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Thursday, March 18, 2010

If you've seen my status update, you know that I went out to a flat tire this morning. Urgh!!! I am STILL mad about it and it happened hourssss ago. Now, like I'd mentioned previously, our new Camry was at the dealership getting some stuff taken care of. It was supposed to be dropped off at my house last night after 6, but obviously it wasn't. DF's car was in the shop having the CV joints replaced, so he was driving my Mustang and I was driving my old Camry. So two of the cars were in the shop and one had a flat and DF is two hours away and I have 0 friends in town. Awesome. I called DF's sister that lives by us and she didn't answer. I didn't really want to call anyone else so I figured I could change the tire on my own. DF in this time has apparently called his whole family and his brother then calls me telling me he can be over in an hour to help me change the tire. I declined and told him I'd figure something out. Now, I know for a FACT that the spare tire hasn't seen light in at least 3 years (unless Discount Tire checks the spare when I take it in to them) so I wasn't even sure the spare would hold up...or even be in the trunk for that matter! Thankfully my dad puts emergency kits into the back of all of our cars that contain: jumper cables, a tire jack, a can of fix-a-flat, and a tire pressure gauge. Loving my father at this point, I used the can of fix-a-flat to inflate the tire enough to drive it to Discount Tire. An hour later I’m on my way to work. Now, if Toyota had delivered my car last night like they’d told us, this wouldn’t have been an issue at all, but of course, bad things come in threes. Gr.

DSS and I made a cake for DF last night for St Patty’s Day. DSS really wanted cake and DF has been suffering from my lack of sweets in the house so I figured it would be okay. We made a simple yellow cake—with green mixed in of course—and I made a light chocolate drizzle to put over the top. It turned out really well and DSS and DF both loved it. Unfortunately, I decided to have a piece as well and ended up eating probably ¼ of the cake. Gross, I know, but it happened. My tummy was NOT a happy camper after that! This morning I planned to run but got a late start so I figured I’d just do two miles and call it a day. I was running faster than normal, I knew that, but when I finished my two miles and looked at my watch it said 16 minutes and some change. WHAT?! I of course thought that I must have only run 1.5 miles instead of 2 since the time was so short but I checked it on the Spark maps and it was for sure 2 miles! Well, 1.99 but still! Two miles in 16ish minutes?! Wahoo! On my way up in this recovery world! Hopefully I can keep a similar pace this weekend for my long run and maybe get a PR next Saturday at my 10k race!

Today is DF’s “Friday” since they’re working 10s again this week and I said that as he left for work today so all day I’ve been thinking it was Friday. That’s disappointing. He’s working tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday so it’s not really Friday, but the weekend work is at a different job site so technically it’s his Friday. I wish it were Friday… It definitely feels like it. Though I do have a weigh-in tomorrow and I’m kind of nervous about it. That cake last night is NOT going to go over well on the scale. ):

And lastly, we did lots more talking last night about the wedding. DF loves the idea of alternating fish bowls and fruit centerpieces, so now we may be going that direction. We’ll have lots of kids at the wedding so we figure there will be at least SOMEONE who will take a fish or two home. We just need to remember to bring bags and nets to catch the fish! The fruit centerpieces we’ll definitely push as appetizers, dessert, snack, or whatever and then push people to take them home. Heck, if someone will put the fruit in bags for us, DF and I will take them on our honeymoon, hehe! Someone suggested that I ask caterers if they do similar arrangements since EA is so expensive, and we think that is a great idea! I also suggested to DF that my sisters and I could make them the day before/of at home for much cheaper, but he said he’d rather shell out the money and save the stress. So true. If we end up having to go with EA and it’s too expensive, we’ll just do fruit on one or two tables and then fish or something else on the rest. Ahh decisions. (:

I’ve been really unmotivated this week, but I’m finally getting better about it. Once again, I’ve been sick all week so that hasn’t been helping. Seriously, this weather is ridiculous. It was 48 this morning when I was running and 88 when I was coming home from work on Tuesday night. What the?! Oh well, at least it isn’t in the 100*s yet!

I really and truly hope all my SP friends are doing ok. I promise I’ll be checking in with you all soon. It’s just really been hectic lately. Keep on keepin’ on, Spark Friends!!
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  • NEA704
    I can't even imagine what it would be like to run 2 miles that fast! Heck, I can't imagine what it would be like to run 2 miles! It's been a good 8 years since that task has even been put in front of me! Lol. But great job!!

    And I agree with DH on paying someone else to do the fruit pieces; they'll look really nice, and the day before your wedding is not the time you're going to want to spend putting something like that together. We (meaning bridesmaids, sister, and sister's other friend) put together our bouquets for her wedding the night before...I had to rush over from my mom's house to fix the situation, because my sister's friend who was supposed to be helping had a huge hissy-fit meltdown and left them hanging and she was soooo upset. She saved a lot of money on the flowers, but it was a lot of stress! Anything you can do to make your life easier immediately before the big day, take it!
    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2833646
    Be careful who gets the fish! emoticon My sister gave me one in a bowl from her wedding in Louisiana, 10 hours away, and we drove the whole way back trying to keep the fish in the bowl! A few weeks later, I gave it away because nobody in the family paid attention to it or feed it. emoticon I haven't told her this yet and it's been several years.
    We use Sevcik's for our cars - they are really nice. They have fixed flats for us for free sometimes., but we are constant customers emoticon

    That's a great run! Keep it up!

    I agree - let someone else make the deals and save you stress. It will be worth it.
    3632 days ago
    wow 2 miles in 16 minutes??? that is impressive!
    3632 days ago
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