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I have responsibilities!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

So as my body has told me many times that I need to take a break...I figured it out this weekend. Though my body has given up on me several times this past month, for several different reasons, it wasn't until after two particularly difficult workouts that I figured out WHY.

I did two workouts this past week, Biggest Loser Cardio Max and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Neither workout took more than 20 minutes when Im used to 60 minute workouts but they were more towards muscle v/s moving. By Saturday I was barely able to sit...or should I say, get to the setting position and get up from it. It was also very difficult to use my arms, lifting, pushing, pulling ect hurt...ALOT. Though my mind kept telling me...You need to get up and work out, my body kept telling me "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING??? Im barely moving as it is!!!"

While this battle is going on between my mind and my body I make a discovery. I have responsibilities!!! Responsibilities in my life that require my body to work...properly. The kind that require me to sit, stand, squat, lift, push, pull.....I think you get the point by now. At work I am constantly having to get up and down from my desk and walk to and from different departments...I have to be able to do so and prefer not to look like I have been riding a horse all weekend while I do so! I have a very active 2 1/2 year old that requires me to chase and lift and hug and cuddle and rock and play with (again, you get the picture).

So, though I want to lose this weight, I can not push my body past the point of being able to carry on my "normal" responsibilities!!! I want to lose this weight...yes, maybe for health in the long run, but when I look at the here and now...I want to lose weight to look good. I cant let vainity get in the way of my daily responsibilites. I cant let the WANT to look good in front of my friends that I havent seen in years when I go home in May keep me from being able to care for my son. My son is what is most important in my life right now and I need to be able to pick him up and hug him without crying out in pain. My son needs Mommy to chase him and play with him and tuck him into bed at night...not carry him in there and stand him up in bed and tell him to lay down because Mommy cant bend over right now to lay him down and tuck him in!

I have responsibilities and I will lose weight....responsibly.
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    Maybe you can do the workouts, I have the biggest loser cario workout and haven't tried it yet, but when I do my 'dancing' aerobically' for an hour at night when the businesses are shut down below me, I tend to adlib, put in stuff I know I can keep up with, maybe just jogging in place with certain arm movements , it could just be shoulder rolls with tensed arms, for instance, but I go the full minutes.... improvise and don't overstrain. It sounds like you are doing things at too hard a rate of effort for you to just have a normal amount of lactic acid soreness.... in a week or so, you will have more stamina and things will be getting over that normal amount of soreness and maybe its abit more aerobic and will be still burning the calories.

    Yes, you do need to be able to pick up your very young child in a heartbeat if you need to or want to, to be able to lay him down. That is important at his age. You need to still feel that you can physically play and chase him...... they sure do get going quick at that age....... so just , even if it's walking in place and swinging your arms during the dvd workout, do that.... you don't have to kill yourself all at first, to get the calorie burn.

    I was lucky when my son was that age, I was in great shape because I was athletic, but now, having been sedentary for so long, and I have fibro, so I can relate to the soreness factor, the first three weeks, less so the last one, I had alot of little painful and big painful, stiff muscles, but I have been going more gradually than others might be doing, but it is ok, because it's working and now I sense things are easier and I can begin to step it up....... along with more consistency of working out more times a week, and thats great because I have a slower metabolic rate I think..... its not easy to drop the weight even at the rate that sparkpeople promotes, even doing all the right stuff, and that is becoming more habitual now..... I have to do more workouts than the average to get the same result I think..... but I see alot of folks having to do double so I know I am not alone. So I am working myself into it but at a safe rate for my fibro concerns and rate of exaustion.... I have to tweak it until I find what really works.
    It can be a very individual process for some of us. But we are individuals and have varying circumstances.
    I think if you change it up so its more fluid for you, easier at first, but steady movements of some sort to keep the heart rate up when you do the dvd workouts, that in a few weeks it will be easier to get into the full workouts and you won't hurt yourself.
    This is for the rest of our lives , this whole deal and you will be able to keep up with your son as he grows and you will have the energy and be glad to do it I think.
    I am finding I am able to use 12 lb dumbbells for biceps now....... this really surprised me, even my shoulders are doing better than I thought at first, and I do know I need surgery, but the frozen shoulder is starting to do abit better in degrees or rotation, so I am slowly strengthening it and the whole arm as parts are also involved, a fibro affect on the tricep and elbow.....
    I did alot of competitive swimming and weights when I was a youth and younger adult, it has evidently done a number on my shoulders, but I need to be in better shape before surgery and be good and flexible, also due to the fibro for the recovery phase as well as general health for the surgeries.
    I eventually want to be in good enough shape to hike again and to keep up with my son and his family as it grows. I want to be in good health again, as the extra weight and bad diet has affected me in the usual ways and I want to avoid type 2 diabetes as both types run in my family and I am definitely in the danger zone.
    I salute you for taking this all on now with a young son, that is a really easy time to just give in and I am glad you are not giving in.

    But do things that maybe will build a bit of stamina rather than straining the muscles so much, that are more aerobic for a couple weeks when you do those workouts, that help limber you up, it will still be working your muscles more than they were and it will add up, and not hurt you or strain you so much that you cannot be active with your son as you need to be.

    drink lots of water too, it will help flush out the lactic acid from those sore muscles, and do lots of little stretching sessions , gently right now to help limber them up too.

    You don't have to crash and burn over this, just make some adjustments for now. It won't take that long to be stronger.

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    4077 days ago
  • PRIN1978
    Listen to your body. Rest is always needed. It helps with the weight loss. So, take it easy!
    4077 days ago
  • TRICIA0623
    you sound a little stressed out? Remember..you have to rest, relax & recharge too so you can be happy & healthy for you & your kiddo. Take care of yourself.
    4077 days ago
    You have a responsibility to be healthy. so long as you are doing what you need to, eating right moderate excecise, you will get there. Don't overdo it. I have an 18 month old, so I hear ya on that aspect. But take it slow. Still maintain your goals and achieve them, but don't push too hard. Take it slow, you'll get there just the same.
    4077 days ago
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