go smoothly for you...Lots of rest and enjoy that massage! emoticon
    3953 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    Oh honey, I hope that massage helps you out on your journey here..I dont thinkg anyone is the same with their pregnancies. Some people are in labor for 34 hours and some have their kid in 6! Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing...soaking, massage and breathing, your husband sounds amazing. It sounds like breathing classes/lamaze is probably a good thing to look into. Find your happy place hon *HUGS* your little girl must be anxious to see her beautiful Mama! : ) xoxooxo
    3953 days ago
  • FIT-4-DAWN
    Enjoy your massage! Those are the best!! It really could be any day now!! I bet you are waiting to fill out your census to see if you need to count Michaela in or not, depending on if she comes before April 1st!
    3953 days ago
    Get all the sleep you can now....crossing fingers it will be soon.
    3953 days ago
    Awhhhh I'm sorry to hear you are having pain...just try your very best to relax and breathe through it! You are right...your body is practicing for the big event! It will be SO WORTH it when you see that little angel come into our world! Big hugs and enjoy your wonderful massage..think good thoughts and your little Michaela will soon be in her mommy and daddy's arms...but get all the sleep you can before then! I'm just sayin'..... emoticon emoticon
    3953 days ago
    Down to the wire, Jen! As far as these "false alarms"... that must be so aggravating. My mom had no advance warning for me. It was the same as your mom. She was minding her own business and her water broke. I was actually almost born in the car on the way to the hospital! HA! So maybe it's good that you're getting some head's up of what to expect!

    Hang in there!
    3953 days ago
  • MIK113
    Poor girl! I love hearing your positive attitude even throughout the pain! Sounds like things will be happening soon, good luck!
    3953 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1425027
    You will "forget" about all this pain soon enough, when you hold her in your arms for the first time!

    Cant wait to see her!!!

    This has been such a quick pregancy - on our end! Seems like just the other day you were announcing it! Bet it doesn't seem that fast to you though!

    3953 days ago
    Getting close. Good luck with the birth!
    3953 days ago
    Sorry about the pain sweetie! I'm glad you have such a wonderful husband to help you out! I have a feeling she is going to come soon...maybe in the next week, before Easter! Enjoy your massage today!
    3953 days ago
    Keep up the good attitude! I hope that the little one comes soon for you! Have a good day!
    3953 days ago
    Ahhh the ugly truth of late pregnancy....I had a wonderful time until about 36-37 weeks... I know you know this but it's all worth it! HUGS
    3953 days ago
    Sounds like she's practicing for her big debut! Sorry you have to be in pain but it'll be over soon enough and you can begin mommyhood! Enjoy your massage and the last few days of being preggers!
    3953 days ago
  • MRSSASS2010
    Sorry about the pain and discomfort you're going through right now. You're a trooper! Keep your eye on the prize... she'll be here SO SOON!!!

    3953 days ago
    Enjoy your lazy day & your massage!
    3953 days ago
    Sounds like your getting very close and yes the pressure it part of getting ready. I know when I had my first the pressure was very intense at 32 weeks and come to find out I was already dilating so off to bed rest I went. I am sure they will check you and see if anything is going on and I wish you all the best in having the baby. I had one back last June and she is just a joy. I also have a daughter named Mikayla as well who is nine. I also have a birthday coming on March 30th so she may end up on my birthday.
    Good luck!!
    3953 days ago
    That sounds rough! I'm sure this will all be 100% worth it when you get to stare into your baby girl's eyes!
    3953 days ago
    It's great your body is getting you ready...so you know how to manage your contractions and the birth process. I never had contractions, prior to my water breaking and my labor was intense!
    Enjoy your rest days...and massage! emoticon
    3953 days ago
  • SINGER73
    I never really has any bad contractions until well within my labor. My BH were not that bad at all. The best thing you can do is just try to relax and work WITH them and not against them by tensing up. Every time I had then I would tell myself, that is just my baby getting ready to be born. It really helps when you don't think of it as pain. I'm with your doctor, I don't think that you will make it until your due date but God only knows.
    3953 days ago
  • JBMT08
    I hope everything works out well!!! I cant wait to have a lazy preggo day!!
    3953 days ago
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