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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I forgot to write about my status in my last blog, so I must add it here. In case you don't know, right now my status says "ARunner realized this morning that she feels sexiest in running clothes. Is that weird?" So far, only one person (Marathon_Mom) has answered and she gave a resounding NO! She feels it's something about feeling powerful, etc.

I think I agree. It was a fairly warm morning so I was running in shorts and a racer-back tank. I started off in a jacket but once I warmed up, I took it off so I was running in just shorts, runners, and a tank. As I was in a bit of pain, I was focusing on anything but my hip joints and I noticed that my shoulders, chest, and arms looked DANG GOOD running down the street. I felt sexy, svelte, and strong. I wanted tons of cars to suddenly turn down the street so I could show off my powerful legs, my pumping arms, and my strong gaze. I felt ON FIRE running right then.

I think it also had something to do with the fact that my tummy (my least favorite body part) was covered up but my back, shoulders, and legs were for the most part uncovered. Looking down at my body, I realized that I was fine with having a small chest, because it means that I can put on a sports bra and run for MILES without any pain. I'm fine with having huge runner's thighs, because I can lace up a pair of shoes and run ANYWHERE that I want to. I was perfectly happy with my broad "manly" shoulders because I can strap an iPod to one arm and go for HOURS without being tired.

Give me a pair of running shorts, a racer back tank, and my runners and I would enter any beauty pageant anywhere and honestly believe I stand a fighting chance. My DF loves me in sweats and a tshirt because I'm not worried about if my tummy is sticking out or if you can see the stretch marks on my back or if my thighs are mushed together like melting ice cream. Don't get me wrong, I'll put on a mini skirt and four inch stilettos and still feel on fire, but you can be dang sure my tummy and upper body will be covered. I'm a one body part kind of girl, except when I'm running. Then I want to show off all my goods at once! Oy! It's just something about the fact that when my legs are showing, my arms and shoulders are bare, and my feet are pounding out the miles that makes me feel irresistible. Now, I know for a fact I'm not because my DF has requested sweetly plenty of times that I shower before trying to cuddle up to him after a long run, but it's just something inside of me that makes me feel like "I am a runner, hear me ROAR!" I don't know how to explain it really, but it was just so empowering to feel so sexy wearing shorts and runners this morning.

Maybe some day I'll be brave enough to wear a sports bra and no top and then see how I feel. I see women do it now and I'm so jealous that they're that comfortable doing it. Never once do I think these women look skanky or slutty for wearing just a sports bra and shorts. They look powerful, strong, and determined. THAT is sexy and women runners everywhere are sexy, but these women carry just a bit more sex appeal than the average runner. I think it's because you can tell they love their bodies just the way they are. SOMEDAY that will be ME!!

Happy, sexy running! emoticon
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  • NEA704
    I totally agree with you! You feel awesome about yourself because you're doing something you love, that treats your body well, AND improves your body at the same time! I swam for 8 years, so I understand the strong-shouldered look. I actually had a woman in a store ask me once if I was gymnast because of my upper back/shoulders. Swimming will do the same thing!

    And I definitely feel sexy in racerback tanks. They are one of my favorite things to wear, especially when they scoop low in the front, because I too am very small in the "girls" department, so covering up to my neck just makes me feel flatter. But you're right...we can pull on a sports bra (or even a regular bra sometimes) and run, and jump, and bounce around, and not have to worry about giving ourselves a black eye! Hahaha!!

    Keep being sexy!!
    3629 days ago
    You are so motivating! I wish I had the confidence in my body like you do. I hope someday to look strong and confident in my workout gear-but right now there is way too much jiggle. Feeling sexy running is something to aim for!
    3630 days ago
    sometimes i feel cute in my workout clothes...sometimes...but i totally get it!not weird at all!!
    3630 days ago
    So I plan on writing a blog soon (hopefully tonight) about what I'm about to mention but long story short I plan to start running once I'm back to 100%. And with this running I hope to lose weight and thus become more comfortable with my body and more confident. I am looking forward to wearing the size large racer back tank that I own that now doesn't like to stay down over my tummy while out in public for every one (all of 5 people in the country?) to see!

    I look forward to feeling sexy in my running outfit while sweating up a storm!
    3630 days ago
    hey sometime i feel most beautiful after a hard work out! and runners thighs and broad shoulders are sexy. but you are lucky with the small chest haha
    3630 days ago
    I love the title of your blog! And I totally agree about the women wearing just a sports bra and shorts. They do look powerful, strong, and determined.

    Do I feel Sexy in running clothes? ... Yep for sure
    Do I feel Sexy while running? ... No way

    3630 days ago
    I long for the day when I feel sexiest in my running clothes. I always feel empowered in them, but I know I still have a lot of jiggle and look like a runaway marshmallow when I am running though...haha, at least I am outside moving around!

    Hell. I just got new running sneakers and I feel DAMN SEXY in them! LOL

    By the way, must tell you, read your story about your engagement in the threads...soo sweet AWWEEEE!
    3630 days ago
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