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Jen's Healthy Habit Survey!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I stole this from my spark friend SINGER73. I thought it was fun so here is my survey......

1. What did you eat for breakfast?
** Oatmeal, Bobs high fiber cereal, ground flaxseeds, wheat germ, dried cranberries and apple.

2. How much water do you drink a day?
** Oh goodness! I drink a ton, always have. I usually hit 128 oz a day but lately during pregnancy I have been aiming for 1.5 gallons or 192 oz. The bathroom is a dear friend of mine! LOL!

3. What is your favorite workout?
** A long strong bike ride, Strength training lifting hard and heavy!!! Cathe Butts and Guts DVD along with her Drill Max DVD...LOVE IT! A good swim outside, and a strong run, oh I miss that! Basically I LOVE working out and miss it dearly!

4. What is your favorite fruit?
** EVERYTHING!!! But if I had to choose a favorite it would be strawberries, blueberries and mango.

5. What is your favorite vegetable?
** Spinach, tomatoes, and red bell peppers and sweet potatoes - OH and butternut squash!

6. How many calories do you burn a week?
** Now days, hardly any but back in the day I would burn anywhere from 3,500 to 7,000 depending on the race I was training for. I miss those super long workouts with massive calorie burns!

7. How many calories do you eat a day?
** Now, 1500 -1800 but before pregnancy when I was working out hard it was around 1,800 - 2,000 depending on my workouts, but some days I would hit 2,200 on long hard workout days.

8. What are your favorite healthy snacks?
Apple and Naturally More Peanut Butter! I am a peanut butter NUT....LOL!

9. What do you usually eat for lunch?
** It varies, sometimes cottage cheese, pineapple with a salad with chicken, other days maybe a big protein shake with apple and peanut butter. Totally depends on the day. Today I am having homemade chicken salad on fiber bread with fresh spinach and tomato!

10. What is usually for dinner?
** Like lunch it varies. But I love homemade Buffalo Chili, Lemon Chicken, and my favorite thing to cook is Thai food. I am crazy about Thai and love cooking it healthy! Like cutting low fat coconut milk with skim milk and using brown rice. So much can be done to make it healthy and it taste SOOO good!!

11. What is your favorite body part to strength train?
** Legs, arms and back....basically everything. I love ST! But I do not do calves, with biking and running those get enough for me. I would say my favorite move though is pushups! I used to hate them and could not do just one but then I started P90X and WOW! I grew to LOVE those pushups! Dive bombers and close grips are my favorite!

12. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?
** Do not really have now, I love to lift....and lift HARD!

13. What is your least favorite exercise?
** Yoga, it takes a lot for me to sit still for that long! LOL! I want to move around too much!

14. What is your favorite exercise?
** Biking, Running, Lifting Weights and Swimming, I love doing Triathlons. I did 4 of them in 2009 and before that I did several in high school before gaining my weight. To me it is just so much FUN!

15. What are your "bad" food cravings?
** Oh my, where do I start! LOL! DO NOT put in front of me a big jar of peanut butter, you know the yummy kind like Jif...I will devour it before your eyes! I love any kind of nuts, almonds, peanuts everything! I also LOVE cheese, I cannot tell you how much I love goat, feta, brie and Gorgonzola! But my all time favorite is called Delice de Bourgogne! Oh my word, it is so good! It is so soft and creamy....ok I have to stop talking about this, I am getting hungry! LOL! Next question.....

16. What is your go to workout song?
** Oh my, I cannot list them all because there is not enough time in the day! But a few of them are....
Going the Distance from Rocky...yes, it is true! I LOVE that soundtrack! But this song is by far my favorite!
M1 heaven sent from the Total Workout Mix Disc 1 - that is a great CD but all techno, but good to run to because of the beats, also I like Progressive Attack and Crazy from Brooklyn Bounce.

17. Do you take vitamins or supplements?
** OH yes! I am a BIG fan of New Chapter and Garden for Life.

18. How often do you eat out?
** Usually once a week

19. Do you eat fast food?
** No, not really but I do eat Subway and Chick- fila sometimes when out and I need something to eat.

20. How do you stay motivated?
** I look at old pictures of me when I gained all my weight in college. I also think of those people out there who cannot run, lift, bike or swim and I try not to take one day for granted. I want to go out there and give it my all.

21. Who is your biggest supporter?
** My husband by far! He is amazing! But my whole family has really kept me going with so much support. And I could not have made it this far without Spark! This site changed my life!

22. How much weight have you lost?
** 70 lbs before baby and hopefully soon will loose my baby weight and then I will maybe go for another 10 or 15, not sure as I am not too focused on weight so much as fitness and fitting into clothes.

23. How did you determine your goal weight?
** I have not really. I want to stay a size 6, but a strong runner and athlete. That is really all I care about. I want lean, strong muscle and to ROCK a strong half marathon this year. To me that is more important than a number on a scale.

24. Do you have a gym membership?
** Yes though I will not be using for awhile after I give birth so I have a gym in my house now for me to use while Michaela is young. Then I will head back to the gym.

25. How often do you work out?
** Before baby - all the time! LOL! I love working out, it was never a chore or something I dreaded, I would rather workout than do anything! I would workout 5 -6 days a week and anywhere from 60 mins to several hours depending on the race or what I was training for.

26. How did you find Spark?
** Googled it back in 2007. I signed up Feb 2007 but never used the site until November of 2007. I was too scared and did not want to post pics as I was so big. It is something I regret. I wish I would have started that day in February instead of waiting so long to get going on the site. I learned from this to START NOW! Do not put off something until later because of fear!

27. How much sleep do you get a night?
** Usually a good 6 - 8 hours although that is about to change! Our little girl is coming and I have a feeling I will not be getting much sleep for the next 18 years....LOL!

28. Are you a morning or night workout person?
** I like to workout mid-morning say, 9:30.

29. Do you have a "cheat" day?
** YES!! I totally believe in it too! Gotta treat yourself, then get back to staying on track knowing that another cheat day is on its way!! It has worked for me while I was pregnant and before when I lost all my weight.

30. Do you drink soda?
** No, I am more of a juice person but because of the calories in juice I stick to water mostly.

31. Do you drink alcohol? How much?
** No.

32. What is your favorite thing about Spark?
** Where do I start? I love the support you find on the teams, the logging of foods/ fitness and the blogs where I can be accountable as to what I am eating and how much I am working out.

33. What do you not like about your body? What do you love about your body?
** Nothing really. I have learned to be positive about what I have been given and if I am not happy about the way I look, well fine, eat better and get moving! I love most about my body right now is my big baby belly! To me is NOT fat, it is my little miracle growing and I think it is a privilege to have it!

34. Do you have a workout buddy?
** No, it has always been just me, but I like it that way. I can grunt and go crazy with my workouts! I like to workout hard so I can go at my own pace. I guess my only workout partner has been my HRM who tells me if I am workout out too hard or if I need to step it up!

35. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to this Healthy Lifestyle?
** Absolutely everything! I am back to the girl I once knew in high school before I gained all my weight. I am outgoing and not ashamed of how I look anymore. I am confident. I am determined, and very goal driven. I love life in a way I never have before!

WOW! That was FUN! It was a nice break from my busy day. Now I am off to take my dog to the groomer, he needs to look good for when Michaela comes home! LOL!

Have a blessed day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CRICKET217
    It was fun reading your responses to this survey. I too am a total PB freak and love cheese. We have a wonderful, little store in our town that offers a variety of local cheeses, YUM! I will have to try out the Naturally More PB-- on a mission to find it this weekend- LOL!

    I had never heard of the trainer Cathe, but have checked out her site. Not sure that I'm ready to try the Butts and Guts video, but I'm considering buying her Cardio Hit dvd. I was able to view a clip of her videos, and she is just what I've been looking for to add to my collection of fitness dvd's

    Thanks for the tips :)
    3926 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    Great self exploration...May do same blog...thanks for sharing.
    3933 days ago
    I'm a little behind in reading this, but had to add a comment because Delice de Bourgogne is my favorite cheese as well. Where do you find it here? I usually have to bring a bunch back with me when I am traveling in the northeast.

    Also, have you looked into the Morgan HypnoBirthing method? I haven't purchased the book/CD yet, but think I might.

    You must be so excited about your upcoming big day. I'm so happy for you!
    3947 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this survey. It has been extremely encouraging just as your whole page and your life journey has been. THank you for being a motivation to all.
    3950 days ago
    As usual...your blogs rock!!
    3954 days ago
  • EAZYE2302
    Michaela is a beautiful name aww!!

    I just think you are really lovely.

    I loved reading this blog 'I too love to workout and train alone - well me my Ipod and HRM I have 2 my Polar and Garmin.

    I love your outlook - the home gym is a good idea too.

    If you don't mind I am going to do the quiz too
    All the best

    3955 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6892401
    I liked your blog. I wrote down some quotes of yours for my inspiration journal, "a long, strong bike ride" and "if I am not happy about the way I look, well fine, eat better and get moving!". I have a small, fluffy dog (a havanese). What kind of dog do you have? I have been using a mobile groomer that comes to my house with big bubbles on the side. I like it because my doggie is only in there 45 minutes. Just a tip if you have one in your area and it might be convenient for you once baby is here. I find you very inspiring and your baby belly IS beautiful (can't wait to have one myself), even though the weight gain is a freak out while you're currently trying to lose weight-ha!
    3955 days ago
    I love peanut butter too! When I was pregnant I am sure I had peanut butter every single day!
    3956 days ago
  • NAENAE1213
    You are so motivating!! I hope to be 1/2 that motivated some day....LOL!

    Way to go!!
    3956 days ago
  • SINGER73
    Love it. #15 - I love cheese too but I when I was reading your response I was thinking "get a room" emoticon

    I was inspired to workout hard like I used to now that I'm back at the gym. Thanks for the inspiration.
    3956 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2644837
    Loved reading this!
    3956 days ago
    I really enjoyed reading this blog... you are so fun!

    Your DH and baby are so lucky to have you!

    Where do you suggest I get an HRM
    and what brand....is yours??
    Thank you ahead for the information!!

    3956 days ago
  • GINA7249
    love the name ur goign to name ur baby. very nice name. ur doggie should look good for ur special day.
    3956 days ago
    Great blog! I need to hang out with you more often. LOL! Maybe your love of working out will motivate me to do more.
    3956 days ago
    Girl--You're right about not getting as much sleep in just a few short weeks!!! Good luck in all your fun new experiences coming up! Working out definitely changes after you have a baby too...You can still do it, it's just shorter...different...and more busy (picture me trying to fit in a Jillian Michael's Metabolism Boost DVD but instead of doing the entire jumping jack segment, I am running after my daughter who is crawling towards the stairs instead...)...but it can still be done...and your husband sounds like mine...the kind of guy who will give you a few moments to yourself a few times a week to do a more intense workout for yourself...

    :) :) :)
    3956 days ago
    Loved it!! Thanks for sharing!!
    3956 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    Jen that was an awesome read, thanks for posting all of that! I learned so much about you in one post :D
    3956 days ago
  • AKA639
    Great blog! Totally hooked on peanut butter too. YUM! I've gotten hooked on the more organic types (Teddie's) b/c of less sodium and sugar. I also love ST. I currently do a lot of Jillian Michael's and Jackie Warner. Which Cathe DVD's do you recommend? I've been looking at her site for a while. I'm thinking I'd really like them after reading your post.
    3956 days ago
    Such an exciting time! :)
    3956 days ago
    Jen, you are such an inspiration!
    3956 days ago
    emoticon blog, thanks for sharing!
    3956 days ago
    WOW! Very interesting, you have come a long ways. I am so proud of you! emoticon
    3956 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6391126
    Wow, you are very inspiring!
    3956 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1425027
    love this!!!

    tell m&m hi for me!
    3956 days ago
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