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Hospital bag must haves....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OK, I have been reading everything in sight to figure out what I need for my hospital bag. I have it packed so far but I keep reading all kinds of things that I have not included. So I am turning to my Spark family to give me advice once again!

What would you recommend for me to pack. Also I have read that 0 -3 month sizes can be big on your newborn so should I get a newborn size for her going home outfit even though she will not be able to wear it very long?

Any tips or advice would help! Thanks again! You guys always have such great ideas!

Ok the nesting vibe is calling me so I better get back to work while I have all this energy! emoticon

Happy Tuesday! Make it a great one!!
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    Check to see what your hospital provides if you haven't already. Mine is providing warm slipper socks, hair dryer, and a snack area where you can store snacks in the fridge or take what you want from another snack area for free (Starbucks coffee (for my guests), yogurt parfaits, milk, etc.) They also are providing swaddle blankets, a generic diaper bag with baby caps and some clothing, and have a pump set up in my room to use, etc. So check, then build your list from that.
    3960 days ago
    Gotta have that Boppy pillow! It's a neck saver!! LOL!

    BTW ... motherof10's list covers it all!! And Lasinoh is a GOD send!!

    I'd also take an mp3 player so you could have your own music ... tho in the throes of labor, you're not paying much attention to anything but getting that baby OUT! LOL! My middle child was born while I was watching (somewhat) Fiddler on the Roof ... tho I can't remember what song was being sung!
    3960 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2644837
    Great answers!

    I LOVED having a new nursing gown, robe, socks and slippers for after my shower after birth!

    If nursing, definitely a sleeping nursing bra, pads and Lansinoh...I also LOVE the Lansinoh baby wipes! They are the best! I also suggest if you are nursing the Medela Breast Shells. Those were a LIFE saver. I used them for about 2 weeks after giving birth. I just got them for my SIL who just gave birth on Thursday.

    The 0-3 month outfits are usually too big.
    But I usually only bring one outfit...I dress them for their photo and then do not dress them again until we are going home. The rest of the time I just use the hospital t-shirts.

    Oh, the little hand covers are good too so the baby doesn't scratch her little face.

    I'm sure you are already well prepared!
    So excited for you!!!
    3960 days ago
  • TAMM22
    One thing that I really wished I had taken the first time and made sure I did the second time was my nursing pillow. The hospital pillows are not the greatest (they were thin and they slip and slide) and nursing can be really difficult at first. It is so important to have the baby positioned properly and nursing pillows are the greatest!! Good luck :)
    3961 days ago
    Wow - you've gotten so many great suggestions! My "babies" are now 18 & 15, but I still remember their births very clearly!

    Definitely take your own pillow - I don't know what I would have done without mine: it was so nice to have a piece of "home" with me. And I brought a nice nightgown/robe - it felt good to put them on. My babies were big - 8.15 & 9.8, so no newborn sizes for them! I'm sure she'll look adorable no matter what you put her in. Oh, and, I definitely brought makeup - you see, I scare animals and small children when I don't wear any!

    What an exciting time - thinking of you!
    3961 days ago
  • KAYWEB555
    Oh boy! So many good ideas are listed. OB RN what makes you comfortible. For after. Take what they give you until you deliver walk with the gown as told earlier. SOCKS they are a must have! I loved the treat yourself to a wonderful shower with fantastic special treatment because you have just done something so very special! Have a husband bag! It works the best! Tell him to put what he will need to survie His favorite snacks because he has to keep is strength up! That is why so many dads land on the floor! And have a wonderful blessed time with the whole stay. If you don't have it ask!!! Okay here is the big one I didn't see! YOUR OWN PILLOW ! If your head is comfortible it will make a world of differnece!
    3961 days ago
  • MIK113
    definitely newborn size clothes! I also brought a laptop and DVD's for my hubby to watch. Ipod was good. Everyone here suggested good things but this time around I will remember to pack more things for my husband for the long hours afterwards!
    3961 days ago
    Jen - picture this, your husband comes home from work and you have 1/2 dozen suitcases lined up in the foyer, from all the great suggestions you've gotten. Sorry I can't add anything, my baby was adopted ...... from a shelter. emoticon
    3961 days ago
    Ditto! I think they all covered it! My 2nd baby we were smart and had our Laptop with us to send out photos to family and friends right away. My hubby and I got to do it together, it helped pass some time. I had two C-sections and I loved my own pjs with robe and slippers too.(nonslip) Nursing bra if nursing with cream and pads, you don't want to leak everywhere...b\c you will. LOL. Music, was wonderful for us. My hubby also brought a small bottle of champagne to toast with the family...that was a fun tradition to start and great photos too! Sounds like you are very prepared, yeh! I am so excited for you!
    3961 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Great advice already - only thing I want to strongly agree with is baby wipes! We got so many "free" supplies from the hospital (diapers and formula were WONDERFUL) but no wipes on hand?? That was a shocker. That first poop of meconium...yeah, you need wipes.

    More than one outfit for Michaela. We only brought one or two and one or two newborn poops later and by DH was running to Target LATE that night.

    Definitely your own pads...the hospital ones ARE like diapers. Comfy clothes/socks/slippers for you. Nighties or yoga type pants are good (though they'll be checking you a lot so you'll have to pull pants down - no biggie). Nursing bras or sports bras if you are not planning to nurse (compression helps to stop the milk production). Books/magazines/ipod/camera as mentioned already too. Healthy snacks.

    Oh - also your own shower stuff like soap/conditioner/shampoo. Maybe splurge on something you like but don't get often? I brought a Philosophy gift set that smelled so good and was a little treat for me. That first shower after having the baby is HEAVEN!
    3961 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4158878
    My must haves from a mother of two.
    -Socks (my feet where freezing)
    -Car seat
    -Change for your husband at the vending machine
    -Go ahead and get a couple newborn outfits. My kids were full term and both needed newborn clothes.
    -Brush for your hair!
    -If your breastfeeding, bring the nipple cream! :)
    3961 days ago
    WOW! Jen, you ask and everyone answers! Here's what I take:
    s,phone/charger,phone #list(if it's not all in your cell),book to read while relaxing with baby afterwards, your favorite snacks/drinks(I take a 2liter of Hawaiin Punch b/c I CRAVE it those 2 days after birth), pillow,wipes for baby(our hosp. only provides gauze pads for poopy diapers and then you've got to stand there and warm them in water...). I usually wear home whatever I have worn there. Hubby brings baby's homecoming outfit that day along with the carseat. Hosp. supplies plenty of diapers and blankets and tshirt while there and I use theirpads and ugly disposable panties to save my own from permanent stains. Take your own toiletries though they've got stuff if you forget. Okay-that's my list from memory~I use their gowns(again,to save my own from any staining)and put one on the 'right' way and the other on top, opened in front (IF I don't take my own robe to cover with).
    Micah will have to tear himself away if you absolutely need something you didn't take. :)
    3961 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I brought all kinds of stuff for myself, and the only thing I think I actually used was an issue of oprah magazine, which I read after everyone left as I tried to unwind enough to sleep! Oh, and the camera of course. :-)
    3961 days ago
    must have is a back massager for labor.. no woman in labor should be without one. If you don't have one run.. don't walk to bath and body works to get one.
    3961 days ago
  • SINGER73
    I packed so much and used so little. You gotta have slippers. I got pink ones of course. You should bring a 0-3 outfits AND newborn. You never know what she is going to weigh. I packed clothes but just wore the hospital gowns the whole time. You need going home clothes that will fit. I also didn't use the overnight pads that I brought with me and just used what they provided.

    Don't forget snacks and coins for the vending machine if you or hubby gets hungry after the hospital cafe is closed.

    My hubby had his laptop so I could email family about the birth and photos. They are in NJ and I'm in VA.

    Trust me if you forget anything, your hubby can go get it.
    3961 days ago
    CAMERA!!! I"m sure you have thought of that already!! But don't leave home without it!

    1.) Pillow???? I personally feel more comfortable with my own.
    2.) A couple of changes of clothes for the baby.
    3.) Change of clothes for you!
    4.) Stuff to keep you occupied through contractions (if possible). I found reading a magazine helped a bit as well as my ipod for the times when my husband was sleeping.
    5.) I brought my own pads because I don't like the hospital ones. They feel like diapers!

    I hope this helps!! I"m so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of the big day!
    3961 days ago
  • BELG64
    It looks like a lot of it has been covered! I made sure I had a warm pair of socks for myself and a tennis ball, so my husband could rub it over my back, it felt great! We also took cards to get the to move quicker.
    You are going to be the best prepared mommy on that maternity ward!!!!
    3961 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06

    I need to remember BADLAND's idea for when the time comes!! "when they were inking up my little babies foot for the footprints, stamped my husbands hospital scrub that they gave him (the shirt) and it was SO cute! He walked around with her tiny little footprints on his chest"

    What a wonderful keepsake idea!!! I almost want to print this out myself for when the time comes!! :D
    3961 days ago
    I think that everything I would think of has been covered. Many of the things were given to me by the hospital but every one is different. I did think of (only if you scrapbook) another thing...your album or pages to journal/document everything. I also had brought a paper so that the nurse could stamp Sarah's feet on it for her book. I really hope that your birthing center does the feet on the scrubs for you. It is absolutely cute and we have all three of our girlies' feet on scrubs. Love it!!

    Bring something to pass the time because you MIGHT be in labor for a while. I'm praying that you have a fast, easy and not much pain labor. emoticon
    3961 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1299585
    I would say get a newborn outfit - she may not wear it for long, but 0-3 months might be a little big for her first picture.

    I would also say bring a sleeper just in case. Abby was born Aug. 1 & it was warm outside, but her body temp was cold. We had to borrow a sleeper from the hospital to warm her up.

    One thing we forgot with both of our babies is a blanket for her first photo. We had to use the hospital blanket that has designs on it - didn't necessarily look good with their outfits

    Ipod, snacks, socks or slippers, flip flops, batteries, chargers, and whaterever else you think you may need. Once you have that precious little angel - good luck getting your husband to leave :)
    3961 days ago
  • NAENAE1213
    I second the snacks for hubby! Or at least money ($1's and change) for vending machines.

    - power cords for cameras, phones, laptop, etc.
    - fan (must have for me...I was SO hot and I need one to sleep)
    - some people bring in their own birthing ball (I just use the hospital one)
    - robe and slippers for walking the halls
    - music (MP3 player or something)
    - comfy clothes (elastic or stretchy)
    - my own pillow (must have for me)
    - coming home outfit (we had newborn size for Jacob and he was 8lbs, 13 oz!, but yeah, he didn't get to wear it for long)
    - makeup (I didn't want to look too bad for all the pics..lol)
    - drinks or hard candy (they gave me sprite and popsicles only once I started labor!!)

    I'll probably add some more as I think of it....
    3961 days ago
    Hi! I just had to pop in and say congratulations! I'm so excited to see you are expecting a precious little baby! You have been such an inspiration to all of us.
    I've had four little kiddos and I added to my hospital lists along the way. I agree with some of the previous posts..I really liked having my own pads..the hospital ones are gigantic! :) And TUCKS is great too...I also liked to have some sugar free gum or candies...a notebook to write down visitors and if they brought a gift what it was etc. so I didn't forget to get them a thank you...a robe, for when I'm walking the baby back to the nursery. Also..I brought my own little baby gowns...the long ones and my own little hats for my little ones to wear instead of the hospital gowns. They looked so cute all wrapped in their own little gown in the nursery. After three boys my daughter looked like a total pink diva in the nursery after she was born. haha One of my births I played my own music in the background..maybe your own pillow if you are partial to one. I also liked to get a picture of that special nurse that helped deliver my babies and of course the doctor for the scrapbook.
    Oh, and one nurse when they were inking up my little babies foot for the footprints, stamped my husbands hospital scrub that they gave him (the shirt) and it was SO cute! He walked around with her tiny little footprints on his chest. I think it's still in his closet today. :)
    Above all- Enjoy the moments. Every one of them. The day you delivery a baby the world will seem to stop. You'll wonder how everyone could be doing daily activities when this little miracle just appeared. You'll experience that very second what true unconditional love is, and it's amazing. :)
    3961 days ago
    The main thing I can think of is plenty of healthy snacks/food. I was so hungry after giving birth to my first child, but the cafeteria in the hospital was closed - nothing available!

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your daughter!
    3961 days ago
    Oh my word - these are the BEST suggestions! Thank you guys!! Looks like I have more to pack!
    3961 days ago
    Toothbrush & toothpaste!! (Theirs are nasty -- and your hubby will want one too!)

    Notebook & pen - because you'll want to take notes, or write down questions to ask when someone comes in...

    Nursing pads are a definite need... and maybe your own feminine hygeine pads... (don't like theirs!)
    3961 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3926845
    the obvious: LOTS OF camera, film, batteries lol. Make sure if someone leaves and/or they fall asleep you have access to camera-you will want to be able to get shots and not have to have everyone else do it too.
    my baby was 5 lbs something-so 0-3 was actually big, but that is what she wore till home and we got preemie size. socks for your baby or full sleeper with feets-to keep warm. special outfit you want the hospital photo in or special stuff animal/toy for photos. Which actually hubby and gamma got mine in gift shop. For you: Lotion, robe, comfortable gown and front open bra if breastfeed (good luck if you decide to-best decision I made) and sock, or bedroom shoes.

    Enjoy it!!!!!
    3961 days ago
    I so wish I would have known you when I was pregnant with my children. I so would have kept going on SP being pregnant with my second son. Instead, I just gave up and let myself get the typical preggo body and mentality. I never knew what it looked like to be a fit pregnant mom. You are such a great role model. I wish you the best and I look forward to having you join the ranks of mothers trying to lose the baby weight and balance everything...it isn't always easy, but obviously can be done. There are tons of moms on SP who have done it...check out my friend Salina sometime. She's got 6 kids and has lost tons of weight and is running 10 k's. What a woman, wife and mom!!!
    3961 days ago
    Okay, so obviously I know nothing about this subject but I have read that Dad needs to have snacks with him because the cafeteria may not be open and he may be hungry. I have also heard taking a card game is a good idea but not to take too much with you (entertainment-wise) because you typically do not end up using all you brought but Dad should have some entertainment options with him.
    3961 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    Portable Scrabble (no seriously), mp3 player if you want music, birth plan, books maybe, focus item, camera, snacks, important phone number list (assuming you don't have it on a phone, or whatnot), list of things to ask staff/physicians (i.e. if you want a birth ball, etc.), whether or not you want portable telemetry. Good luck!
    3961 days ago
  • IMEI59
    Well.... with all my 5 I went on the assumption that what'll hold a lot will hold a little. My lightest baby was the first one at 6lbs 1oz and heaviest was 8lbs 2ozs. It was like going from giving birth to a newborn to a three month old baby... jeepers it was a shock to the system but hey, they're all different but... all wonderful! Good luck....looking forward to hearing what weight your wee one is at birth?! x emoticon
    3961 days ago
    What an exciting time! I remember packing my hospital bags! Of course I just had my second 9 months ago so it wasn't too long ago I was packing my bag too. So much fun!

    Some of the stuff I list others mentioned as well.

    Camera/Vid camera
    Cell phone/phone numbers
    page of baby book for footprint
    Face wash/make-up
    Robe>Hair elastic
    Stuffed animal for baby (this is something we did for our kiddos, my daughter still sleeps with hers!)
    Extra underwear
    A boppy (I don't know if you have one of these, but it might be useful when trying to nurse, but you don't HAVE to have it just a thought)
    Comfy outfit for you to wear home (sweats type outfit-def elastic waist)
    Breast pads for leaking (def need these!)

    These are just some things I found useful. Good luck and God Bless you and your little girl!
    3961 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2010 10:40:51 AM
    Jen, there's no way to know about the size since it all depends on the birth weight of your baby. If the baby's under 8 pounds then newborn size would work perfectly. None of mine ever wore newborn sizes. You could buy one of each! :-)

    As to what to pack, I'm no expert there! With the first two being born in a birth center & I was home a few hrs after and the second two were born at home! BUT, I would FOR SURE bring a nice big water vessel that I like! I drink a LOT during labor (plus it's good for keeping you and baby hydrated for the big job!). Bring any special energy snacks & juices or whatever for during labor or after the birth and certainly plenty of snacks for your husband! I've heard a lot of people talk about their own pillows, socks, gowns etc. Bring a special picture or object if you plan on trying to have a focal point during labor (I just closed my eyes and focused within). I'll try to think of more things! OH...a hair clip or whatever you're going to tie your hair up with for the birth/labor process. Maybe some cards or a game for between contractions if it ends up being a LONG labor. Hmmmm.... I'll post again if something pops in my head. I'm sure I've only mentioned the obvious things thus far! :-)

    Just wanted to add a few more obvious ones: Camera, LOTS of batteries, Cell phones AND chargers, MUSIC, TUCKS pads (believe me, you will appreciate them in the month or so after the birth. They're just natural Witch Hazel, so healing and soothing on the perennium or if you end up with hemorrhoids). Still brainstorming...will edit again if something new comes to mind... emoticon
    3961 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2010 10:35:22 AM
    I'm sure what ever you have packed will be good. And for the babies outfit, the 0-3mths, will probably be fine, depending on the weight, it may be a little big, but the baby will still be beautiful. And in a couple of months, you will look back at the pictures, of the day you brought her home, and it will be hard to believe that she has already grown out of that outfit. Good luck and God Bless!
    3961 days ago
    Oh I'll be interested in coming back here to get some suggestions as I have no clue what I need to pack!
    3961 days ago
    My boys were both pretty little (6-7 lbs) and I think they both wore 0-3 mnth outfits home. They were a little big but they were the ones we picked out and they were still cute as buttons!
    We also took a scrapbook with us to have their footprints stamped on the cover of it (or you could use a scrapbook page or a traditional babybook)!
    Comfy jammies for yourself (elastic waistband)!

    Don't forget the camera!

    Best wishes!
    3961 days ago
    Umm, my kid was 9 pounds, so there was no need for newborn sizes-LOL... but, one outfit might not hurt. You know me, though, that would be like my last worry-LOL- so no advice on that front.
    I didn't pack anything, but the one thing that I absolutely loved having ( my MIL brought it) was a rope! You'll be soooo happy to have a rope, as it's so uncomfortable without it.
    Are you going to breastfeed? If yes, bring those pads for leakage and a bra that opens in the front- so much easier!!!!
    Lastly, bring extra underwear...

    The baby will get a hat and a blankie and that's all that's needed. You might bring one of those car seat covers ( like a blanket cover thingy) for when you take here home, so she is nice and cozy) Do not forget the carseat-LOL!

    If you love to read, maybe a gossipy magazine to sneak in and if you have trouble sleeping, maybe an eye mask or ear plugs- personal preference, I guess.. same with your own pillow case... I don't know how high maintenance you are... I've seen people bring make-up-LOL- sorry, but not for me....

    Anyways, I'm sure you'll be perfectly prepared, but ultimately, RELAX!! There is nothing that cannot be brought/bought etc to you when the mood/need strikes... it's not Siberia-LOL- afterall!!!

    3961 days ago
  • JWENZEL723
    i don't have any children yet so i can't really give advice, but if you live near the hospital just rest assured that if there is anything you DO forget...your husband, or family, or friends will be able to bring it to you!
    3961 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2010 10:08:27 AM
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